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Reactjs is a website building platform that suits today’s generation and react websites are among the top most performed website in the world. “Build your own dreams or else someone else will hire you to build theirs.” Not just a casual flow of words but something that really makes sense in today’s world. When opportunities invite you, do not turn back because if you do so someone else might try to grab it and become lucky.

Nevertheless, when we are with you, seldom you might lose a chance to drop opportunities. We encourage novelty and appreciate ideas that are idiosyncratic. Web development has turned into a rapid trend of momentum. It’s like the frontend developers are blessed with a new arena of platforms where they are free to try out new things and test their creativeness.

It will be no joke if one day our world would become fully digital and tech-savvy, leaving no odd signs of discomfort and difficulties. Talking about web technology, our today’s blog is all about building websites with the help of a big platform namely, Reactjs.

All the aspirants can take a breath of hope as we will be spilling out the names of the 14 most famous websites built with Reactjs. It’s time for us to take a deep dive into the pool of websites built with react and give you the best selection option for better tech stacks for your next project. So, our dear readers pull up your socks as we are about to get started.

It is seen that over the past few years, different websites development platforms are constantly pulling off the stages with their remarkable and unique features. Reactjs, being one of them has shown its peak positive inclination. Websites built with React JS have given flexibility to the website owners and helped them to increase their customer base.

Many market leaders have been attracted to the laudable features of Reactjs in order to increase their user base. Facebook, Instagram, BBC, etc. are the websites made with react. Reactjs also has a view layer in MVC and a JavaScript library for enriching and creating user interfaces that are eye-catchy.

What makes Reactjs stand out from other website development platforms? People in today’s time are largely connected with the virtual space and all the activities of people are conceived in gadgets with high–ticket technological algorithms. Reactjs is one of those web technological creations that has brought wonders to this web development era. This platform is capable of developing any sort of website and some of its credible features.

Top Features of React.JS web framework

  • Robust speed and reusable UI
    The best part of Reactjs is its outstanding codebase which contains separate modules. These modules sustain the caliber to increase the speed of the development. Not just this, another commendable feature of Reactjs is that one does not have to rewrite the codes if there is any urge of developing a new website. Even the debugging process with Reactjs is quite simple and direct.
  • Encourages better performance
    Reactjs makes use of the virtual Document Object Model which helps in making the websites attractive, light and binge – worthy. With the help of virtual DOM, the updates as well as other changes are downloaded and improvised automatically. In all it provides a remarkable website performance for react js websites.
  • Quite SEO – friendly
    Better content and traffic always outweighs more content and traffic and guess what Reactjs helps website deliver the same. Its SEO – friendly system has bounteous server – side rendering features and because of it, the sites built with react have more chances of getting the desired visibility and reach.
    Hence overall Reactjs is filled with a blend of amazing features that sums up to be the perfect choice for optimum website development.


Here are some of the vital statistics that showcase how the valuation of react technology has been increased using react js web apps.

  • According to survey of statista, In this year 2021 itself, 40.14% software developers said they are using the React.js web framework which ranked top 18 web technologies.
React Websites
  • According to builtwith, 9.6 million live websites using react in all over the world.
  • React has 179k stars on Github.
  • React is most popular Javascript library in India.
  • It is the 5th highest paying technology among all the web framework.
websites built with react

Now, its time to unleash the best react websites that has been built with react. Let’s get started.

Best React Websites

Outlook Websites Built with React JS
Source: has experienced all the services proffered by Reactjs and no wonder that it has been successful over these years. First introduced by Microsoft as a tool that handles personal information, it has now come a long way with the aid of Reactjs. Reactjs turned the tables for this website by adding beautiful conversion styles to it and improvised its search features.

Even the speed of downloading photos, videos and other files have rapidly been upgraded with the help of Reactjs. This website is now visited by several users and has achieved its benchmark of gaining success. Outlook is one of the best react websites among top companies using reactjs.


Codecademy Websites Built with React JS
Source: Codecademy

This is another one of the top react js website examples that has reached its peak with the help of Reactjs. Being a coding class, the only thing it needed was a large user interface and this was possible because of Reactjs. Reactjs has enriched the website with seamless transitions, impeccable graphics and high – tech animations.

This has truly elevated the learning curves of students as they could better understand the teachings with the help of such deliverables. It has brought up the overall performance graph at large. It is said without any questions that Reactjs has been an efficient help to Codecademy and its team.


Asana Websites Built with React JS
Source: Asana

Communication between different development teams, being its sole purpose needed a perfect framework of collaboration and this was quite much possible because of Reactjs. This is best react website example for top – notch UI facilities and other useful features that helps the teams in organizing their work properly.

Right from assigning tasks to the team to tracking them, everything is covered under one roof. Even the deadlines are met efficiently and work is done at its best. This appalling features of Reactjs have been able to maintain the utmost transparency in the workspace. Kudos to Reactjs that such apps are able to fulfill some of the best website criteria.


react websites
Source: Atlassian

Atlassian is another very good react website example. Atlassian is a top collaboration software provider for the development teams. They have different products including JIRA, Bitbucket, Hipchat, Confluence and Stash. They have declared usage of react.js technology for their HipChat software in 2015.

