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Owing to the severity and fast spreading nature of the current Pandemic, COVID-19 or as better known, the Corona Virus, people are completely stuck at home. The rise in Pandemic has forced people to stay home and go online.

Astoundingly, people are showing increased interest in e-commerce and online working opportunity. This clearly indicates, it is time for online business. What can be a faster mode of reaching out to your target audience than a digital marketing idea? Time has come for new digital marketing strategies to secure SERP ranks.

Marketing Strategies for Pandemic days:

Statistical analysis has shown that companies who worked tirelessly during the times of recession have secured a strong position in the market. Pandemic is yet another such time, so plan well.

7 digital marketing ideas to make your business grow during Corona Virus-

  1. Connect using social media platforms:

Social Media platforms like Facebook, Twitter etc. are the place that is currently attracting majority online traffic, owing to critical time and its updates.

In such situations, what can be a better way to promote about your company than social media?

Connect with you target audiences daily through a business account in these platforms. Remember, don’t be extreme pushy about products but be sensitive to draw attention. Connect more, show your concern, give a mild nudge to your offers and see the traffic increase.

  • SEO support:

Search Engine Optimization is more important than ever before. Since the online competition has now increased, it is important that you now have a good rank in the SERP. You need to be visible on top when people go online and search.

Update your website with SEO contents and make the page easy navigable for customer comfort. Try to hire some search engine optimization company to help you for SEO support.

  • Pivot business:

Online dependence of humans has increased considerably due to lockdown phase. Its high time to pivot other business into the online forum and show your concern.

Certain acts that help you gain trust among customers are delivery free of cost for food and groceries, online tuitions, online work-out guide etc. More such offers you give, the better attention you get.

  • Give time to Digital marketing list:

Due to lack of time in the busy office days, we tend to skip out on many factors. But now since you are on down time, start repairing the digital marketing to-do-list and plan accordingly. You can start with new web designs and user-friendly contents.

  • Get a review online:

Since people are not encouraging long distance searches, its time to focus on the strategies for local SEO. Start by optimizing your website for searches that indicate “near you”.

Add more relevance with online review management aid and get some positive feedback in the days of Chaos.

  • Go unique and use Pay-Per-Click:

Pandemic requires unique deals. Set out some awesome and unique offers for your clients and activate the Pay-Per-click more to generate more revenue when the clients’ check-out your offer.

  • Prepare for surge during bounce-back:

Digital Marketing doesn’t ever provide immediate increase in revenue. It’s a long process. You need to have consistent SEO campaigns in order to retain the customers even when the pandemic terrors recede after few months.

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