FUTURE OF SEO: Google Bard! Google’s New AI Chatbot You Cannot Miss.

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The Google Bard: In recent years, artificial intelligence (AI) has advanced. A few requests, such as asking Siri to set the alarm or using Google Maps to locate the closest store, were all that artificial intelligence could do in the past. There are many uses for it today that can improve billions of lives.

Artificial intelligence chatbot systems have become a major topic for online consumers as virtual technology develops. It therefore comes as no surprise that Google eventually released Google Bard, a conversational AI software that incorporates increasingly sophisticated AI elements into Google’s products, such as the tools used by digital marketers for SEO (SEO).

What does this imply for the SEO industry’s future? Learn more by continuing to read.

What Is Bard?

What is Bard doing that is different from the others, you might think, given the recent exponential surge in AI developments?

Google’s conversational AI chatbot, Bard, is comparable to the well-known ChatGPT. However, the chat service is powered by Google’s neural network using language models from Linguistic Model for Dialogue Applications (LaMDA), which was revealed in 2021. The Google Bard AI was only recently released on February 6.

Google Bard is intended to assist with Google’s own searches and other tools, whereas Bing employs an AI chatbot like ChatGPT to supplement the search engine’s tools. The ultimate goal of Google Bard AI is to act as a helpful assistant for all users, offering automatic support.

Benefits Of Using Google Bard

As of this writing, the general public can’t access Google Bard AI. Although being unveiled by Google last month, the AI chatbot is still in the beta testing stage and only has a small number of testers. Yet it’s anticipated that the public will soon get access to the Google chatbot.

An AI chatbot like Google Bard can help users in a number of ways, including:

• Simplify Concepts: Users don’t need to read numerous pages to comprehend concepts because the Google chatbot can explain complicated concepts simply and give them to them.

• Different Views and Insights: The Google AI chatbot may offer insights for user queries when there is no clear-cut right or incorrect response, instead of just reporting the facts. For those seeking various viewpoints on a subject, this is fantastic.

• More Efficiency: Users may find information and insights more quickly, especially with Google AI, which makes use of online data.

How Accurate Is The Artificial Intelligence Chatbot?

AI has come a long way, yet it is still far from perfect. Google displayed Bard’s ability to respond to queries during its announcement. Bard said that the James Webb Space Telescope was responsible for the first images of a planet outside of our solar system.

However, a lot of individuals used social media to disprove this, pointing out that the Very Large Telescope actually captured the first image of a planet in 2004.

Despite the confident AI language they employ, even ChatGPT and Bing are susceptible to giving inaccurate information. The issue with AI chatbot accuracy is that mistakes like this can still happen. Instead of consulting a library of verified facts, AI instead searches internet for data and trends and, in essence, fills in the spaces based on what they find.

Microsoft and Google both acknowledged publicly that errors with AI are still possible. Users are advised to always double-check their responses and offer feedback so that the AI chatbot technology can be improved. As a result, it might take some time before we can fully rely on Bard to deliver correct findings, according to Google’s response.

How AI Affects SEO

Several online marketers have already started utilising SEO AI and other SEO techniques that take conversational AI language models into account. The majority of the potential adjustments that chatbots with artificial intelligence might make are geared towards content marketing.

According to Don Gruspe, a Demand Generation SEO specialist with Thrive, “the launch of Google Bard signals a huge change in the SEO environment.”

It will compel businesses to focus on producing content that is optimised for natural language processing. But what effects does AI SEO have?

Here are a few modifications you can make to your current content marketing plan.

1. AI Can Identify Relevant Keywords

We have observed the evolution of keyword utilisation in content marketing. Because it wasn’t produced for people but for search engine algorithms, organisations who employed black hat SEO techniques in the past could get away with releasing material that hardly made sense to users and filling it with keywords.

Later, Google made changes to its algorithm, rewarding well-written material that is both user- and algorithm-friendly.

Yet with AI language models, search results may now be able to concentrate more on the utility of the material to users. Also, organisations should create content that is beneficial to users rather than just on SEO AI.

“Instead of only focusing on keywords, this entails prioritizing creating high-quality, conversational content that offers genuine value to users,” Gruspe said.

“The capacity of Google Bard to comprehend natural language inquiries is one of the main ways it is likely to affect SERPs. With the advent of voice search and the increasing prevalence of conversational queries, Google Bard will improve the accuracy and relevance of search results by offering more personalized responses tailored to the user’s intent.”

2. Content Could Go Beyond Pages and Text

Siri and other earlier AI examples provide only basic outcomes. Try asking Siri a question, for instance, and you’ll probably get a list of pertinent links. Unless a user specifically requests a photo, they are automatically led to pages. The Google AI chatbot, though, might return more intriguing information.

According to Gruspe, as Google Bard develops, customers may receive results for films, pictures, and perhaps virtual reality. Users can find the information they need in their preferred medium with the assistance of the conversational AI platform if it deems it appropriate. This can result in a user experience that is more compelling and engaging.

3. Optimizing for AI SEO Will Be Necessary

“Google Bard is likely to have a big impact on SERPs,” Gruspe said. Businesses should stay competitive and relevant in an increasingly digital environment by adapting their SEO strategy to the changing AI landscape.

Ways To Optimize For AI

Some techniques for making your website more AI-friendly are as follows:

  • Improve Content Creation:  Another method Google BARD might affect SERPs is by giving priority to content that is tailored for natural language processing, according to Gruspe. “As AI chatbots become more prevalent, search engines may start to prioritise material that is crafted to be easily understood by machines rather than merely targeting certain keywords.”
  • Improve Your Website Pages: Creating clearer headings, subheadings, bullet points, and lists will help with this. This can make material simpler for AI to understand and gather data from your pages
  • Strengthen Technical SEO: AI chatbots can view your website more favourably if you optimise it for crawlers, mobile-friendliness, and fast loading times.
  • Emphasis on Traditional Content: AI chatbots like Google Bard are made to comprehend questions posed in everyday speech. Using conversational language when writing your content can improve it for AI searches.
  • Employ long-tail keywords: According to Gruspe, “They are more specialised and targeted, making it easier for Google Bard to understand the content of your material and match it to user queries.” This can assist firms targeting a particular geography and local SEO techniques.
  • Optimize for Featured Snippets: Write succinct and direct responses to frequently asked questions to optimise for featured snippets. This might enhance Google Bard’s perception of your material and its utilisation of it for pertinent queries.
  • Watch for and Adjust to Evolving AI Technologies: According to Gruspe, “As AI technologies, such as Google BARD, continue to grow, it’s crucial to stay informed of the most recent advancements and adjust your SEO approach accordingly.”


While nothing is set in stone until we learn more about AI chatbots like Google Bard, there are steps businesses can take to ensure their website doesn’t fall behind. However, they’ll need the assistance of experienced professionals in the digital marketing landscape. Hiring an agency can help!

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