Studies have shown that ecommerce and other online business has shown positive growth curve by 20% from 2018 to 2019. This is curve supposed to hit 27% by end of 2020. With such huge growth in online business, isn’t it quite obvious that we will need strong digital marketing as well?

The demand of digital marketing doesn’t end here. Not only that we need positive digital marketing approach here, but also, we need to update the strategies that are being followed for the marketing. Its time to play by the trend now. 

Digital marketing is now more than just online marketing. With mobile based marketing coming on board and the super-fast internet connectivity, reaching out to clients has never been easier. 2020 is all about hi-tech advancement and innovation in the digital marketing process.

The digital marketing process has been evolving into an altogether new aura with the advanced technologies of artificial intelligence playing their part. Mobile marketing is taking over the market.

In a situation like this, it is essential that we are always aware of the trends in digital marketing prevailing in the market for 2020.

Top 5 trends in digital marketing for 2020:

To be at the top of the digital marketers’ list, you need to follow the trend in the industry. Below are the top 5 trends in digital marketing, that are meant to increase the business volume miraculously in 2020 –

  1. Optimization with voice-based searches:

Searching with voice recognition! This is not a new technology for 2020! 

Of course, it is not a new technology. But with this technology was not put in use for digital marketing until now since the search engines didn’t process voice recognition preciously until now. There were issues with sound clarity before.

But now, the trends are of website development has also assisted in developing voice optimized searching.

It has been proved that 56% of the voice-based searches takes place on smartphones.

  1. Marketing with Omnichannel:

Like the name says, Omnichannel, is a marketing tactic taken up to promote through multiple channels. The system incorporates several exchange points for the customer to proceed towards purchasing.

In short, this is a technology that lets the digital marketing to happen on several channels that are available for the customers.

The channels that play vital role for e-commerce are – 

  • Stories from Facebook and Instagram or videos that are ephemeral
  • Chatbots and assistance that you get online
  • Podcasts
  • Applications on smartphones

The most commonly used channels for marketing by the ecommerce companies are the social media platforms, e-mails and similar. 

Omni-channeling is simply a consumer-facing approach of digital marketing that engages customers to a great extent. The technology was deduced after thorough observation of the fact that people generally search around 3 – 4 different channels for a particular item before going ahead with one. 

  1. Marketing with Video:

Though video marketing is a in vogue for digital marketing for a long time now, the technology has evolved since the beginning. The format of video marketing is different now than it was a year before.

Marketing with videography has proved to take over around 85% of the online consumers. These are videos that are never used by companies and MNCs. They are generally put online by individuals instead of brands. This is expected to grow consumer volume at 4x rate.

Why videography? The marketing tool is easier and less complicated to handle.

  1. Virtual and augmented reality:

Virtual reality and augmented reality are a relatively new trend in the advertising market. It aims at converting the unreal environment of the advertisement topic into an experience that is as good as reality.

So now, buyers can actually experience the offers put forward by companies to them even before they have bought the item. 

When you use these techniques, you don’t publish advertisements only, you also spread across awareness of your brand as well. These methods have been proved to be effective in retaining customers that are attracted by the innovative advertisements.

  1. Learning from a machine or simply artificial intelligence:

Artificial intelligence, yet another innovation for marketing. With all the big ecommerce companies indulging in advertisement with AI and learning from a machine concept, these ideas have evolved in the market.

Why should you choose AI for marketing? Well, if you need a future forecasting on human behavior and expected responses of the consumers, what can be better than AI? 

The technology is meant to collect data that helps in studying clients’ thought and planning of future marketing strategies. This helps you to identify the customer needs, their preferred time for marketing etc. So, you can make your marketing strategies accordingly and promote.

There are many more trends in the market as far as digital marketing is concerned for 2020. Grab the new and major ones and put them to use. The year is promising and is sure to display improved growth curves in business.

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If you have a plan to launch you own mobile application, you need to keep in mind that the mobile application store has their specific restriction regarding the apps they allow to publish. They have specific guidelines for styling and designing an app. While you create your app, you need to abide by those norms.

