The interesting facts of Apple Watch Series 4

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Apple is always famous for their innovation and provide better user experience through their innovation to Apple users and this time Apple has come up with their Apple’s latest Watch Series 4. This will be interesting for Mobile App Development Company as they can build innovative applications for their client. Before you intend to purchase Apple Smartwatch, let us dive into exciting feature list that would make Apple watch more user-friendly.

Design changes

Apple has launched this stunning Apple Series 4 smartwatch with improving displays. According to the report, Apple has increased the display size by around 15%. They have not change the body parts of the watch and it is almost the same as the previous versions. The Apple has intended to extend the display size to around 1.57 inch or 1.78 inches of the smartwatch, as current display size is around 1.5 inch.

Apart from that, the new Apple Smartwatches face will provide extra information than previous Smartwatches. Apple has decreased the size of bezel near to the watch display. Users would able to view extra new faces with the benefit of the extended display. According to Bloomberg, Apple has already started to work on the future technology of MicroLED.

Expansions in the Buttons

This is another expected changes has introduced by Apple smartwatch to make watches user-friendly. As per the report, the buttons are having strong sensitivity and they work on with just sense of the user touch and finger pressure.

Sporting and Sleeping Activity Tracking

Apple has acquired the prominent Beddit, the sleep tracking company in the last year of May and since then there has been a rumour that Apple might introduce the sleep tracking in Apple watches. Till now, Apple smartwatches are able to keep a track record of your fitness but not able to monitor the bedtime of the users.

There is also an option to track sports activity that enables sportsperson to track their daily sports events. This smartwatch is also had built-in GPS with a waterproof design and devoted to Apple Gymkit, so users can track their gymming sessions also. Apple smartwatches are also able to track the UV rays through the sunscreen detector.


Apple users are excitingly waiting for Siri into apple smartwatch and the good news is that their wait is over now. Apple is currently working on it and you will find Siri assisting you on your daily workout soon. Siri will be smart and it will automatically detect workout and send push notification while users begin the exercise. Siri will also track your heartbeat through a third-party application.


Apple is always taking care of their users and bring innovation to their smartphones and smartwatches. Apple watch has announced their starting price $399 for the smallest version that includes inbuilt GPS. The GPS version has launched in 26 countries and cellular variants are launched in 16 markets with the starting price of $499.

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