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Nowadays, anything new event happened anywhere in the world, you will find out numerous memes on the same event in few minutes. Some of the best memes will stay for a longer period of time. In day-to-day life, we are also receiving numerous memes and we are sharing with our loved ones through different mediums like WhatsApp, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Memes are quite relatable to the events and make us happy.

Memes are a hint, or theme that shows the recent cultural system and are shared from one individual to another. You might have laughed often when some of your loved ones has shared any memes that is related to the present scenario and happenings taking place globally.

Based on some information, memes have been the most popular words search on the internet nowadays. With the increasing fame on social media, making meme has been a lot of. In a day to day life, our social feeds are filled with numerous of memes every morning.

Though memes are intended to lighten the mood of person, they have also turn out to be a great marketing option for salespersons because of their funny and realistic approach.

How big brands are using memes for marketing?

Brands typically have 2 opportunities while its coming to meme marketing. Either they can use current meme for their brand or create a brand new meme to start. 

Use of current meme: Sometime, few memes can be viral quickly and stay in human’s mind for 3 to 4 months and they might be trending in social media as well. Brands can exploit these trending memes and relate to their product or brand to raise popularity of brand or product.

These kind of memes will help you to connect with society swiftly. The main disadvantage of these memes are they might not deliver the desire message to the people. So brands should be cautions with the choice of the meme.

Creating a new meme: For delivering meme a more innovative & tailored look, few brands craft new memes. This require creativity and unique thinking. Once the meme is prepared, it can do miracles if it able to connect with the audience.

Points that needs to keep in mind while doing meme marketing

The brands must follow few guidelines that help them to create effective memes. Let’s check out few of them here.

– Brand should try to recruit individuals who has good knowledge of meme-making & social media platforms. Those who are famous with numerous followers and know how to connect with the people.

– Memes are usually hilarious & entertaining. Therefore, the brands should not fall back from showing their funny side & impart memes with a solid message and funny part.

– The memes are made to target a specific viewers section. So, if they can relate their problems with the meme, then that’s enough. Brand should not worry if everybody understands or not. There might be a some of the people who won’t connect with the idea.

– Brands should use relevant hashtags to increase their audience base. Try to connect with the audience with different activities like tag other people, doing giveaways etc. 

– Brands should always keep themselves updated from latest things are happenings around the world to create best memes for their brand.

So, now as a brand, you might be thinking that how folks are so creative & bring lots of memes every other day. These persons are definitely creative but what aids them is the meme-making apps. The meme-making apps by top mobile app development company have jam-packed the market. There are numerous meme-making apps available in the play store & apple store. We are showing a few of them here.

Meme Making App

9GAG: 9GAG is a video meme creation app, convenient to use & loads super fast. Users can create & share memes on different social media platforms like WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter. It is available on android and iOS. If 9GAG picks the meme, the user can get instant fame.

– Memedroid: This is one of the oldest meme apps, including all the viral & old memes. It has a library that is full of old & new memes. Meme makers can use their pictures to produce memes in their languages.

– Meme Creator: It’s one of the most famous memes apps with a 5 million user base. Users have various options to choose from different backgrounds for creating memes.

Whale: It is a new meme app introduced recently by Facebook. The users have the option of using current pictures and creating image memes. The best part is that it is free to use with in-app purchases & subscriptions.

– Mematic: This is for iPhone users, particularly with a vast library of templates that the creators can use. They can pick from various templates or create their image memes.

The Bottom Line

Meme marketing has turn out to be super popular in recent years. 

If you desire to build your meme-making mobile application, you can get in touch with our proficient mobile team.

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