What are the advantages of Swift programming language over objective-C?

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Swift language was introduced 3 years ago for iOS application development and has increased demand rapidly. The main aim of introducing swift language was reduce the problem facing by iOS application developers. Swift language was developed by Apple Inc. for the development of the various operating system like iOS, tvOS, watchOS, macOS and Linux. Swift language is working on Cocoa and Cocoa Touch frameworks. Swift, the multi-paradigm language is appealed to be better than Objective-C.

What are the reasons to select Swift for iOS application?

The main reason to chose Swift for iOS application is, its introduce by world’s global leader Apple Inc. It mainly known for their new developments and adapting latest technologies that can help them to increase their brand value. Apple has started their footprint into Augmented Reality world by introducing latest version of iOS 11 and ARKit. These types of emerging technologies will surely bring iOS app development to new level in respect of usability and rapidity. Choosing emerging and advanced technology for app development will help to build exclusive, advanced and high-performing application. Swift programming language has started new era for iOS application development.

Swift programming language is supporting developers to develop future application with the mixture of future technologies like Augmented Reality, Blockchain, IoT and cloud. There are chances that Objective-c programming language might not support of integration such emerging technologies. This is one of the main reason for popularity of Swift in developers as well as clients. Swift language is increasing faster due to its large iOS developers’ community and many developers are implementing Swift into their iOS application. Due to this advance technology, clients are upgrading their application from Objective-C to Swift.

We have seen the reasons to select Swift for iOS application. Now let’s see the advantages of choosing Swift language over Objective-C.

  1. Swift has fastest arithmetic calculation algorithm that help to build high performing application. Apple is also improving Swift’s development speed frequently. Small amount of speed improvement can be crucial and improve the performance of iOS application. High performance aspect is mostly vital for the applications that require heavy calculations.
  2. Swift language is easy to learn and clear syntax. Developer can review their code quickly via Swift playgrounds and diminishes the development efforts & time. Due to these types of out of the box features, it increasing developer productivity.
  3. With the use of Swift language, developers can take care of commonly mistakes that happen in Objective-C. Swift language highlight all the errors in the development period itself. This can help to develop error free output with less bugs and crashes in production and make easier task for QA team.


As mentioned above Swift is now primarily chosen language for developers and many clients are converting their existing iOS application to Swift language. If you are the owner of any iOS application and looking for converting Objective-C based application into Swift then you can contact us as we are leading iOS application development in USA that can surely help into that.

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