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If you have a plan to launch you own mobile application, you need to keep in mind that the mobile application store has their specific restriction regarding the apps they allow to publish. They have specific guidelines for styling and designing an app. While you create your app, you need to abide by those norms.

Among the points of consideration its important that you consider your competition. An app store can several other apps which has similar features as yours. Make sure you are able to show traits of distinction in your app and justify the usefulness of your application.

3 points you might like to note before you create an app for iOS:

  1. Registration: Before you launch your application, register with the application store as an app developer. Ensure the documentation is fine. This ensures time management at the time of app launching.
  1. Meaningful material preparation for app page: While you register with Appstore as a developer, remember to send them the screenshots of your application page. This will help in verification if the app complies by the strict specifications of size and format. Show the description, advertisements, the privacy policy and keywords.
  1. Planning marketing campaigns: Run test for the mobile app once it launched within a week. To initiate this, you need to have a marketing campaign planned in advanced. Advertising plans can initiate here.

Apart from basic planning and being careful about launching your product, it is also important that you pay head to the features of your app as well. The features you give to your website need to comply with the recommendations of the Appstore. This reduces your chances of facing odds and problems while operation of apps.

7 features to consider when you prepare your application for iOS launching:

Like mentioned before, preplanning is essential. Do some competitor study before you conclude on the features essential and features permitted. 7 essential features that needs to be incorporated in mobile application before their iOS launching are – 

  1. Create a design to match the device since the fleet are generally small in size.
  2. Ensure the app you create is compatible to work in mode other than devices so that they open even on tablets. Being compatible is not only it. Your app needs to perform work conveniently with the small mobile screen interfaces.
  3. Ensure you app calls for automated update in the device to stay synched with the advanced version of the system that operates it.
  4. Modern mobile devices have displays with high resolution in retina. Thus, you need ne bothered about using bright colors in the layout design. While designing you can choose elements and fonts to fit in to the screen comfortably.
  5. While you create the app interface for iOS, it is best to follow the guidelines set forward by Apple Human Interface.
  6. Follow the guidelines mentioned in Appstore Reviews before launching your mobile app.
  7. Advance preparation for launching and publication is always appreciated. Gets your DUNS number by applying 3-4 weeks in advance.

Creating a successful app for iOS app store:

If you want your mobile application to be successful, you need to have a proper plan. Take strategies after thorough advance study. Refer to the following 6 important points to consider when creating a mobile application for iOS system-

  1. Detailed research: 

Research is very important before you create anything. Research includes market studies to identify the customers you would like to target and their demands. It can be studying the competition to ensure you have some this unique that your competitor doesn’t have. Think of something out of the box to get some eccentric algorithms, logo etc. Its all about staying distinct.

  1. Planning and marketing for target consumers:

Once your research is done, it’s time to plan the creativity. If you have identified your target consumers, find out what makes them more comfortable. Plan marketing strategies to reach out to clients effectively. Plan the mobile app layout to make it user-friendly, plan the price to keep it affordable and most importantly add features that attract more clients.

  1. Understand the workflow of app operation:

Make a workflow of the app operation and ensure that it abides by your initial plan. This is all about planning the number of screens in one app and their connections in between.

  1. Interactive Navigation:

Design the app layout such that it is intuitive and can be navigated easily. This is don’t mean the exterior appearance only. You also need to navigate the internal links to make the app interactive.

  1. Color of app page:

Coloring an application properly plays many roles-

  • Makes the app page attractive and created impression.
  • Keeps the visitors engaged.
  • Good for branding.
  • Speaks of the theme of your product.
  1. Orientation of a Device:

Use a design that doesn’t get hampered with the orientation of the phone. Interaction of an app is reduced with change in orientation for apps.

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