What are the features Android is going to launch in new Android pie?

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There is a race continuing between Android and iOS to provide better user experience to their customers. As Apple has already announced to launch iOS 12 before end of this year, Google has announced to launch their latest version Android 9 which named as Android Pie. Google is currently launching this latest operating system on selected Android smartphones. Android Pie is mainly focus on artificial intelligence that makes even better user experience for Android smartphone consumers.

There are many new features has been introduced in Android Pie 9 with improvement in delicate design, useful shortcuts and major inclusion of AI (Artificial Intelligence) in settings. Google is coming with the aim to provide you better efficiency, personally and easiest way for use your smartphones. To take advantage of these new features of Android pie 9, it is vital to have Android Development Company USA as a partner that can help you to upgrade your application to the latest Android Pie 9 version.


Currently Android Pie will be provide free updates on following device.

  1. Google Pixel 2
  2. Google Pixel 2 XL
  3. Google Pixel
  4. Google Pixel XL
  5. Essential Phone

Google has also announced that Android Pie will be release on 21 December on following devices.

  1. Sony
  2. Xiaomi
  3. HMD Global
  4. Oppo
  5. Vivo
  6. OnePlus
  7. Android One Phones (Select)

Let us see key features Android Pie is going to introduce

Digital Wellbeing

It has same feature of iOS 12 screentime. Digital wellbeing will provide details about mobile usage and let them know whether their mobile usage is more or not and allow them to adjust their mobile usage accordingly. They are providing dashboard that will help users the usage of each application. An App timer will also there to setup time spending limit for specific application. If the limit is exceed then users will locked out. A Wind Down mode will diminishes the screen into greyscale at night time so people can sleep peacefully. There will be also Do Not Disturb mode also that will mute all the notifications before people going to bed.

Adaptive Battery & Adaptive Brightness

Adaptive Battery is interesting features that deciphers application’s functioning. This feature will make sure that necessary applications are only use battery. It will also help your smartphone to charging for longer period. Artificial intelligence will adjusts the brightness of the screen according to application’s consumption.

App Actions

This is another example of integration of AI that is not only predict the application you want at the specific time but also understand what action you want within the application too.

Navigation Improvement

As mentioned earlier, Android pie 9 has focus on better user experience and that is why a single home button in the screen. This change has been introduced keeping in mind of bigger displays and higher aspect ratio. Android Pie 9 wants to provide similar swipe and gestures like Apple iPhone X.

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