How Much Does it Cost to Develop an App Like Instagram in 2021?

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Social media is an addict that precisely gives something which the real- world lacks. A pack of immediacy, direction, and value as an individual. The world has succumbed to technology and social media. Creating an impact is more important than creating an impression and that’s what social media has taught us. People have started working on the tunes of social media because it’s the only place where normalcy is not appreciated, instead, it helps to depict the amazing version of your actual being.

Are you ready to pull off yourself on the platform of social media? If yes, then you are on the right track at right time with the right people. We have bounteous social media and mobile app development services that can help you fix your boring monotonous life in too much excitement and a sensational one. Our well featured and furnished app development services will fetch you with some of the best apps just like Instagram or even better than that. To start from scratch, it is vital to have information about the Instagram clone app, for which it is important to know about: –

  • Salient facts and figures with respect to social media.
  • Steps to build an app like Instagram.
  • Features that can allow clicking phenomenal pictures and photo sharing.
  • The cost that can incur while building an app like Instagram.


app like Instagram

Instagram has helped people inculcate a spirit of giving without a thought of getting. Clicking photos and videos have been a common task since time immemorial, however, Instagram has turned the tables by turning the common notion of clicking pictures into an art of clicking pictures. Every second person use Instagram to click post worthy pictures to pull off the exposure.

People have started adding questions related to social media in their surveys, just to spread the word about their new products, services, or start–ups. To be honest social media has truly become the biggest word of mouth. Apps like Instagram are like a god gift for today’s Gen Z era.  People can come up with amazing business start-ups just because apps like Instagram help them generate income and add credibility to their cart.

People can also showcase their talents by putting up videos and become famous overnight. Instagram has been a sale -benefiter for many populations. No doubt, Instagram is earning huge success in the market. But nevertheless, it has to face a burning competition with other apps. In coming years, it is however not that difficult for an app like Instagram to make a buck and lead the race of social media.

Market Statistics

The market statistics of Instagram can blow the minds of people. It is seen that Instagram and Facebook messengers are used by 121 and 106 million users respectively in approx. It has captured a huge audience till now and is still creating its hype. About 1 billion log in to Instagram and create their profiles in just a month. Facebook took over Instagram and won the finest deal. So, the question still lies as to how to build such credible apps? To answer that we have a five-step solution.

How to build an app like Instagram?

  • Define your objective – It is very important to define the objectives before making an app. One should be well versed with the type and design of app one is striving to make. As we know that Instagram is a multi-faceted application that proffers excellent photo-sharing qualities as well as provides an e-commerce platform to lead the trade of many upcoming startups.
  • Market Analysis – Another essential step is to have a perfect market analysis in order to ensure the demand of people and see to it that what kind of features and quality apps people are looking forward to. There are so many apps already pitching in the market, hence one must analyze the market before building an app.  This can help one come up with an app that can benefit the future generation and provide them with all the necessary deliverables in just one app.
  • Decide the features to integrate your app – To stand out from the crowd, it is important to decide the various features of your app. Features should be as such that they provide maximum ease to the users when they use the app. High–tech, well-designed, and highly–tailored features should be crafted in the app. A prior image of your app should be framed in the mind before making the actual one, this can help as a reference material through which you can better optimize your app as and when needed.
  • Higher top–notch app developers – A prodigious group of developers can always make your app attain the right qualifications and satisfaction. App developers can change the entire look of the app. Try to hire a good app development company that consists of high – profiled managers, trained app developers, UI/UX designers, quality analysts and employees who promise constant support till your app is ready to fit on screens. Experienced developers are like literal cherry on cakes. They can improvise and design your app in the best possible manner.
  • Promoting the app – Promotion is an efficient marketing tool, and no business prospect can drive success without proper promotion. Awareness is a need of an hour and apps like Instagram could have never been made their buck if promotion didn’t exist. It is a matter of great vitality to promote your app on the right platform at right time and in front of the right target audience. TV advertisements, social media, influencers, celebrities can help feature your app with the best.

