What are the new features that watch out in iOS 12?

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Apple has organized mammoth event World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2018 at San Jose California before few days back. As we, all recognize that Apple try to exploit the opportunity of WWDC to announce its innovative version of iOS and they did it this year as well. Apple has revealed their latest version iOS 12 along with tons of other updates. So let us dive into main discussion of the blog – iOS 12. We will describe all the important features that would be benefit you while upgrading your iOS device for iOS 12.

Improvement in swiftness and performance

Apple devices’ main attraction are its speed and their quicker performance. Apple CEO Tim Cook has admitted in WWDC 2018 conference that Apple always strive hard to provide better speed and performance devices to their users. That is the reason in iOS 12 you will find:

  • Around 70% quicker camera swiping feature
  • Around 50% faster keyboard display
  • Almost 2x speeder app launcher.

So it will give Apple users better-quality experience for doing normal things such as usage of camera or sending message using keyword with more fastest way. This both improvements can be accessible on old devices like iPhone 5S and iPad air as well.

Drastically changes in FaceTime

In new iOS 12 version, Apple will support audios and videos chat over FaceTime up to 32 individuals at once. Another change would be, during conversation the tile of the spoke person will be automatically become large so conversation goes smoothly.

Introducing Memoji

Apple is going to introduced another exciting & funny feature called memoji into iOS 12. The best part of the memoji is that users can create their own Animoji. Through this fun loving feature, you can set your own hairstyle, do changes in skin tone color, changes in hair color, eyewear etc. Animoji will allow you to change according to your mind’s creativity. Memoji will allow you to record 30 seconds, which is good, compare to previous version. Apart from that, Apple users can add as many egos as they want and they can use that in message & FaceTime. Currently, Apple has introduce this feature in iPhone X, but they are planning to provide that feature in other devices also in near future.

Apple has also introduced four new animoji those are Koala, Tiger, Ghost and T-Rex that provides more excitement and fun to Apple users. Apple has also provided more expression in Animoji, so apple users can make more funny faces and have a fun!

Improvement in ARKit

The iOS 12 has done one of the major changes in the ARKit. The iOS 12 is allow to share your Augmented Reality with your friends. The iOS application development in USA will grab it easy to carry the AR experience by placing virtual items to the environment. For getting better environment of iPhone or iPad, ARKit are using motion sensors and data from the camera. The important thing is apple users can send the AR objects alongside the messages and email.



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