Hidden Secrets Associated with Android Application Development

The growth of android application takes into account a lot more than just generation o codes. A handful of people are aware of the work amount that is invested into updating and developing the apps. A good thing about developers of apps is that many of the technical skills possessed by them are not text book taught on the developing and writing of codes. For being an ideal developer, you must constantly stay on the toes and never give up learning because the significant skills keep continuously changing. For instance, knowing just coding is never long enough. There may be books that are published on ways to become better programmers but pay heed to the world of internet because as developers, one needs to have understanding about system’s every bit like the CSS, target audience and API features.

A sought-after platform

As per sources, Google’s applications have some of the most dedicated and honest users across the world with Google Play turning out to be the largest store for apps. In fact for many developers, it has turned out to be their topmost favourite. As per some reports from previous years, there was seventy percent more downloads in Google Play rather than other leading
platforms, bolstered by the increasing demand in markets that are emerging. Hence, the developers have harnessed chances generating apps from an Android app development company. It is turning out to be the next amazing thing making a firm mark in the current world of technology. Are you seeing and hearing android at every nook and corner? Thus, if you want to join the bandwagon of developers then here are some key secrets about how to do it, one step at a time.

Know the audience of yours appositely : The market has a huge base of users when compared to say Apple and iOS users. Therefore, it gives an added advantage to developers of this application for exploring market and also get benefited. A developer has to know the audiences before any new launching new apps. An Android app development company is catering to the demand but if compared, developing countries have been found to have lesser purchasing power. Thus, as a developer if you intend to charge for utilizing the applications then a user’s purchasing power has to be given a thought. If these apps are free then there are likely to be more users. One can earn through the models and affiliate programs. Another key thing is geographical location.

Higher revenue chances: there are a few advanced countries that have high mobile usage and if such segments are catered to, then there are chances of even higher revenues. for instance is an application is developed that is related to travel then CPI program can be integrated that shall be into selling flights and hotels. CPI is cost for each install.

Being design ready : Most times, an application developer is busy copying UI/UX or iOS design which ends up adding no value to it. Thus, you can intend to go forward with a native application or a cross platform, but carefulness is a must when using a platform like for mobile apps. This is to avoid duplication. Here are a few guidelines on the quick designs that need to be kept in mind.

Principle of abstraction : The abstraction principle can be implemented that shall reduce information duplication whenever the programs go live.

Must be logic independent : UI codes have to be decoupled from logic code, more so that both codes can independently work on screens of all. Thus, ensure that all logic of programming are fully independent.

Using several templates of design : There are multiple templates of design which can be used for developing these mobile programs. Try out the best as per ratings and recommendations.

The program guidelines : If you have decided to not pay any heed to guidelines then you may invite a lot of trouble for yourself. Thus, it is best to check on the guidelines before you start working on any of the

Knowing about tools of set up : There need to be an environment for blossoming so that there are absolutely no hindrances until you have finished developing the mobile apps. Here are few ways of setting the tools.

SDK: At least three hundred MB space is a must and the complete process may take anywhere around twenty minutes. All you have to do is download SDK, open, save it and have it installed besides choosing the executables. After a location has been chosen SDK manager has to be opened, several versions have to be given. Choose those that are suitable for your use. There is an option for extra selection as well.

DE : It allows all programmers with facilities for developing software. There are other things that can be downloaded as well.

Rigorous testing : An application cannot be launched until it has been rigorously tested. Thus, your final resort can be taking the help of a company that shall present you professionals for testing. Beta and Alpha
tests must be done. Both of these mentioned tests are mentioned own below.

 Alpha test :This is usually carried out by a small group of developers. You shall get bug reports because professionals during alpha testing use very high-end devices for finding out bugs. They shall suggest tips on code optimisation as well.

Beta test : For this test, larger audience is a part and is also involved for testing the application. Open beta shall allow users for trying app by utilizing the link. Closed beta would allow users to use app using Google plus groups or community or email addresses. Once the application has been set free from errors and bugs, it is all ready to be launched. An emulator can also be used for testing without the use of any physical devices.
A successful stint at application making : All these secrets are sure to work for you as potent tips. They will also come handy while clearing many doubts of yours in developing a successful mobile app.

