The interesting facts of Apple Watch Series 4

Apple is always famous for their innovation and provide better user experience through their innovation to Apple users and this time Apple has come up with their Apple’s latest Watch Series 4. This will be interesting for Mobile App Development Company as they can build innovative applications for their client. Before you intend to purchase Apple Smartwatch, let us dive into exciting feature list that would make Apple watch more user-friendly.

Design changes

Apple has launched this stunning Apple Series 4 smartwatch with improving displays. According to the report, Apple has increased the display size by around 15%. They have not change the body parts of the watch and it is almost the same as the previous versions. The Apple has intended to extend the display size to around 1.57 inch or 1.78 inches of the smartwatch, as current display size is around 1.5 inch.

Apart from that, the new Apple Smartwatches face will provide extra information than previous Smartwatches. Apple has decreased the size of bezel near to the watch display. Users would able to view extra new faces with the benefit of the extended display. According to Bloomberg, Apple has already started to work on the future technology of MicroLED.

Expansions in the Buttons

This is another expected changes has introduced by Apple smartwatch to make watches user-friendly. As per the report, the buttons are having strong sensitivity and they work on with just sense of the user touch and finger pressure.

Sporting and Sleeping Activity Tracking

Apple has acquired the prominent Beddit, the sleep tracking company in the last year of May and since then there has been a rumour that Apple might introduce the sleep tracking in Apple watches. Till now, Apple smartwatches are able to keep a track record of your fitness but not able to monitor the bedtime of the users.

There is also an option to track sports activity that enables sportsperson to track their daily sports events. This smartwatch is also had built-in GPS with a waterproof design and devoted to Apple Gymkit, so users can track their gymming sessions also. Apple smartwatches are also able to track the UV rays through the sunscreen detector.


Apple users are excitingly waiting for Siri into apple smartwatch and the good news is that their wait is over now. Apple is currently working on it and you will find Siri assisting you on your daily workout soon. Siri will be smart and it will automatically detect workout and send push notification while users begin the exercise. Siri will also track your heartbeat through a third-party application.


Apple is always taking care of their users and bring innovation to their smartphones and smartwatches. Apple watch has announced their starting price $399 for the smallest version that includes inbuilt GPS. The GPS version has launched in 26 countries and cellular variants are launched in 16 markets with the starting price of $499.

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Best strategies to develop iPhone app development

It is understandable that iPhone app development is quite difficult to compare to android app development due to its security and strict rules of iPhone app development. You have experienced that many of your or your customers’ application has successfully uploaded on Google Play Store but Apple has rejected that application due to its strict guideline. Due to application rejection, developers and customers are being frustrated but you should understand that iPhone app development guidelines are based on Apple’s targeted user’s requirement fulfill.

As a leading iPhone app Development Company USA, we are trying to provide you best strategies for iPhone App Development that can align with Apple Store rules and guidelines that will increase your application successfully uploading chances on Apple store.

Requirement gathering

This is one of the vital steps to do the planning of your application. This is the best way to figure out what are the problems your application getting sort out for Apple users and these rules are an application to the entire iPhone app except game application. If you failed to plan properly then your application will surely fail. There is numerous reference application might available that already solving problems like your application. Try to go through each of those applications and try to figure out their advantages & disadvantages, so you can provide a better solution for your users comparing to them.


[av_image src=’’ attachment=’3971′ attachment_size=’full’ align=’center’ styling=” hover=” link=” target=” caption=” font_size=” appearance=” overlay_opacity=’0.4′ overlay_color=’#000000′ overlay_text_color=’#ffffff’ animation=’no-animation’ admin_preview_bg=” av_uid=’av-398z81′][/av_image]

Once you finalized the requirement of your mobile application, you need to do wireframing of the application so you can get an idea of the user interface and match their expectation from the application. Through wireframing, you are able to make user experience roadmap that shows how your user will use this application. You can view reference over the internet or discuss with the experienced wireframing person.

Design should be aligned with wireframe

Once you get approval from your client for wireframe design, you can start the design of the application based on wireframe design. At a certain level, you find that few parts are difficult to implement into the application but try to push hard to in line with wireframe because compromising in wireframe will also compromise the quality of your final application. While designing a mobile application, you should make sure application should have few clicks and visually appealing. Your application should have easy navigation so they can use the application without any help or tutoring guideline.