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Basic features that sum up your app utility

  • Sign up – This is the first screen that users encounter while opening the app. The sign-up functionality requires the registration of users using a verified email id or phone number. Asking too many personal details might not look good and might create suspicion in the minds of people, so one must avoid that. Later after the app comes in use, one can ask for reviews, phone numbers or alternative login credentials.
  • Posting photos – Apps like Instagram make it easy for people to post their photos online and gain popularity in a span of time. Such apps can have access to the camera of your phone, thereby having several filters and editing options that can make a photo post-worthy. Apps like Instagram have other smart features and options that can help one like, share and comment on any picture they want. It’s largely a user-friendly app that can help you edit a picture even after posting it.
  • Messenger – Apps like Instagram helps one to connect with a large group of audience world over. This feature helps you to stay connected with users and other people from different corners of the world. You can also share photos, videos, gifs, stickers, and other media files via the messenger app.
  • Push notifications – These can help you stay updated and well informed about every little detail happening on the social media platform. If you want to keep coming back to your app, push notifications are the best to pull you towards the app. Notifying your users is a must and similarly, the feature of push notification in the Instagram clone app is a must.
  • Stories – This is a new feature that Instagram made is buck from. It helps people post different activities, swipe up notifications, their status and memories as their stories that last for 24 hours a day. Almost all Instagram users use this feature to keep people updated about their life and things happening around them. It is the most frequently used feature of Instagram and it engages user attraction towards the app as a whole.
  • Search Option – This feature helps the users stay connected with their favorite on-screen personalities or clubs that they would want to follow for the rest of their lives. It encourages people to search for whatever they want as per their taste of interest. After searching for a particular page, Instagram suggests more such pages that can enlighten your search option and keep you updated with the latest trends and happenings. In short, it leverages the search results of users.
  • GPS up-gradation – Travelling and wander-lusting have become the talk of the town in today’s Gen Z era. People visiting different unexplored places can share their views and stories to encourage others. Being dynamic to places, users can automatically track the location or add it manually if required.

These are the 7 basic features that beautify an app like Instagram. Hence these features are essential to crafting in your app integration to make it user-friendly and binge-worthy.

Ultimate perks of using an app like Instagram

  • Helps in sharing photos – As said earlier, an app like Instagram has made it easy for people to share photos in a very authentic way. People can edit, filter, crop, design and put all the creativity they want before posting or sharing their photos. With the help of Instagram, one could make creative videos be it about showcasing their art or art forms. Instagram is a small world in itself. There are numerous to see but less to judge. Instagram has also come up with several unique filter options, wherein one can play games, provides voice filters, face filters and whatnot. It is one of the craziest social media applications.
  • Influencer Marketing – Influencers are the new trend – blazers from where a trend actually originates. Instagram has given the freedom to people to not only market their business but also market their thoughts. To one’s surprise, people have been capable of influencing audiences to a very large extent just through the medium of Instagram. The first approach to create awareness about any happenings and Instagram is the first word that comes in people’s minds because Instagram is the only place where people can market their business or thoughts in front of the correct audience.
  • Showcasing Talents and Skills – Be it a piece of art or be it an artwork such as dancing, singing, stand–ups, etc. Instagram has made it worth a count. It has promoted several creative trends and helped people give the attention they deserve. Features like reels and IGTVs have made it even easier for people to showcase their short videos and skills.
  • E-commerce platform – Apps like Instagram change the actual look of an e-commerce platform. Instagram helps in showcasing the actual use of a product or service before people vouch for it. People can put up swipe options or options like DM if interested to fetch the correct target audience. It’s truly saleable and people have earned enough through the benefits of this e-commerce platform. Instagram has genuinely given a lot to its audience and is still in progress to give more.

How much does it cost to make an app like Instagram?

One must manifest clearly that an app which provides bounteous features and deliverable often comes with complexities and algorithms. Apart from that the app also should sustain the caliber to attract an audience and the responsibility to make it look out of the box is in the hands of app developers. Proficient app developers charge enough but they also ensure quality work.

Hence, ignoring the costs is not an option, but a little investment can surely provide a lot of returns. So, don’t step back from the opportunity, grab it as soon as possible, you can later reap the fruits and enjoy just as how Instagram developers are enjoying.


This is an alarm for all those who are still in two minds to build their app. Stop procrastinating and make your buck as quickly as possible. People are always looking forward to changes and your app can be the future of people. We hope that we have provided with the utmost information that is capable enough to get you on tracks.

How much does it cost to develop an app like Instagram?

The cost of developing an app like Instagram depends on the features you want to include in your application. Though the average cost of developing an app like Instagram is around $30,000 to $40,000

How long does it take to make a social media app like Instagram?

The timeline to build an app like Instagram with basic features is around 3 to 5 months. If you want to build complex features then it might take 6 to 9 months.

Can we use app like Instagram as an eCommerce platform?

Shopping on apps like Instagram allows brands to add products to stories and their feeds to attract new customers.

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