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What are the features Android is going to launch in new Android pie?

There is a race continuing between Android and iOS to provide better user experience to their customers. As Apple has already announced to launch iOS 12 before end of this year, Google has announced to launch their latest version Android 9 which named as Android Pie. Google is currently launching this latest operating system on selected Android smartphones. Android Pie is mainly focus on artificial intelligence that makes even better user experience for Android smartphone consumers.

There are many new features has been introduced in Android Pie 9 with improvement in delicate design, useful shortcuts and major inclusion of AI (Artificial Intelligence) in settings. Google is coming with the aim to provide you better efficiency, personally and easiest way for use your smartphones. To take advantage of these new features of Android pie 9, it is vital to have Android Development Company USA as a partner that can help you to upgrade your application to the latest Android Pie 9 version.


Currently Android Pie will be provide free updates on following device.

  1. Google Pixel 2
  2. Google Pixel 2 XL
  3. Google Pixel
  4. Google Pixel XL
  5. Essential Phone

Google has also announced that Android Pie will be release on 21 December on following devices.

  1. Sony
  2. Xiaomi
  3. HMD Global
  4. Oppo
  5. Vivo
  6. OnePlus
  7. Android One Phones (Select)

Let us see key features Android Pie is going to introduce

Digital Wellbeing

It has same feature of iOS 12 screentime. Digital wellbeing will provide details about mobile usage and let them know whether their mobile usage is more or not and allow them to adjust their mobile usage accordingly. They are providing dashboard that will help users the usage of each application. An App timer will also there to setup time spending limit for specific application. If the limit is exceed then users will locked out. A Wind Down mode will diminishes the screen into greyscale at night time so people can sleep peacefully. There will be also Do Not Disturb mode also that will mute all the notifications before people going to bed.

Adaptive Battery & Adaptive Brightness

Adaptive Battery is interesting features that deciphers application’s functioning. This feature will make sure that necessary applications are only use battery. It will also help your smartphone to charging for longer period. Artificial intelligence will adjusts the brightness of the screen according to application’s consumption.

App Actions

This is another example of integration of AI that is not only predict the application you want at the specific time but also understand what action you want within the application too.

Navigation Improvement

As mentioned earlier, Android pie 9 has focus on better user experience and that is why a single home button in the screen. This change has been introduced keeping in mind of bigger displays and higher aspect ratio. Android Pie 9 wants to provide similar swipe and gestures like Apple iPhone X.

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Are you looking for messenger or chat app for your business? Do not forget to miss these top features to integrate

Today SMS & MMS become past for sending a message to one person to another. Now in the digital world, instant messaging apps have turned the table of communication. Instant messaging apps are now advance and not just use for sending a message but also become medium to share your emotions with your loved ones by sharing images, videos, audios and by updating status.

WhatsApp, Telegram and Facebook Messenger has brought the revolution into instant messaging apps. People are looking to reproduce a similar application with unique features that can help them to boost their business. In this post, we will try to acknowledge you what are the features that should include in your application. Hire app developer in USA

  1. Simple Login

Users are not interested in filling long details. As much as small application registration steps will able to reach more target audition. According to us, the best process is used following the simple registration process. In the first step, users are required to provide their mobile number and verify their number through OTP (One Time Password) and that is it. They will enjoy your chat application to fast. Another way is Facebook & Gmail login. Today 80% of people are using Facebook & Gmail, so you can verify their identity through verified email id.

Above are the simple registration process. There is also a traditional signup process where you can request users to fill out the form. As a start-up or SMEs, you need to check which one is the easiest and convenient for your business.

mobile app development company in New Jersey

  1. Chatbots

Chatbots have taken the instant messaging app to a new height. Therefore, it is essential to understand what is Chatbot. Chatbots are small software that connects with application users through text messages and makes things easier for the users. Telegram is the best example of chatbots and they are the first one to introduce chatbots in instant messaging world. Telegram’s Chatbot is providing many features like recent news, manage finances and many more.