In this application stage, you need to focus on backend and frontend both. You require creating architecture that syncs properly with front & back end. Your application should response real time and display desire result in few seconds. This is the stage where front end and back end developer need to team up and make sure your application is scalable and flexible for targeted users.

Application Development

After planning of frontend and backend, actual application development will start. As mentioned earlier, your application success will depend on the collaborating efforts of frontend and backend developer. In this stage, frontend developers need to take care of proper UI design, synchronization with database and testing while backend developers need to take care push notification services, server-side functionality, user authentication, data integration and best backend structure.

Application Testing

This is a most vital phase of your application as if your application failed to pass this phase it’s hard for you to expect your application will be live on Apple store. You should properly test your application before going live. You must check your application performance on different mobile devices, so it works perfectly on all the devices. Security is another main concern of the application and you should make sure that users’ data is safe into your application. You should ask some of your friends, relatives, to test your application and find their feedback that can help you to improve your final product. We advised you don’t be hurry to go your application live and make sure your application work flawless and you get 5-star rating once your application goes live.

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What are the new features Apple has included in iOS 12 public beta 4?

As reported, Apple is going to release their much-awaited update of iOS 12 will be released soon this year. In their updated release, Apple has now shifted their focus on quality improvement and performance improvement, as well as iPad, will have iPhone X type gestures and UI changes for new Face ID equipped iPads. They are also introducing features like Screen time, Emoji, Group Facetime and many more other that keep the excitement alive for Apple users. There are additional developments in the iOS 12 version like Grouped notifications, Screen time to determining the device usage. They are also improving core Apple application in iPhone and iPads like Apple Boks, News, Stocks and voice memos. Mobile App Development Company in USA are looking eager as iOS 12 release date is coming closer. Apple has quite serious about their new version iOS 12 as the fourth beta version was released just after few days released of second version and two weeks after released of third beta version. Every iPhone app development company has found that the fourth version of iOS 12 beta version comes with minor bug fixes and patches for security. There are also a few major changes that can easily notice by Apple users. The changes are as follow:

  1. Apple Watch contacts no longer fall out of sync.
  2. Importance of toggles is now increased.
  3. The fotnite game is running smoothly now on Apple
  4. Accessibility has increased through a bolder outline.

Let us see the issues that have been resolved by this new version of iOS 12.

As per the iOS 12 developer beta 4’s release notes, Apple has provided solutions for following problems:


Workout route map was fixed in the new version.

Third Party Applications

Netflix was crash all of a sudden at the time of downloading the video.


Fixed compatibility issues data generated for ARWorldMap and ARReferenceObject for iOS 12 beta 3 or later version.


Fixed wrong event date appearance in day view.

Apart from the above changes, the most remarkable changes have been introducing by Apple is about USB Restricted mode. Apple has made this feature more robust to safe the devices from unauthorized persons’ access. Apple has discarded 1 hour limit in USB Restricted mode and ask passcode to unlock the device. Meanwhile, charging will still work through Lightning port but the device will not function until it is unlocked.

Other minor prominent changes are spotted as follow:

  1. Messages have new activity stickers.
  2. To save your battery life, iCloud photos pause automatically at the time of uploading.
  3. Mobile data can be sort by usage.
  4. Introduced new memoji with metallic earring colors and lip styles.
  5. Share icons are updated in the Photos
  6. iPhone applications those are running on iPad display new large/shrink icons.

Through all the above-mentioned updates, you got a better idea about iOS beta 4 version. if you are looking for developing your own application and looking to

Hire Best iOS Developer in New Jersey

then you can contact us as we are leading iPhone app development company in USA that has developed a wide range of iOS application for their customers.

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What are the new features Apple has introduced in iOS 12 public beta 3?

