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In the modern tech-savvy world, from shopping to booking your hotel to booking a transportation, everything happens online. Courtesy to the wonder machine, mobile, all these facilities have actually brought the world in our pockets. We can now access any service we want right at your palm with one click. Why should the food industry be lurking behind? Even food industry is now going online with mobile application for delivery of food.

The transformation observed in food industry with mobile food deliver application:

Food delivery applications gained their popularity in our society since last 10 years. Statistically reports show that the growth of business in food industry has positivity with the development of finer applications. In fact, the business is expected to have a around 9.3% growth by 2023. The majority of the delivery segment is based on a restaurant to customer sales.

How mobile applications helped the growth of food delivery business?

It’s a known fact that online presence and mobile applications are responsible for positive growth of every business. Food industry like other business sector has faced similar effects of the mobile applications.
When you use a mobile application for food delivery purpose it is all about the experience and ease of having food at doorstep in few clicks.
The features that played part in this growth can be described as –

Easy home delivery of food:

The fact that you can have your demanded food delivered at your doorstep without even getting out of your chair itself is very fascinating. With the mobile apps, ordering from restaurant has become so easy. The convenience is enhanced with the fast delivery terms.
Every detail of what you order is already here in your screen. All you need to do is just click.

Reservations made easy:

Not all meals can be enjoyed with home delivery. But you can definitely skip the line! With the mobile applications help you secure a table for you and your family. Even if you have forgotten about the reservation, it’s no big deal.
The app will help you identify the nearby restaurants who are willing to take a last moment table reservation and even select the menu prior.

The reviews:

With the applications getting more developed, you now have access to all the restaurant and delivery person’s reviews. You can check which item comes with what kind of review and place an order accordingly.
So now the taste related confusions are now over. Also, rate your delivery executive to let others no of someone’s good work. Your review on the food and the delivery experience works as a way of improvement for future orders.

Online discounts:

Who doesn’t like to get discounts on every purchase? But discount on food! This is a concept that started with the mobile applications. This is meant to satisfy every appetite even when they are on low budget.
When you have special discounts and cashback offers on every order, why would budget be a problem. With the discount offers, a surge in food delivery demand has been observed. The more discount you get on different items, the more food you end up purchasing. Well, the good part is that different items are sold in this manner, that would otherwise haven’t sold by themselves.

Map support:

The feature of having a map support to track the location of your order with GPS support is something appreciated the most. Right from the moment after placing an order, we tend to check the order status. With proper map, it becomes easier to note how far the delivery executive went.
From the delivery aspect also, it turned out to be beneficial. If you feel the delivery executive is taking a longer route or have got a wrong direction, you can guide the person.
This will ensure faster delivery and eventually increase the number of foods being delivered per day. It’s all about increasing the proficiency of the work.

Online payment:

With the online payment gateways like net banking, credit card, wallets etc., cash problem is no problem! If you don’t have cash, you can simply pay with online payment options and place your order.
In fact, this makes the delivery smoother. You don’t now have to hackle with the food delivery personnel regarding the any money changes. You no more have to tender the exact bill amount.

A recession in the food industry is something rare to experience. With mobile application technology this has brought an end to the chance of ever having a recession. With the growing demands of home delivered food, the business has seen considerable growth. True the mobile apps worked as boon for the food delivery business.

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