  1. Group messaging

Instead of messaging, the same message to different people, creating a group and deliver your message in all the members of the group. You can send frequent messages to those contacts. Group messaging is also helpful for a sales & marketing perspective also.

  1. Broadcast message

Another unique feature should be in your application that enables your users to select specifically targeted contacts and send their promotional messages. It will display the as normal message without any group creation.

The major benefit of the broadcast message is the recipients have no clue about other recipients who received the same message. This feature is helpful to start-ups and SMEs. You can send promotional messages that can use same as another personal message.

  1. Encryption

Before explaining how encryption can be a good feature for your mobile, let us first explain to you what encryption is. In a communication system, encryption is used to send or read the message for specific users. Sometimes in a communication system, the third party tries to break your communication channel. To prevent that encryption is used so unknown person cannot break the message and your sensitive information can be safe. Nowadays, the security feature is essential in instant messaging apps. In addition, the encryption feature has become an important part of security.

mobile app Development Company in USA

  1. Geolocation

Currently, most of the people have an idea about geolocation, as there is numerous instant messaging application that allows users to share their current location with the updated status. There are other ways also to get the advantage of geolocation feature.

Geolocation feature has been an integral part of applications like taxi booking, social networking apps, transportation apps, navigation apps etc. In such type of business, geolocation is the mainstay of the mobile application. At last, we suggest that it will be worth investment to have this kind of features in your instant messaging apps.

  1. Push notification

Push notification is an important part of any mobile application development and messaging & chat applications are incomplete without this feature. Push notification is allowed the user to view new messages in the application. Therefore, the push notification feature is must have into your next instant messaging application. Push notification is a communication medium between application user and application provider.


We can say that future communication medium will be these instant messaging applications and you can see that the chatting application market is rapidly growing with new features evolution. If you have some unique ideas for the instant messaging application then it will surely be a game changer and provide you success. Do not think that there is aggressive competition in the messaging market; you can still come out as a good player in chatting world by providing a quality mobile application.

If you have still any question like-

What will the estimation for messaging application?

What are the exclusive features that I can include in my messaging application?

Then please contact us as we are leading Mobile app Development Company in New Jersey that has developed more than 200 mobile applications in various categories.

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Android operating system is the leader in mobile platform usage. The Smartphone market especially those on android platform grow every day. More than 80% of phones are android. Develop your app on android as it is the most popular platform, as any other mobile application development company.

Android is versatile, user-friendly, and flexible; delivers great customer experience. As at 2017, Google Play Store had more than 2.8 million apps and in 2015 android users was 1.4 billion.

It is important to develop an app that is easy, relevant and useful if you want to attract huge traffic.


  1. Define the app: Know what your app is about, what are your expectations, how will the app work.
  2. Target audience: Determine who your audience is. Know the users your app might meet. Study current trends to know about your audience. An app designed for employees is different from an app designed for customers. Know your potential users and target audience. Know the needs of your audience and how you can design your app to cater for those needs.
  3. Competitor research: Before you develop an android app make in-depth research. Analyze the strength and weaknesses of you your competitors. Know the opportunities your competitors exploited and the threats they avoided.

android application development

Read customer review of your competitors’ app to get insight on how to make your app better. Use keyword analysis tool to check keywords, check out competitors’ portfolios and work history.