Apple has announced to launch their official iOS 12 version in September this year and released iOS 12 beta version for Apple users. Apple is trying to provide features that competitive with Android new OS version P. After apple will release the new iOS 12 version, Apple users will have all those amazing features in their Apple device. Apple has tried to make iOS 12 version compatible with all Apple devices that run on the iOS 11 version. We are expecting that new iOS 12 beta 3 will improve 40 percent performance from current performance. Before we dive into new features of iOS 12 public Beta 3, let us see the list of device compatible with this new iOS version.
iPhones Version:
[wpfa icon=”hand-o-right” color=”#4500B7″] iPhone X

[wpfa icon=”hand-o-right” color=”#4500B7″] iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus

[wpfa icon=”hand-o-right” color=”#4500B7″] iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus

[wpfa icon=”hand-o-right” color=”#4500B7″] iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus

[wpfa icon=”hand-o-right” color=”#4500B7″] iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus

[wpfa icon=”hand-o-right” color=”#4500B7″] iPhone SE

[wpfa icon=”hand-o-right” color=”#4500B7″] iPhone 5s.
iPad Version:
[wpfa icon=”hand-o-right” color=”#4500B7″] 9-inch iPad Pro 2nd and 1st generation

[wpfa icon=”hand-o-right” color=”#4500B7″] 5-inch iPad Pro

[wpfa icon=”hand-o-right” color=”#4500B7″] 7-inch iPad Pro

[wpfa icon=”hand-o-right” color=”#4500B7″] 6-inch iPad

[wpfa icon=”hand-o-right” color=”#4500B7″] iPad Air 2 and iPad Air

[wpfa icon=”hand-o-right” color=”#4500B7″] iPad 5th generation

[wpfa icon=”hand-o-right” color=”#4500B7″] iPad mini 4, iPad mini 3, and iPad mini 2.

For the iPod, it will be compatible with iPod touch 6th generation.

Now let us jump into the new features of iOS 12 public Beta 3 are providing.

1. Performance improvement

As per apple’s view, Apple users will get almost double the performance of their apple devices from current performance. Apple has said that the new iOS version will launch application percent faster than the previous OS version.

2. New measurement application introduced

Apple has launched a new measurement application for Apple users. This is kind of an AR measurement tool that helps AR developers to measure and discover the real world objects. The application has two option- measure and level. The application also has the option of camera view that allows users to tap, drag a line and measure the real world object.

3. Photos Application feature

Apple is introducing new features through which photos will be recognized by events and it will sort in application accordingly. Therefore, Apple users can search their photos by event. Apple has also provided some intelligent suggestions like filter photos by people, places, and relevant dates. This feature is also integrated with Siri and performing much better with Siri. Apple users also have the facility to use multiple search terms at the same time. There is also an extra option provided by Apple that named “For you”. It has one section “On This Day” that allows you to view photos of previous years of the same date and recall your existing memories.

4. Innovative voice memos

The voice memos now introduced in iPad and Mac devices. Apple has reportedly said that voice memos have the iCloud support so Apple users can easily synchronize their recordings.

5. Screentime

This is one of the most innovative features has introduced by Apple for their Apple users to track their mobile usage. Apple users are able to view a summary of weekly activities with a graph. The graph will display a specific user’s mobile usage, the usage time of each application, count of unlocking phones in a day etc. iOS 12 will also display which application provides most notifications. Apple said there is a functionality “App Allowance” through which users can limit their mobile usage time for specific application per day.

6. A better version of Siri

Each iOS application developer in Apple office is striving hard to provide best user experience and that is the reason in upgraded OS version Siri has become smarter than the previous version. Siri is coming with the facility to translate over 40 language pairs. Improved Siri version have better facts about food and celebrities, so Apple users can get better search results of foods and celebrity.

Users’ are demanding new features that make their life easier and that is the reason Apple releases new updates frequently. Due to frequent updates, as an iOS application owner, you need to make your mobile application compatible with the latest iOS version. To upgrade your application or create a new application you need to hire best iOS developer in New Jersey that can help you to create the best application for your business that helps you to increase your business sales. We are the leading iOS application Development Company in USA that has created numerous application for their clients and help them to stay ahead of their competitors.

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Are you looking for messenger or chat app for your business? Do not forget to miss these top features to integrate

Today SMS & MMS become past for sending a message to one person to another. Now in the digital world, instant messaging apps have turned the table of communication. Instant messaging apps are now advance and not just use for sending a message but also become medium to share your emotions with your loved ones by sharing images, videos, audios and by updating status.

