Node JS VS PHP- Comparison of two web development framework

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Both NodeJS and PHP are popular among web app developers as good tools for development of website application. But which is the best option for you?

To get choose the best, you first need to have clear idea on what each of them do. You need to identify your genre of application work. Each of the two tools have different utility. Depending on which utility satisfies your work, you can decide on the best suite for you.

PHP suite in brief:

PHP is a suite that is mainly scripting language and open source that is used by website developers to build customized and static website applications. The features of this suite are robust, making it web developers’ preference.

NodeJS suite in brief:

NodeJS is a much modern suite that doesn’t run on languages but used JavaScript. It is used to build the server-side of website applications. This is preferred by the modern web developers as this suite is ideal for preparing a secured, fast and scalable application network.

Which is the best suite for web development among PHP and NodeJS?

If we compare the performance and speed of NodeJS VS PHP, we can see that both have equally gained a good position in these aspects.

Performance related to speed in NodeJS is higher as compared to PHP. Whereas, PHP provides a stable and reliable performance. The competition is tough here.

To decide on the best here, let do a comparative study and discuss on the pros and cons as well-

  1. Comparison where NodeJS is preferred over PHP based on Speed:
  2. NodeJS has V8 engine which is faster
  3. The server connectivity of NodeJS is continued
  4. NodeJS comes with callback functionality. This assists in multi-functioning.
  5. It provides better website development
  • Comparative reasons that make PHP better:
  • PHP uses the traditional SQL database, making it easier to work with. Whereas, NodeJS uses a different database library.
  • PHP support more hosting in single click.
  • Modules used by PHP are relatively modern and the technology is more powerful
  • PHP provides user-friendly website development package

Choosing amongst two over Pros and Cons-

The Pros in favor of PHP suite:

  • The Code Base is enriched
  • Solutions here are portable in nature
  • PHP is ideally designed for development of websites
  • It uses known database

The Cons related to PHP suite:

  • PHP is inefficient in handling the SoC or Separation of Concerns
  • The model used here is backdated Client-Server type

Pros in favor of NodeJS Suite:

  • Provides faster solution for server-side
  • Uses only one programming language throughout the Stack
  • Highly flexible
  • Fast solution for the back-end job
  • Provides application in one page
  • Uses single programming language

Cons related to NodeJS suite:

  • Its comparatively a newer suite and is not matured enough yet
  • Doesn’t always handle applications that are CPU-Intensive in an efficient manner

Final discussion on the best suite for website development: Now that we know the benefits and integral character of both NodeJS and PHP suites, its easier for us to decide which on is best for web development. Identify your development needs and select one that meets the requirement. Remember both are fast and they perform well.

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