  1. Monetization strategy: Choose the right way to monetize your app. Ways to make money in apps include in-app purchases, in-app advertising, paid app and freemium. If users love your app will willingly pay to unlock premium features and content.
  2. Identify project stakeholders: A successful android application development requires communication and collaboration. Know who is in charge of what, set expectations and responsibilities. Identify the decision makers and the approval process.
  3. To build or to buy: Do you want to build your website with your IT team or do you want to hire a development firm. Consider reputation and portfolio when choosing a development firm. Examples of android apps development companies include PixelCrayons, ValueCoders, Iflexion, Swarn, Espeo Software, Clavax technologies, QBurst, Vrinsoft Technology, Promatics Technology, Konstant Infosolutions and Credencys
  4. Features: The features and functionality of an app is very important. The design and aesthetics of your app can attract users. Create the best user experience with your application. Engage and amaze users.
  5. Branding: Work on branding. Create and design branding for your app. Do not let colors, logos and fonts hinder your app development. Branding will enhance your marketing strategy.
  6. Budget: When developing an application; planning is important. Set a realistic budget.
  7. Marketing: There are lots of apps on Google Play. Publicize your app, be unique and be recognized. Create curiosity among users with pre-launch marketing. It is important that you market your app 2-3 weeks before you.
  8. Project assumption: Take a step back, relax and spot assumptions before they ruin your app development.
  9. Testing: Thoroughly test your app before it is launched. It is important that efficiency, usability and feasibility test be carried out on an app before its release. Access user experience.

Testing will fix bugs and errors. Test which are useful for the launch of an android app are alpha testing and better testing.

You can use Infogana if you want a hitch free android app development.

  1. Wireframes and user flow: Analyze the schematics and blueprint of every screen in your app. Know the steps users will take when using your app. It is important that your developers have an understanding of your project and expectation. Wireframe visualizes and defines the scope of an application and its functionalities.
  2. App security: Security is a priority. Consider sensitive information entered into or stored in your app. Mitigate risk and cut data breaches.
  3. Project backlog: All features in your Android application development companies USA must have requirements that will make the feature a reality.
  4. Prototype: Get a prototype from your developers. Prototypes are testing tools that allow users interact with your app as if they were using the real thing. You can address features and usability concerns with a prototype.
  5. Offline functionality: Decide if data can be accessed offline by users. Access to content offline is an advantage and it builds positive user experience.
  6. Analytics: Make sure that your app has in-built analytics that will help you understand user motives. This can help you focus your marketing and make strategic decisions.
  7. Localization strategy: Make sure your app language can change based on location. Ensure your app is accessible in all markets.

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What is the best time to hire iso app developer for your mobile application?

Nowadays, mobile applications have been becoming an essential part of every human beings’ life. Different types of the application allow the consumer to communicate with their friends, order food online, online money transaction, watch movies & videos, online shopping and much more. Currently, mobile applications are playing vital roles in business growth. Therefore, as a businessperson, you should start thinking in a way to create your own mobile application that can boost your application.

Do not you have a mobile application for your business yet?

Then you are behind the market trend and you will surely throw out of the competition in your industry. Now, mobile usage has been growing day by day and provide an opportunity for startups and SMEs to build their mobile application to grow their sales.

Therefore, you have a question that is this right time to hire app developer in USA that can build an innovative mobile application for your business? The answer is big yes as almost 60% of global traffic is generating revenue from mobile phones and you should not be behind in this competitive world anymore. It is the best time to dive into mobile application development for your business and witness your business sales growth with a mobile application.

Nevertheless, creating a mobile application or finding a mobile app development company in USA is never an easy task and you have to do good research and planning. Are you looking for the same information? Then you are at the right place to get all those information. Here we will provide you with all the details about how to hire mobile application developers and how to plan your next innovative mobile application.

What are the reasons that your business needs mobile application now?

Almost all the successful brands or business has dived into the mobile application world to give the final edge to their business. Your mobile application will uplift your efforts for marketing, witnessing enhancement in ROI and better customer experience.

Let me explain to you why your business requires mobile application:

  1. Enhancement in your sales & revenue

We all have a similar goal to increase revenues and make our business profit making. As per the report, the global revenue has crossed $37 billion from the mobile application itself. That is the reason many entrepreneurs have towards the mobile application. There are chances to get benefit through advertisements also in your mobile application.

  1. Improve your accessibility

Nowadays, people are spending more time on mobile than any other activities. Whether its social networking applications or online food orders, whether it is playing games or online shopping, people navigate various kind of application on average 5-6 hours their mobile phones every day and this numbers are increasing rapidly day by day. In addition, if you are not able to update yourself with this vast market, then you are losing the big business opportunity. That is the main reason Google Play and the Apple store has millions of visitor every day.

