What are the new features Apple has introduced in iOS 12 public beta 3?

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Apple has announced to launch their official iOS 12 version in September this year and released iOS 12 beta version for Apple users. Apple is trying to provide features that competitive with Android new OS version P. After apple will release the new iOS 12 version, Apple users will have all those amazing features in their Apple device. Apple has tried to make iOS 12 version compatible with all Apple devices that run on the iOS 11 version. We are expecting that new iOS 12 beta 3 will improve 40 percent performance from current performance. Before we dive into new features of iOS 12 public Beta 3, let us see the list of device compatible with this new iOS version.
iPhones Version:
[wpfa icon=”hand-o-right” color=”#4500B7″] iPhone X

[wpfa icon=”hand-o-right” color=”#4500B7″] iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus

[wpfa icon=”hand-o-right” color=”#4500B7″] iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus

[wpfa icon=”hand-o-right” color=”#4500B7″] iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus

[wpfa icon=”hand-o-right” color=”#4500B7″] iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus

[wpfa icon=”hand-o-right” color=”#4500B7″] iPhone SE

[wpfa icon=”hand-o-right” color=”#4500B7″] iPhone 5s.
iPad Version:
[wpfa icon=”hand-o-right” color=”#4500B7″] 9-inch iPad Pro 2nd and 1st generation

[wpfa icon=”hand-o-right” color=”#4500B7″] 5-inch iPad Pro

[wpfa icon=”hand-o-right” color=”#4500B7″] 7-inch iPad Pro

[wpfa icon=”hand-o-right” color=”#4500B7″] 6-inch iPad

[wpfa icon=”hand-o-right” color=”#4500B7″] iPad Air 2 and iPad Air

[wpfa icon=”hand-o-right” color=”#4500B7″] iPad 5th generation

[wpfa icon=”hand-o-right” color=”#4500B7″] iPad mini 4, iPad mini 3, and iPad mini 2.

For the iPod, it will be compatible with iPod touch 6th generation.

Now let us jump into the new features of iOS 12 public Beta 3 are providing.

1. Performance improvement

As per apple’s view, Apple users will get almost double the performance of their apple devices from current performance. Apple has said that the new iOS version will launch application percent faster than the previous OS version.

2. New measurement application introduced

Apple has launched a new measurement application for Apple users. This is kind of an AR measurement tool that helps AR developers to measure and discover the real world objects. The application has two option- measure and level. The application also has the option of camera view that allows users to tap, drag a line and measure the real world object.

3. Photos Application feature

Apple is introducing new features through which photos will be recognized by events and it will sort in application accordingly. Therefore, Apple users can search their photos by event. Apple has also provided some intelligent suggestions like filter photos by people, places, and relevant dates. This feature is also integrated with Siri and performing much better with Siri. Apple users also have the facility to use multiple search terms at the same time. There is also an extra option provided by Apple that named “For you”. It has one section “On This Day” that allows you to view photos of previous years of the same date and recall your existing memories.

4. Innovative voice memos

The voice memos now introduced in iPad and Mac devices. Apple has reportedly said that voice memos have the iCloud support so Apple users can easily synchronize their recordings.

5. Screentime

This is one of the most innovative features has introduced by Apple for their Apple users to track their mobile usage. Apple users are able to view a summary of weekly activities with a graph. The graph will display a specific user’s mobile usage, the usage time of each application, count of unlocking phones in a day etc. iOS 12 will also display which application provides most notifications. Apple said there is a functionality “App Allowance” through which users can limit their mobile usage time for specific application per day.

6. A better version of Siri

Each iOS application developer in Apple office is striving hard to provide best user experience and that is the reason in upgraded OS version Siri has become smarter than the previous version. Siri is coming with the facility to translate over 40 language pairs. Improved Siri version have better facts about food and celebrities, so Apple users can get better search results of foods and celebrity.

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