WhatsApp, Telegram and Facebook Messenger has brought the revolution into instant messaging apps. People are looking to reproduce a similar application with unique features that can help them to boost their business. In this post, we will try to acknowledge you what are the features that should include in your application. Hire app developer in USA

  1. Simple Login

Users are not interested in filling long details. As much as small application registration steps will able to reach more target audition. According to us, the best process is used following the simple registration process. In the first step, users are required to provide their mobile number and verify their number through OTP (One Time Password) and that is it. They will enjoy your chat application to fast. Another way is Facebook & Gmail login. Today 80% of people are using Facebook & Gmail, so you can verify their identity through verified email id.

Above are the simple registration process. There is also a traditional signup process where you can request users to fill out the form. As a start-up or SMEs, you need to check which one is the easiest and convenient for your business.

mobile app development company in New Jersey

  1. Chatbots

Chatbots have taken the instant messaging app to a new height. Therefore, it is essential to understand what is Chatbot. Chatbots are small software that connects with application users through text messages and makes things easier for the users. Telegram is the best example of chatbots and they are the first one to introduce chatbots in instant messaging world. Telegram’s Chatbot is providing many features like recent news, manage finances and many more.

  1. Group messaging

Instead of messaging, the same message to different people, creating a group and deliver your message in all the members of the group. You can send frequent messages to those contacts. Group messaging is also helpful for a sales & marketing perspective also.

  1. Broadcast message

Another unique feature should be in your application that enables your users to select specifically targeted contacts and send their promotional messages. It will display the as normal message without any group creation.

The major benefit of the broadcast message is the recipients have no clue about other recipients who received the same message. This feature is helpful to start-ups and SMEs. You can send promotional messages that can use same as another personal message.

  1. Encryption

Before explaining how encryption can be a good feature for your mobile, let us first explain to you what encryption is. In a communication system, encryption is used to send or read the message for specific users. Sometimes in a communication system, the third party tries to break your communication channel. To prevent that encryption is used so unknown person cannot break the message and your sensitive information can be safe. Nowadays, the security feature is essential in instant messaging apps. In addition, the encryption feature has become an important part of security.

mobile app Development Company in USA

  1. Geolocation

Currently, most of the people have an idea about geolocation, as there is numerous instant messaging application that allows users to share their current location with the updated status. There are other ways also to get the advantage of geolocation feature.

Geolocation feature has been an integral part of applications like taxi booking, social networking apps, transportation apps, navigation apps etc. In such type of business, geolocation is the mainstay of the mobile application. At last, we suggest that it will be worth investment to have this kind of features in your instant messaging apps.

  1. Push notification

Push notification is an important part of any mobile application development and messaging & chat applications are incomplete without this feature. Push notification is allowed the user to view new messages in the application. Therefore, the push notification feature is must have into your next instant messaging application. Push notification is a communication medium between application user and application provider.


We can say that future communication medium will be these instant messaging applications and you can see that the chatting application market is rapidly growing with new features evolution. If you have some unique ideas for the instant messaging application then it will surely be a game changer and provide you success. Do not think that there is aggressive competition in the messaging market; you can still come out as a good player in chatting world by providing a quality mobile application.

If you have still any question like-

What will the estimation for messaging application?

What are the exclusive features that I can include in my messaging application?

Then please contact us as we are leading Mobile app Development Company in New Jersey that has developed more than 200 mobile applications in various categories.

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What are the new features that watch out in iOS 12?

Apple has organized mammoth event World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2018 at San Jose California before few days back. As we, all recognize that Apple try to exploit the opportunity of WWDC to announce its innovative version of iOS and they did it this year as well. Apple has revealed their latest version iOS 12 along with tons of other updates. So let us dive into main discussion of the blog – iOS 12. We will describe all the important features that would be benefit you while upgrading your iOS device for iOS 12.

Improvement in swiftness and performance

Apple devices’ main attraction are its speed and their quicker performance. Apple CEO Tim Cook has admitted in WWDC 2018 conference that Apple always strive hard to provide better speed and performance devices to their users. That is the reason in iOS 12 you will find:

  • Around 70% quicker camera swiping feature
  • Around 50% faster keyboard display
  • Almost 2x speeder app launcher.