  1. Provide an opportunity to get engaged with your customers

Having a mobile application, allow you to stay in touch with your consumers. Users can easily access your company information or purchase product from your shop in a just a single click. Through mobile application, you can find enhanced opportunities to engage with your consumers.

What are the things you should consider while hiring a dedicated developer?

When you looking to start developing your mobile application then you cannot rely on freelancer but you need a company who can deliver tailored, high quality and accessible application. Let see what things are you need to take care while hiring a developer for your application.

  1. Accessible

When you hire dedicated developers, make sure that they are accessible as a when required. That allows you to have control of your project and your project goes smoothly.

  1. Professional work

You should ensure that the people you hire for your mobile application are expert and have extensive knowledge of developing a mobile application. That will give you the confidence that you have chosen the right team for your project.

  1. Stay focus

By hiring a dedicated team, you can focus on your other tasks like expanding your business, sales & marketing etc.

  1. Provide input

Professional dedicated developers can provide you input that helps you to make your application better. Developers will provide their experience in the application to create an amazing mobile application for your business. 


Hiring dedicated mobile application developers will provide you to work with the best team for your critical mobile application development. It will give you confidence that your project is in right hand and you can check the progress of your project in every stage of your project. So do not start your mobile application project with anyone. First, identify your exact project requirements, find a developer that suits your requirement, and assist you to achieve desirable results for your business.

If you are looking to hire app developer in USA then you can contact us and share your next innovative mobile application idea with us.

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What are the benefits of hiring mobile app development company for your cutting-edge application?

The arrival of mobile applications has modified not just the way people work as well as do business, but also the way they unwind and have fun. This particular effect on the modern way of living is really much prevalent that the popularity of mobile applications increases by leaps and bounds every time. If you are impressed by a current survey saying the number of mobile application downloads will reach 50 billion this year, wait until you hear the next prediction declaring it will go up to 183 billion downloads immediately after just 3 years. This means a rise of 1,600 percent in a length of just five years, just in case you are still keeping track.

As we have smartphones these days and in just a matter of decades, how people use, share, and look for information has greatly changed. Users are now relying on their mobile phones for fast communication and transferring of data. In addition to the different mobile applications, even companies are now making the use of smartphones for mobility and faster diffusion of data within a company; increase transactions using the clients, and also to broaden their market of the business. This will help you in making your brand more highly germane to the ever-varying trends to all Smartphone users. Just take a look at the convenience and tractability this will offer to your company. If you resolve to hire a mobile app development company in New Jersey, here are the things that you should know.

Developing mobile apps are in high demand but there is a shortage in developers. That’s why you need to have patience with your search for the rightmobile app development company in New Jersey to use. But even though this is the case, you have to be aware of that there are a lot of developers who are saying they can create amazing mobile apps. You need to take a look at their experience to be aware what they won’t make a run for your money. You need to do a thorough research first and ensure that you can trust them. When your company or customers are on a tight budget, you can also check for freelance mobile app developer who is able to create apps for you for a much lower price. Be very sure that you are not going to work with a fraud. When you are confident that you found the most appropriate mobile app development company in New Jersey, it’s time to think about the platforms. It’s like asking what mobile operating-system you would want your application to operate on. These are the popular OS: Apples iOS and Google’s Android. However, you can’t ignore the other platforms too like Nokia and Blackberry. Will it be possible for them to create an app that will work on multiple platforms? As you are targeting a wider market, multiple platforms may even give you a wider exposure.

mobile app development

You won’t like stumbled upon a company should you haven’t heard them from anyone. They’ll be the talk of the town if they really excel in mobile database integration. Maybe you found them during your search online. But you still have to check any references or any previous jobs they do. See if they are consistent at showing creativity and their design and style is something that you want. Don’t forget to know the team who will be involved in the development process. Speak with them one on one if you have the time to be able to know what their goal is to offer you using what you need. Make sure also that a mobile app development company in New Jersey will provide you with technical support if ever users will encounter some glitches while using the app. It’s a good move for a company to hire app developer in USA. Be in front of your competition and don’t be afraid to change.