British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC)

Another top-notch website built with react framework. They have transferred their website in 2015 itself and they are using till date. They have created a single page application called Simorgh. It is react app built by the BBC world for rendering platform.
Simorgh has been built with keep in mind about better performance on lower end phones, support 40+ different languages, maintain huge website traffic volumes and support Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP). Simorgh is currently covering BBC’s front page, articles page, photo gallery page, story page and other pages on the website.


Cloudflare Websites Built with React JS
Source: Cloudflare

Cloudfare is another great react example for the web application development. This is the security hub of the websites using react. In today’s era of high risk and cybercrimes, cloudfare has made its way from all of this.
Reactjs and its flexible nature of rendering guaranteed reliability and safety, has enabled Cloudfare to provide safety assistance to different websites.
This is the reason of it getting popular among various companies. Be it gaming, financial service, entertainment or ecommerce, cloudfare has been able to provide flawless security to all these sectors.
Reactjs has now also built – in a feature that fulfills user’s production needs and this has led to many more chances for users to deploy and collaborate websites at large.


react websites
Source: netflix

Netflix is one of the best react js website examples you would ever find. This video streaming website is so much involved with react library that many new developers are asked to create a clone of Netflix for their web application development.
Specially for signup, Netflix is using render the server side that helps to load their web pages faster by prefetching react and it has been significant change in website performance. Due to this reason, I am considering Netflix as a top app built with react web framework.


Trello Websites Built with React JS
Source: Trello

Responsiveness being the key element, Trello has been one of the finest with it. Trello has been the prime website when it comes to catering the changing needs of customers. It also provides an unambiguous caching procedure that is easier to follow and a keep a track of.
Apart from React, Trello also has Typescript and Graph QL which helps in healing the rising issues of the users and deliver the best services.


Grammarly Websites Built with React JS
Source: Grammarly

This is one of the famous apps that have helped millions of us improve our sense of grammar and writing capabilities. It’s a news to know that the backbone of this digital writing assistance tool is none other than Reactjs. The high – end technology and natural language processing has leveraged the overall outlook and utility of this tool.

Its modernistic AI and NLP facilities make use of deep learning algorithms and thereby enhance the writing skills of its users. With the help of Reactjs, it provides a plethora of services like, spelling check, plagiarism, grammar check, etc. It’s the most used tool of Reactjs in today’s era.


Clearbit Websites Built with React JS
Source: Clearbit

As the name suggests its main aim is to foster better marketing strategies and understand the needs of the customers. It entails sufficient consumer information and helps the companies know their future prospects and leads well in advance.

It also spreads arms by giving consumers a fully personalized range of services thereby making the customers feel elated at the most. Clear bit and its sync with Reactjs have helped companies pinch the real needs of customers and this is the reason why this app has got so much of user attention.


Whereby Websites Built with React JS
Source: Whereby

The best fit website in today’s times. Pandemic has acted like a catalyst for such websites. This website offers services like video conferencing very much easier. Thanks to Reactjs and its high – end features that such websites are gaining a boom.

The simple APIs have faceted the apps and websites with such laudable online functionalities. It has also helped this website offer quick integration and at par developing speed. This website along with Reactjs has turned out to be the best blend of features at large.

Revolut business

Revolut Business Websites Built with React JS
Source: Revolut Business

When business professionalism and ethics come in the picture, the use of personalized tools is important to make sure that the business is done in the right way. Now this Reactjs website gives the ultimate control of business to its end users thereby helping them learn the correct ways of dealing business finances.

It encourages investment idea in to the minds of the users. Today’s youth love doing things at their own pace and more over when such websites provide so many features in one go, people are allured to use such tools. With the help of the JavaScript framework, payments can become very flexible and because of that domestic and international businesses too can take a leap of faith.


Sanity Business Websites Built with React JS
Source: Sanity

Content isn’t the king, it’s the kingdom of words that adds value to the reader’s life. Sanity being the fastest growing content delivery system always delivers the finest digital information for several devices and products.

Again, example of React.js being the medium of delivering such amicable features has been a powerhouse to this website. Its APIs have elevated the scale of consumer experience with respect to this app.
As an annex to it these JavaScript APIs allows one to access data and information just according to the user’s niche.

Yahoo Mail

Yahoo mail is another one of the top websites made with react. Using react web development, Yahoo mail has completely changed their user experience in 2017. By using new tech stack, yahoo mail has got success to improve runtime performance and reliability.

So, these were the top most react js example websites that have been backed by React in this era.


Finally, it’s time to conclude this blog. Hope this blog was of a great help to our aspiring JavaScript developers. Its high time to make use of Reactjs and its features because ours is a world of continuous innovation and ideation. As a react.js expert, we have created numerous react websites for our clients. We are leading ReactJS development company and hire reactjs developers from us for your next react js website.

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