So it will give Apple users better-quality experience for doing normal things such as usage of camera or sending message using keyword with more fastest way. This both improvements can be accessible on old devices like iPhone 5S and iPad air as well.

Drastically changes in FaceTime

In new iOS 12 version, Apple will support audios and videos chat over FaceTime up to 32 individuals at once. Another change would be, during conversation the tile of the spoke person will be automatically become large so conversation goes smoothly.

Introducing Memoji

Apple is going to introduced another exciting & funny feature called memoji into iOS 12. The best part of the memoji is that users can create their own Animoji. Through this fun loving feature, you can set your own hairstyle, do changes in skin tone color, changes in hair color, eyewear etc. Animoji will allow you to change according to your mind’s creativity. Memoji will allow you to record 30 seconds, which is good, compare to previous version. Apart from that, Apple users can add as many egos as they want and they can use that in message & FaceTime. Currently, Apple has introduce this feature in iPhone X, but they are planning to provide that feature in other devices also in near future.

Apple has also introduced four new animoji those are Koala, Tiger, Ghost and T-Rex that provides more excitement and fun to Apple users. Apple has also provided more expression in Animoji, so apple users can make more funny faces and have a fun!

Improvement in ARKit

The iOS 12 has done one of the major changes in the ARKit. The iOS 12 is allow to share your Augmented Reality with your friends. The iOS application development in USA will grab it easy to carry the AR experience by placing virtual items to the environment. For getting better environment of iPhone or iPad, ARKit are using motion sensors and data from the camera. The important thing is apple users can send the AR objects alongside the messages and email.



We have striven hard to introduce you about iOS 12 features. If you still have any query for iOS application development then you can directly contact us. We are leading mobile app Development Company in New Jersey and already developed 300+ mobile application in different categories.

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What are the advantages of Swift programming language over objective-C?

Swift language was introduced 3 years ago for iOS application development and has increased demand rapidly. The main aim of introducing swift language was reduce the problem facing by iOS application developers. Swift language was developed by Apple Inc. for the development of the various operating system like iOS, tvOS, watchOS, macOS and Linux. Swift language is working on Cocoa and Cocoa Touch frameworks. Swift, the multi-paradigm language is appealed to be better than Objective-C.

What are the reasons to select Swift for iOS application?

The main reason to chose Swift for iOS application is, its introduce by world’s global leader Apple Inc. It mainly known for their new developments and adapting latest technologies that can help them to increase their brand value. Apple has started their footprint into Augmented Reality world by introducing latest version of iOS 11 and ARKit. These types of emerging technologies will surely bring iOS app development to new level in respect of usability and rapidity. Choosing emerging and advanced technology for app development will help to build exclusive, advanced and high-performing application. Swift programming language has started new era for iOS application development.

Swift programming language is supporting developers to develop future application with the mixture of future technologies like Augmented Reality, Blockchain, IoT and cloud. There are chances that Objective-c programming language might not support of integration such emerging technologies. This is one of the main reason for popularity of Swift in developers as well as clients. Swift language is increasing faster due to its large iOS developers’ community and many developers are implementing Swift into their iOS application. Due to this advance technology, clients are upgrading their application from Objective-C to Swift.

We have seen the reasons to select Swift for iOS application. Now let’s see the advantages of choosing Swift language over Objective-C.

  1. Swift has fastest arithmetic calculation algorithm that help to build high performing application. Apple is also improving Swift’s development speed frequently. Small amount of speed improvement can be crucial and improve the performance of iOS application. High performance aspect is mostly vital for the applications that require heavy calculations.
  2. Swift language is easy to learn and clear syntax. Developer can review their code quickly via Swift playgrounds and diminishes the development efforts & time. Due to these types of out of the box features, it increasing developer productivity.
  3. With the use of Swift language, developers can take care of commonly mistakes that happen in Objective-C. Swift language highlight all the errors in the development period itself. This can help to develop error free output with less bugs and crashes in production and make easier task for QA team.


As mentioned above Swift is now primarily chosen language for developers and many clients are converting their existing iOS application to Swift language. If you are the owner of any iOS application and looking for converting Objective-C based application into Swift then you can contact us as we are leading iOS application development in USA that can surely help into that.

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