What are the new features Apple has included in iOS 12 public beta 4?

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As reported, Apple is going to release their much-awaited update of iOS 12 will be released soon this year. In their updated release, Apple has now shifted their focus on quality improvement and performance improvement, as well as iPad, will have iPhone X type gestures and UI changes for new Face ID equipped iPads. They are also introducing features like Screen time, Emoji, Group Facetime and many more other that keep the excitement alive for Apple users. There are additional developments in the iOS 12 version like Grouped notifications, Screen time to determining the device usage. They are also improving core Apple application in iPhone and iPads like Apple Boks, News, Stocks and voice memos. Mobile App Development Company in USA are looking eager as iOS 12 release date is coming closer. Apple has quite serious about their new version iOS 12 as the fourth beta version was released just after few days released of second version and two weeks after released of third beta version. Every iPhone app development company has found that the fourth version of iOS 12 beta version comes with minor bug fixes and patches for security. There are also a few major changes that can easily notice by Apple users. The changes are as follow:

  1. Apple Watch contacts no longer fall out of sync.
  2. Importance of toggles is now increased.
  3. The fotnite game is running smoothly now on Apple
  4. Accessibility has increased through a bolder outline.

Let us see the issues that have been resolved by this new version of iOS 12.

As per the iOS 12 developer beta 4’s release notes, Apple has provided solutions for following problems:


Workout route map was fixed in the new version.

Third Party Applications

Netflix was crash all of a sudden at the time of downloading the video.


Fixed compatibility issues data generated for ARWorldMap and ARReferenceObject for iOS 12 beta 3 or later version.


Fixed wrong event date appearance in day view.

Apart from the above changes, the most remarkable changes have been introducing by Apple is about USB Restricted mode. Apple has made this feature more robust to safe the devices from unauthorized persons’ access. Apple has discarded 1 hour limit in USB Restricted mode and ask passcode to unlock the device. Meanwhile, charging will still work through Lightning port but the device will not function until it is unlocked.

Other minor prominent changes are spotted as follow:

  1. Messages have new activity stickers.
  2. To save your battery life, iCloud photos pause automatically at the time of uploading.
  3. Mobile data can be sort by usage.
  4. Introduced new memoji with metallic earring colors and lip styles.
  5. Share icons are updated in the Photos
  6. iPhone applications those are running on iPad display new large/shrink icons.

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