Best SEO Tools Paid and Free: Internet Marketing Must Haves in 2023

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Search engine optimization (SEO) is always evolving as search engines perfect their techniques. You require the most recent research on the top SEO tools that both organisations and SEO specialists find impressive.

There is a vast sea of sophisticated SEO software available, but you only need to choose the best options that provide useful features and simple functionality.

For your specific budget and professional objectives, we’ve included the top free and paid SEO tools below. Are you prepared to learn what makes them unique so you can start improving your rankings? Read till the end.

10 Best SEO tools to help you achieve your dream rankings in 2023

Here are our top 10 best SEO tools in 2023 for improving your site’s search engine performance specially sorted out for you:

Starting with the best free SEO tools:

It makes sense to start there if you can add powerful tools to enhance your SEO effort without investing any money.

Many of the top SEO tools are free, and they continue to be dependable resources to identify profitable keywords, generate content ideas, assess websites, and examine backlinks. 

The top five free SEO tools are listed below:

1.Google Search Console

It should come as no surprise that Google, the top search engine, provides an excellent tool to help SEO tactics. Direct URL indexing requests, site trouble notifications, and optimization advice are all free options provided by Google Search Console.

Using Google Search Console, you can also take advantage of Google Search Analytics, which reveals how your personalised terms perform. You can begin right from the Analytics page because Google Search Analytics and Google Search Console are integrated.

This is one of the greatest SEO checkers since it identifies places where you can take constructive action to increase your organic traffic. Moreover, WebFX offers a free SEO checker that rates your website for a particular keyword. Head on over to see if your site is SEO-friendly or if you need to step up your SEO game.

2.Keywords Everywhere

The core of effective SEO methods is keyword research, and the handy Chrome and Firefox add-on Keywords Everywhere reveals specifics about keyword trends.

It provides details on the search volume, competition, and CPC value when you enter a potential keyword. Information about the most popular searches is helpful for creating content that will rank highly and appeal to your audience.

Further to Google, Keywords Everywhere also works on Bing, YouTube, and other websites. Just opening a new browser tab will allow you to begin your SEO study and provide you with useful, gathered data.

3.Screaming Frog

The Screaming Frog SEO Spider is rigorous and resourceful when it comes to analysing websites like search engines. It works as a crawler to examine your SEO tactics and offer suggestions from a bot’s point of view.

One of the most appealing features of this SEO Spider is its ability to provide quick feedback on your pages. It provides a real-time SEO health assessment for your website.

As a highly analytical tool, it is accurate in identifying a variety of ranking factors that Google or Bing crawlers take into consideration. It finds obstacles that lower your results, such as server issues, broken links, duplicate content, and redirects. 

There are numerous weak points that require attention that the Screaming Frog SEO Spider reveals. It draws your attention to these errors if your meta descriptions are empty or overused.


Another handy Chrome extension, WooRank explains the condition of whatever website you’re on. If websites don’t have an existing score, you can ask WooRank to do a quick inspection.

WooRank ranks websites based on SEO factors such as keyword performance and content structure and identifies areas for improvement. It also includes compliments on your good qualities.

The addon highlights how your title tags, headings, links, and other elements affect SEO content optimization.

It analyses your performance in areas like usability and mobile optimization, so it covers a lot of ground that other free tools fall short of evaluating.

You may also use this thorough add-on to do due diligence on your rivals.

5.Answer the Public

Gaining knowledge from user queries can improve your keyword selection and assist you in producing content that is relevant to your target audience’s search criteria.

Search results, associated questions, and comparisons are organised by Answer the Public into descriptive questions.

Rich questions can help you target keywords and create content more precisely, which is crucial for SEO. Because user experience is so important to Google and other search engines, you can raise your position by catering to searchers’ demands.

Answer the Public’s capacity to expand a focused one-word search into a variety of options places it in the category of finest SEO tools. Despite limitations, the free version is quite useful and increases your presence in search engine results pages (SERPs).

Here are the top five paid SEO tools:

After understanding the FOC SEO tools let us also explore the Best Paid SEO tools.

While it’s fun to get freebies, investing in advanced tools can drive more revenue and qualified leads. Many tools are worth the price, and digging into the full paid features can yield a well-rounded view of your SEO.


Ahrefs has long been a favourite and is still in many seasoned marketers’ SEO toolkit in 2023. It is commonly used for SEO. Ahrefs includes a number of features, including backlink analysis, content and keyword research, competition analysis, rank tracking, and web monitoring.

Their index is large, with at least 16 trillion known links and ongoing crawling. The Site Explorer, which examines backlinks and compiles thorough information, is its greatest paid tool.

2.Moz Pro

Because it combines a variety of functions into a single suite, Moz Pro is also widely regarded as one of the best paid SEO tools. Moz Pro offers a significant number of features, particularly for large-scale organisations, to improve your bottom line.

It highlights several SEO processes, from crawling to keyword research, and is adept at keeping track of changes to your strategy.

Moz Pro provides an amazing outlook on visibility on both the local and national levels. Your implementation of genuine advice, connecting opportunities, and content quality considerations will be aided by its reports.


A sophisticated link intelligence map, which is hidden behind Majestic, is ideal for understanding the position of your website on the Internet.

A site explorer, backlink history checker, and search explorer provided by Majestic help you understand where your page fits into the overall picture. It can provide the big picture of your website, particularly in link development, so you can make the appropriate adjustments.

It performs bulk backlink audits, and Majestic even provides a “topical trust flow” to show how close you are to key figures in your field.

Also, its bots comb through domains, including those of competitors, giving you specific information to help you develop your plan. Also, it’s a more reasonably priced paid SEO tool, allowing you to stick to your marketing budget.


Among the other SEO tools used for marketing this one is marketers’ choice tool called SEMrush helps improve your online visibility in the eyes of search engines. This resource expands your reach and updates your SEO strategies with fact-based insights if you want to witness a spike in organic traffic.

It is adept at comparing domains and the relevant keyword ranks, allowing you to expand to high-ranking keywords used by rivals.

The solutions from SEMrush showcase a variety of technical information so you can monitor your ranking on search engines.

Its programme includes more than 50 tools to help you fine-tune your SEO approach, and they provide advice on how to use keywords on product pages, blogs, and content.

5.Raven Tools

As a top site auditor, Raven Tools provides improved tracking and reporting capabilities in comparison to other comparable tools. Raven Tools provides a readable SEO score for your website. Y

Once you know where to look, you can use weaknesses in your approach to your advantage. Raven Tools is a huge time-saver whether you have mobility limitations or don’t know much about off-page SEO.

With its 17 metrics, you can get a sneak peak at how your website is run and improve the content, code, design, and layout for Google and other search engines.


Since you are reading this, it means that you now have enough knowledge about the latest SEO tools. You now just need to understand and experiment which SEO tool best suits your business. If you have enough funding then you can start with the paid platforms too. 

Just do not forget to analyze your business and your aim of working on SEO tools periodically. 

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