As with every business field, the rise of mobile app development helps the consumers, but the advantage is actually felt by the company proprietors. Inside a very competitive economic climate, each enterprise-from prominent brands to small-medium companies-is making massive modifications to make costs more conservative and focused on ROI. It is in this particular atmosphere that cell phone apps flourish, as a cost-efficient and also high-impact instrument for starting marketing, advertising and promotional campaigns.

The benefits of mobile applications may be apparent for a clever company owner, who will discover methods to exploit the popularity of mobile apps throughout numerous consumers. But besides traditional commercial setups, sectors outside the commercial industry could also benefit from mobile app development. Whether as a method to streamline their own systems, get in touch with their own stakeholders, or enhance revenues, cell phone applications may be applicable to several domains and disciplines, even where you least expect it to.

Among the sectors that are swiftly uncovering opportunities with cell phone software is the education sector. Schools are now creating technology transfer programs that focus on conditioning students’ skills and enriching their own study concerning mobile phone media. These courses aim at improving the university’s pool of technical expertise and resources, as well as increase fresh revenues. While many university-based cell phone app projects are meant for commercial investors, additional apps are made for the school populace. Apps to update the signing up procedure or SMS notifications for class activities are a pair of the most popular mobile phone app programs you will notice in universities nowadays.

Apps for simplifying procedures and Text message alerts are now being maximized by the health industry. Inside private practices, clinics can minimize long lines and waiting periods for people by coordinating doctor’s sessions by way of a mobile application. Government health organizations can better assist people with assistance such as text message notifications featuring vital health-associated notices, seasonal health recommendations, and also a schedule of services.

Other industries going through a change with the growth of mobile app development are journalism, travel, sports, non-profit and even religious organizations. Certainly, mobile applications cut through sectors and industries and can affect every factor of your daily life if you wish it to – from the news to your views.

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How can an android application development companies USA convert iPhone App to Android app?

iOS Application has limited apps on their play store compare to Android’s Google play store though one popular article suggests that iOS application owner is making 75% more income than Android apps though Google play store has an almost double number of applications available for download. That is the reason that most of the start-ups & SMEs choose iOS platform first to start the development. There is no hidden thing that Android users are almost 70% more than iPhone users and to grow your business every start-ups or SMEs should have android application. Now you have a question that how android application development companies USA can develop an Android app from iOS app?

What are the challenges Android developer facing while doing porting of Application?

Even though having many similarities of both the platform, it is always challenging an Android Developer to do porting from one platform to another. The major differences are the way both the platform are architected and their displays.

Platform Architecture

The major alterations between Android and iOS platform are their different architecture design. Apple has more controlled architecture while Android has an open architecture and allow developers to change the source code and upload the application to the Google play store.

Programming Language

The iOS application is developed either using Objective-C or the new language Swift while most of the Android development is done in Java. It is not that tough to reuse few codes but the majority of the code portion will require porting to Java. Android application developers may face performance issues as compiled Objective-C/Swift code work faster than Java.

What is the way of porting an app to the Android application?

As you can see there is a major difference between both the platforms, mobile app Development Company need to create a proper plan for porting an app to Android application successfully.

  1. First, find the performance issue can happen into the code and make a plan to check them and overcome from that to maintain the performance of the application.
  2. Material design’s knowledge is must understand UI and design elements that can help to create a rich user experience Android application.
  3. Try to do more QA of your application with different hardware & different android devices. We understand that testing application on every hardware is difficult but at least try one higher configuration device and one lowest configuration device, so you can sum-up performance of your android application.
  4. Hire app developer in USA who has expertise with both the platform and devices. Therefore, they can help you lower your headache for porting the application.

