How can an android application development companies USA convert iPhone App to Android app?

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iOS Application has limited apps on their play store compare to Android’s Google play store though one popular article suggests that iOS application owner is making 75% more income than Android apps though Google play store has an almost double number of applications available for download. That is the reason that most of the start-ups & SMEs choose iOS platform first to start the development. There is no hidden thing that Android users are almost 70% more than iPhone users and to grow your business every start-ups or SMEs should have android application. Now you have a question that how android application development companies USA can develop an Android app from iOS app?

What are the challenges Android developer facing while doing porting of Application?

Even though having many similarities of both the platform, it is always challenging an Android Developer to do porting from one platform to another. The major differences are the way both the platform are architected and their displays.

Platform Architecture

The major alterations between Android and iOS platform are their different architecture design. Apple has more controlled architecture while Android has an open architecture and allow developers to change the source code and upload the application to the Google play store.

Programming Language

The iOS application is developed either using Objective-C or the new language Swift while most of the Android development is done in Java. It is not that tough to reuse few codes but the majority of the code portion will require porting to Java. Android application developers may face performance issues as compiled Objective-C/Swift code work faster than Java.

What is the way of porting an app to the Android application?

As you can see there is a major difference between both the platforms, mobile app Development Company need to create a proper plan for porting an app to Android application successfully.

  1. First, find the performance issue can happen into the code and make a plan to check them and overcome from that to maintain the performance of the application.
  2. Material design’s knowledge is must understand UI and design elements that can help to create a rich user experience Android application.
  3. Try to do more QA of your application with different hardware & different android devices. We understand that testing application on every hardware is difficult but at least try one higher configuration device and one lowest configuration device, so you can sum-up performance of your android application.
  4. Hire app developer in USA who has expertise with both the platform and devices. Therefore, they can help you lower your headache for porting the application.

Just keep in mind that proper planning can help you to port your iOS application to Android and help you to achieve your business goals. We are mobile app Development Company in New Jersey that can assist you in porting your application or developing an application from scratch.

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