What are the advantages of Kotlin based mobile application?

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Kotlin is not a new invention but it is invent from Java language only, expand its benefits, and reduce the restrictions of Java language. Every new programming language’s invention take place to overcome the drawbacks of old language. Kotlin was announced at Google I/O 2017 that supports Android OS, with present languages Java and C++. Android developers who are using Java facing issues like verbosity of source code, runtime exceptions and many others. Kotlin language is easy to start learning and use it in your existing android application project. Now developers are learning Kotlin as its demand has growing day by day and clients want their application that support Kotlin.
Kotlin has introduce many features and make Android application development process faster than earlier language. Kotlin has make Android development more efficient and quicker. It has ability to compile JavaScript source code as well.
The most interesting part of Kotlin is coding has become easier and less number of lines. We will introduce you with many uncover features of Kotlin that helps you to make your app development process faster.
1. It’s an open source:
The foremost important thing is that Kotlin is an open source programming language. Apart from being open source, it is also offer single-click tool that has ability to convert developers’ existing java code. There are numerous courses available on Google that can help developer to this innovative language.
2. Supports Java Interoperability
Kotlin language is full support interoperable with Java, so Android developers can continue their current java based mobile application without any hurdle. Another advantage of Kotlin is developers can write code using any framework.
3. Well-known Syntax:
Kotlin has made development easier as its syntax is easier to understand and develop any application is much quicker. Anyone who has knowledge of OOPS concept, they can develop Kotlin based application easily.
4. Promises efficient, faster application:
Kotlin language’s main advantage is its compiler identify errors at compile time instead of run time like another languages. So developers can avoid errors like NullpointerExceptions using Kotlin programming language. Therefore, it can produce final product more stable and consistent.
5. Less number of coding line:
Another advantage is Kotlin provide less coding and more output. It is said that Kotlin requires approximately 20% less number of coding line than JAVA. With Kotlin, android developers can complete their tasks easily, proficiently and quickly.

We have started Kotlin development in 2017 itself and developed many applications since then. In this post, we have tried to introduce all the facility provided by Kotlin. Though you have any doubt then you can reach us. Theunpluggedweb, a pioneering android application development companies USA believes that Kotlin will take android development to new height.

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