Just keep in mind that proper planning can help you to port your iOS application to Android and help you to achieve your business goals. We are mobile app Development Company in New Jersey that can assist you in porting your application or developing an application from scratch.

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What are the advantages of Kotlin based mobile application?

Kotlin is not a new invention but it is invent from Java language only, expand its benefits, and reduce the restrictions of Java language. Every new programming language’s invention take place to overcome the drawbacks of old language. Kotlin was announced at Google I/O 2017 that supports Android OS, with present languages Java and C++. Android developers who are using Java facing issues like verbosity of source code, runtime exceptions and many others. Kotlin language is easy to start learning and use it in your existing android application project. Now developers are learning Kotlin as its demand has growing day by day and clients want their application that support Kotlin.
Kotlin has introduce many features and make Android application development process faster than earlier language. Kotlin has make Android development more efficient and quicker. It has ability to compile JavaScript source code as well.
The most interesting part of Kotlin is coding has become easier and less number of lines. We will introduce you with many uncover features of Kotlin that helps you to make your app development process faster.
1. It’s an open source:
The foremost important thing is that Kotlin is an open source programming language. Apart from being open source, it is also offer single-click tool that has ability to convert developers’ existing java code. There are numerous courses available on Google that can help developer to this innovative language.
2. Supports Java Interoperability
Kotlin language is full support interoperable with Java, so Android developers can continue their current java based mobile application without any hurdle. Another advantage of Kotlin is developers can write code using any framework.
3. Well-known Syntax:
Kotlin has made development easier as its syntax is easier to understand and develop any application is much quicker. Anyone who has knowledge of OOPS concept, they can develop Kotlin based application easily.
4. Promises efficient, faster application:
Kotlin language’s main advantage is its compiler identify errors at compile time instead of run time like another languages. So developers can avoid errors like NullpointerExceptions using Kotlin programming language. Therefore, it can produce final product more stable and consistent.
5. Less number of coding line:
Another advantage is Kotlin provide less coding and more output. It is said that Kotlin requires approximately 20% less number of coding line than JAVA. With Kotlin, android developers can complete their tasks easily, proficiently and quickly.

We have started Kotlin development in 2017 itself and developed many applications since then. In this post, we have tried to introduce all the facility provided by Kotlin. Though you have any doubt then you can reach us. Theunpluggedweb, a pioneering android application development companies USA believes that Kotlin will take android development to new height.

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A 5-Year Outlook for Android App Developers

Given the speed of innovation in the current technological landscape, 2018 is becoming a pivotal year for developers. A number of substantial changes are gaining momentum, including machine learning and augmented reality. Mobile devices are everywhere. The IoT is making headway as never before.

Embracing these changes, designers, engineers, and iOS and Android app developers are creating more convenient and user-friendly devices, but also building mobile apps that look different from what we’ve seen in the last few years.

The near future should see even more exciting progress in these areas. Considering the noteworthy market share of the Android platform, Android app developers will have their hands full, working to bring about significant changes to the user interface.

What are the most important trends for the future of Android app development? If you want to learn how to create an Android app that will capture users’ attention in the next five years, look into exploring the following areas of Android app development:

Also Check: Hire app developer in USA

Instant Apps

The final objective of any innovation is to make users happy. Instant Apps allow users to get their hands on an application without installing it. Users can just click the “Try it Now” button and start using the app. In a way, instant apps are the missing link between mobile and native apps, enabling a flawless user experience across platforms. Instant apps are still apps created with Android Studio using the Android API, but provide the feel of a native app.

(Storyblocks: Looking up lower angle exterior commercial building and wireless communication network, abstract image visual, internet of things.)

Android and IoT

Android app developers will start implementing the IoT concept via one or more of the Android Things toolkits, such as the NXP i.MX7D Starter and the Raspberry Pi kits. If you are interested in building your first Android Things app, check out Google’s Supported Platforms page to discover the possibilities of supported development and productivity platforms. While you are there, don’t forget to browse through Google’s sample apps to get ideas about what’s coming next. It’s getting easier to connect to the internet on the go via WiFi or Bluetooth, so more Android app developers will be delving into these exciting new tools.

