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Studies have shown that ecommerce and other online business has shown positive growth curve by 20% from 2018 to 2019. This is curve supposed to hit 27% by end of 2020. With such huge growth in online business, isn’t it quite obvious that we will need strong digital marketing as well?

The demand of digital marketing doesn’t end here. Not only that we need positive digital marketing approach here, but also, we need to update the strategies that are being followed for the marketing. Its time to play by the trend now. 

Digital marketing is now more than just online marketing. With mobile based marketing coming on board and the super-fast internet connectivity, reaching out to clients has never been easier. 2020 is all about hi-tech advancement and innovation in the digital marketing process.

The digital marketing process has been evolving into an altogether new aura with the advanced technologies of artificial intelligence playing their part. Mobile marketing is taking over the market.

In a situation like this, it is essential that we are always aware of the trends in digital marketing prevailing in the market for 2020.

Top 5 trends in digital marketing for 2020:

To be at the top of the digital marketers’ list, you need to follow the trend in the industry. Below are the top 5 trends in digital marketing, that are meant to increase the business volume miraculously in 2020 –

  1. Optimization with voice-based searches:

Searching with voice recognition! This is not a new technology for 2020! 

Of course, it is not a new technology. But with this technology was not put in use for digital marketing until now since the search engines didn’t process voice recognition preciously until now. There were issues with sound clarity before.

But now, the trends are of website development has also assisted in developing voice optimized searching.

It has been proved that 56% of the voice-based searches takes place on smartphones.

  1. Marketing with Omnichannel:

Like the name says, Omnichannel, is a marketing tactic taken up to promote through multiple channels. The system incorporates several exchange points for the customer to proceed towards purchasing.

In short, this is a technology that lets the digital marketing to happen on several channels that are available for the customers.

The channels that play vital role for e-commerce are – 

  • Stories from Facebook and Instagram or videos that are ephemeral
  • Chatbots and assistance that you get online
  • Podcasts
  • Applications on smartphones

The most commonly used channels for marketing by the ecommerce companies are the social media platforms, e-mails and similar. 

Omni-channeling is simply a consumer-facing approach of digital marketing that engages customers to a great extent. The technology was deduced after thorough observation of the fact that people generally search around 3 – 4 different channels for a particular item before going ahead with one. 

  1. Marketing with Video:

Though video marketing is a in vogue for digital marketing for a long time now, the technology has evolved since the beginning. The format of video marketing is different now than it was a year before.

Marketing with videography has proved to take over around 85% of the online consumers. These are videos that are never used by companies and MNCs. They are generally put online by individuals instead of brands. This is expected to grow consumer volume at 4x rate.

Why videography? The marketing tool is easier and less complicated to handle.

  1. Virtual and augmented reality:

Virtual reality and augmented reality are a relatively new trend in the advertising market. It aims at converting the unreal environment of the advertisement topic into an experience that is as good as reality.

So now, buyers can actually experience the offers put forward by companies to them even before they have bought the item. 

When you use these techniques, you don’t publish advertisements only, you also spread across awareness of your brand as well. These methods have been proved to be effective in retaining customers that are attracted by the innovative advertisements.

  1. Learning from a machine or simply artificial intelligence:

Artificial intelligence, yet another innovation for marketing. With all the big ecommerce companies indulging in advertisement with AI and learning from a machine concept, these ideas have evolved in the market.

Why should you choose AI for marketing? Well, if you need a future forecasting on human behavior and expected responses of the consumers, what can be better than AI? 

The technology is meant to collect data that helps in studying clients’ thought and planning of future marketing strategies. This helps you to identify the customer needs, their preferred time for marketing etc. So, you can make your marketing strategies accordingly and promote.

There are many more trends in the market as far as digital marketing is concerned for 2020. Grab the new and major ones and put them to use. The year is promising and is sure to display improved growth curves in business.

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