what things need to take care of GDPR as mobile app owner?

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In this blog, you will find useful GDPR guidelines for app Owners or anyone mobile application. The blog will also tell you about what GDPR is, where it directs you and the penalty for violation.

You must be wondering what is GDPR?

GDPR is a regulation EU (European Union) law on data protection and privacy system. The term GDPR itself stands for “General Data Protection Regulation”. The main objective of this law is to provide a clear control over the personal data. The regulation was embraced on April 27th, 2016 but been in effect from May 25th, 2018. This law is being considered as a major change regarding data privacy.

GDPR is directed towards!

As above the title, GDPR is directed towards the citizens of EO (European Union) in Norway, Iceland, and Liechtenstein. This regulation will create a global impact on many organizations.

Let’s lamp-light upon few definitions been used in GDPR law.

  1. Administrator (Controller): The controller is referred to a person who is legal and authorized to use the data achieving business aims. Usually it is the application owner.
  2. Data Processor: A Legalized person who processes the data on behalf of a controller or administrator. Ex; Google as third-party services, HockeyApp, Amazon, to name a few.
  • Data Subject: A person, who is getting done his data processing which is usually an app user.
  1. Data Protection Officer (DPO): A person designated by the controller to assist the users with GDPR compliance. This process is only required when the amount of Processed Personal Data (PPD) is very significant or sensitive

GDPR fines

The processor and controller are subjected to fines under the administrative law in case they violate laid out in GDPR. There are usually two fine tiers.

  1. Up to 10,000,000 Euro or 2% of the annual turnover.
  2. Up to 20,000,000 Euro or 4% of the annual turnover in case of the controller who violates the principles of personal data processing.

GDPR for app Owners

Before it’s never been the needs of application users strongly in this area focusing on protection. However, due to the process a fresh look it’s been decided to plan and developing an app that can fulfill the GDPR requirements.

Please note that the regulation itself doesn’t contain any specific guidelines. It gives only a list of basic rules to keep in mind while an iOS or android application development.

With this mindset, one can expect a legal approach based on an example that will occur in the future. We can only presume the final direction of interpretation according to the judges of EU regulations.

Awareness is also the key which must be taken care of in terms of security of personal data because that might result in the outflow of users from your applications.

So, therefore it means that taking a correct initiative to meet the correct GDPR standards becomes a value-add to any business that can be reflected futuristically in terms of revenues. We hope these guidelines may help you to analyses your protection correctly.

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