Android VR and AR

Virtual reality and augmented reality have both been major advancements for mobile platforms. The next-generation Daydream View was released recently and is already compatible with dozens of flagship smartphones like the Pixel 2 and the Samsung Galaxy series. Developers can use ARCore to push Android app development into more immersive reality experiences.  

Machine Learning

We are getting used to hearing that machine learning, artificial intelligence and natural language processing (NLP) can improve software solutions. The changes they bring are equally important for individual users and for enterprise software architecture, as they offer enhanced automation and analytics capabilities nonexistent in previous applications. With the introduction of Tensor Flow, developers can start integrating machine learning models into apps and create fresh new smartphone experiences. We expect to see more computer vision, data analytics and object tracking in the next five years.

Voice Commands

While we’re on the topic of machine learning, let’s not forget about voice commands. With the voice commands for Google Assistant, we can search the web, start navigation, change settings, send texts and create shortcuts to existing commands. Although these basic features of Google Assistant come free, more complex functionalities are available with paid apps, for instance, Tasker and Autovoice, which enable using advanced functionalities with a single voice command. As things stand at the moment, developing apps that can augment simple voice commands will undoubtedly be an exciting area for Android app developers. The innovation may even reach the level of the touchscreen so that we will be able to manage our mobile phones completely by voice commands.

As Android devices become tools with more “senses,” the best uses of the newest technologies will be dreamed up by Android app developers with a multidisciplinary approach who will be able to produce sustainable cross-platform software solutions. Collaboration will be the key to success. Developers will need to learn and grasp changes quickly in order to keep up with the technology’s constant evolution.


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Why Hire Android Application Development Companies USA?

In this modern period, mobile has changed people’s lifestyle and thoughts. Mobile technology and applications can help a business to grow smarter, better and faster. Smartphones like iPhone and Blackberry have changed the definition of mobile phones. There are numerous iOS, Windows and Android application development companies USA that are providing best-in-class mobile application development services and people have a vast array of options to select from. Hiring one of the best companies is not an easy task. It requires a thorough research. Today, people mostly prefer to use mobile phones, in place of computers or laptops, for business and personal use. This device has totally changed the lives of individuals. It is essential for online businesspersons to hire app developers in USA, which is experienced as well as must possess perfect knowledge of mobile programming.

The utility of mobile apps is that it can be deployed for the business marketing and branding. Mobile applications are increasing its quality, and hence enterprises utilize mobile application solutions to grow their marketing channels speedily. Mobile application developers in USA play a pivotal role in the successful management of a company. This technology has created a positive effect in running a business efficiently and smoothly. The benefit of employing mobile app is that it results in a drastic improvement in marketing strategies along with increasing sales volume. Mobile app developers have all the technical knowledge for developing applications. They can create a specific mobile application, which can be advantageous for your business.

People are often more excited and curious about mobile application development. They can enjoy several categories of entertainment such as radio stations, online movie, and music on their mobile. Gaming on mobile has its own personality. Users can simply go and play mobile games such as quizzes, war, puzzles etc on their mobile. Mobile gaming is an absolute pleasure. This is one of the reasons behind the recognition of mobile apps development.

Whether they are iOS, Windows or Android application development companies USA, they give people a lot of flexibility and an individual is not required to hook up with a desktop computer at his/her home or office. Social websites like Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook are all accessible in most of the mobile phones like Symbian, Blackberry, iPhone and many more. Developers at iOS, Windows, and Android application development companies USA have excellent technical knowledge of developing customized mobile apps development for categories such as education, entertainment, games, business, sports, lifestyle, weather, books, travel, social networking, healthcare, navigator, and multimedia.

Theunpluggedweb, mobile app Development Company in New Jersey has the main objective to develop mobile applications that can assist an individual in the long-term success of his business. Now, people can enjoy their mobility and enjoy working on their iPhone or iPad even if they are sitting in a park or a coffee shop. Our team always strive to work hard to provide best ROI to our customers.

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