What are the effective and inexpensive ways of the marketing your mobile application?

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The android application development companies USA are better to understand the importance of marketing of mobile application and that is the reason promotion of mobile application is another best factor to grow your business. Many business owners are not aware of inexpensive marketing and they spend millions of money on application promotion. There are numerous ways to promote your mobile application for your business and you should try them to save your expense from marketing.

1. Create a blog of your business

According to the mobile phone application development companies, creating a blog related to your application is one of the most effective promotion ideas. You just need to keep updating your blog with unique and informative content, so your consumers find you as a leader of your niche. They will not hesitate to download your application as you are the on that providing niche related best information on your blog.

2. Social Media

Putting your mobile application link on social media pages are an old idea as consumers are becoming smarter nowadays. Before downloading any application from social media pages, they will determine the followers of your mobile application’s social media pages as well as how you engage with your consumers. Your mobile application’s download chances are high if your pages frequently engage with your consumers and have decent followers.

3. Third party review

As an application owner, you should submit your mobile application to third-party platforms on which consumers trust the most. This kind of platforms is trusted and provide exact reviews of your application. You should use this method only if your mobile features are exactly the same that you are marketing else it will harm your application also.

4. App store optimization (ASO)

App store optimization is the same method as search engine optimization (SEO) for the website. You need to optimize the description, icon, and title of your application so your targeted users can find your application easily on App stores. App Store Optimization and Search Engine Optimization are worked together and you should get the advantage of both.

5. Host contest

Create a contest for your targeted consumers involving them with your application. Through the contest, users will download your application and interest to win the contest. You should also include features like getting more content playing chances by sharing the application with your friends so they will share your application and promotion happen without spending an extra money.

6. Promote your application on your website

On your website, add one full page that is providing the whole introduction of your application. This page will display how your application is working and what are the benefits to consumers. That will create excitement in consumers’ mind and put download application URL just below to your application description, so they will direct download from there only.

7. Introduction video

This is another way to promote your application. As suggested earlier, before downloading any application, consumers want to understand what the features available in the application are and how those features can change my day-to-day life. You can make a short introduction video that explains all the details about the application in an easy way and appeals to users to download the application. While creating an introduction video, please keep in mind the length of the video and content of the video. You have to explain your application features in a very short span and appealing way.

8. Feedback

Feedback is one of the best ways to understand consumers’ thought about your application. As a business owner, you need to understand that active users of your application are more important than downloads applications. Customer retention is most important in any business and feedback will allow you to improve your application. Negative feedback will give you space to improve your application and increase more active users of your application.

We have summarized the effective promoting application tricks that are inexpensive and allow you to reach more targeted consumers without spending thousands of penny. We are one of the leading mobile app development company in USA and help our customers to promote their mobile applications.

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