Top 5 Celebrity Look Alike Applications in 2022: Features and New App Ideas

This blog is for the startup & SMEs that have a plan to create mobile applications like celebrity look alike for their business growth. In this application, we are discussing some key points about the application. Moreover, we are also discussing points like how celebrity look alikes app generate revenue for your business, top features required for the app and so on.

Also, we have tried to answer frequently asked questions including who do I look like in the app? what famous person do I look like and so on? In short, through this blog, we are trying to provide you detailed information of celebrity look alike app solutions in an easy and better way that help you to understand the requirement for your application.


Today, most human beings are habituated to mobile phones. Most of them are addicted to social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Tiktok, and so on in some way or any other way. Taking selfies and sharing them with their family and friends including their picture location has been increasing day by day. According to Statista 2019 reports, In the USA itself, 246 million individuals are using social networking sites for this purpose only. Statista has also mentioned that this number can be increased up to 257 million or more in 2023.

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In this technology world, there is numerous app that offers an enormous number of advanced features that increase the user experience with the great performance of the application.  Face recognition applications are no exception in that. These kinds of mobile applications generally use an algorithm to find your celebrity look alikes match. You don’t require any kind of permissions to download these kinds of applications.

In this blog, we are coming up with the top celebrity look alikes apps in 2021 alongside the amazing features that attract your users to download the application into their mobile irrespective of Android or iOS.

5 Best Celebrity Look Alike Apps

App NameFeaturesPlay Store LinkApp Store Link

Easy to share images on Instagram and Snapchat
Mainly Use Face Recognition Technology
Comparison compatibility to search for the best celebrity
100% free to download
celebrity look alikecelebrity look alike

Well-known doppelganger app
Share images with family and friends
celebrity look alikecelebrity look alike
Star By FaceUser-friendly Application
Data-Safety is the major benefit
Free to use
celebrity look alikecelebrity look alike
Y-StarProvide high-quality images to the users
High-Definition (HD) images supported
celebrity look alikeN/A
My ReplicaBest Facial Reorganization technology
Adopted Advanced Machine Learning Technology
98% Accurate application
celebrity look alikecelebrity look alike

Celebs App

Celebs is one of the top applications that have a remarkable comparison and improved accuracy. The application has been built with machine learning technology. The celebs app has been majorly targeted for iOS users. With the use of machine learning in the celebs app, it has been easy for the application to find emotions and based on it, it will give you the best output. It has numerous features that make Celebs app different from other doppelganger apps:

  • Celeb app is given the option to not only compare with one celebrity but provide you the option to compare with three celebrities.
  • The application is allowing users to specify his or her sex, so they are getting results according to their gender only.
  • find your celebrity look alikes
  • Identify the top similarity of the famous person.
  • Identify the celebrities that exactly similar to the face.

Gradient App

The gradient is one of the best celebrity doppelganger finder applications. The main advantage of the website is the way it shows what a famous person do I look like. The app has a huge number of advanced and inspiring features with keep in mind users’ data safety as the topmost priority. Doppelgänger is the main feature that allows users to upload their images and compare the best celebrity match with the image. This application has developed using Artificial Intelligence and beautification techniques that provide the best experience to the users while comparing the faces of celebrities. The best features of Gradient App are:

  • Amazing filters and textures for magical outputs.
  • Eye-catching AI Portraits.
  • Estimate your beauty score with enhancing AI Technology

Star By Face App

Star by face is another find look alike application. As the name suggests this application generates celebrity face pictures. This application is using facial recognition technology to recognize the facial information once the user uploads the picture of his/her or any other person. The major advantage of this application is it are not storing users’ personal data and provide security of the data. All the images are deleted once the face matching process is completed. The main features of the Star By Face app are as follow:

  • Give the best resolution for every changed photo
  • Numerous celebrities are available.
  • With an effective usage of AI & ML technology, numerous functions make the application user-friendly.


Y-star is another best app that display you celebrity you look like within fraction of seconds. You just have to download the application in your mobile device, just click your picture using your camera and app will scans your face and performs the celebrity look alike algorithm and provides the best celebrity match from their available celebrity collections. The main motto of the application is to provide the important answer of the users’ question, “‘What celebrity do I look like”?

The application is not relative with the gender but provide the best match faces of the celebrity with accurate measure. The main feature of the Y-star App are as follow:

  • To get better and amazing result from this application, you should use front camera to take photos from the camera.
  • For face mapping and providing the best result of the celebrity faces, this application has includes different facial points like eyes, nose, mouth, lips and so on.

My Replica

The best part of this celebrity look alike application is its much easier to edit the images more professionally using My Replica app. This application has some of the impressive features like touches, retouches and other options that allow users to select the best filter on the selected photos.

The good part is this application provides many filter options that can be handy and good for photo filter. The application also provides the option like sharing and posting those images on different different social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp and other platforms.

The important features of My Replica App are as follow:

  • The application will give you answers of the questions like: Which celebrity do i look like? Which celebrity is my twin? Whom Do i like?
  • This application has large database of celebrity users so application can easily compare the famous faces of the celebrities like Politician, Actors, Singers, Actress, Sportsperson, Historic people and many more.

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