Among the points of consideration its important that you consider your competition. An app store can several other apps which has similar features as yours. Make sure you are able to show traits of distinction in your app and justify the usefulness of your application.

3 points you might like to note before you create an app for iOS:

  1. Registration: Before you launch your application, register with the application store as an app developer. Ensure the documentation is fine. This ensures time management at the time of app launching.
  1. Meaningful material preparation for app page: While you register with Appstore as a developer, remember to send them the screenshots of your application page. This will help in verification if the app complies by the strict specifications of size and format. Show the description, advertisements, the privacy policy and keywords.
  1. Planning marketing campaigns: Run test for the mobile app once it launched within a week. To initiate this, you need to have a marketing campaign planned in advanced. Advertising plans can initiate here.

Apart from basic planning and being careful about launching your product, it is also important that you pay head to the features of your app as well. The features you give to your website need to comply with the recommendations of the Appstore. This reduces your chances of facing odds and problems while operation of apps.

7 features to consider when you prepare your application for iOS launching:

Like mentioned before, preplanning is essential. Do some competitor study before you conclude on the features essential and features permitted. 7 essential features that needs to be incorporated in mobile application before their iOS launching are – 

  1. Create a design to match the device since the fleet are generally small in size.
  2. Ensure the app you create is compatible to work in mode other than devices so that they open even on tablets. Being compatible is not only it. Your app needs to perform work conveniently with the small mobile screen interfaces.
  3. Ensure you app calls for automated update in the device to stay synched with the advanced version of the system that operates it.
  4. Modern mobile devices have displays with high resolution in retina. Thus, you need ne bothered about using bright colors in the layout design. While designing you can choose elements and fonts to fit in to the screen comfortably.
  5. While you create the app interface for iOS, it is best to follow the guidelines set forward by Apple Human Interface.
  6. Follow the guidelines mentioned in Appstore Reviews before launching your mobile app.
  7. Advance preparation for launching and publication is always appreciated. Gets your DUNS number by applying 3-4 weeks in advance.

Creating a successful app for iOS app store:

If you want your mobile application to be successful, you need to have a proper plan. Take strategies after thorough advance study. Refer to the following 6 important points to consider when creating a mobile application for iOS system-

  1. Detailed research: 

Research is very important before you create anything. Research includes market studies to identify the customers you would like to target and their demands. It can be studying the competition to ensure you have some this unique that your competitor doesn’t have. Think of something out of the box to get some eccentric algorithms, logo etc. Its all about staying distinct.

  1. Planning and marketing for target consumers:

Once your research is done, it’s time to plan the creativity. If you have identified your target consumers, find out what makes them more comfortable. Plan marketing strategies to reach out to clients effectively. Plan the mobile app layout to make it user-friendly, plan the price to keep it affordable and most importantly add features that attract more clients.

  1. Understand the workflow of app operation:

Make a workflow of the app operation and ensure that it abides by your initial plan. This is all about planning the number of screens in one app and their connections in between.

  1. Interactive Navigation:

Design the app layout such that it is intuitive and can be navigated easily. This is don’t mean the exterior appearance only. You also need to navigate the internal links to make the app interactive.

  1. Color of app page:

Coloring an application properly plays many roles-

  • Makes the app page attractive and created impression.
  • Keeps the visitors engaged.
  • Good for branding.
  • Speaks of the theme of your product.
  1. Orientation of a Device:

Use a design that doesn’t get hampered with the orientation of the phone. Interaction of an app is reduced with change in orientation for apps.

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The pandemic of Coronavirus or COVID-19 has affected the world economy to a considerable extend. The wrath of the virus has led to temporary closure of majority of the industries and stores. Even though essential products are sold, they face hindrance as well. With the fall of economy, every single business is facing a havoc loss. Its almost like the world has come to a halt.
But you can’t just give up on your business because this. Every small or big organization is looking or solutions to keep their companies from falling apart.

7 things to do when your business has been COVID-19 affected:

Few tips in these situations may help your business to survive for the future. The business owners need to take initiative and follow the 7 important things in order for their business to make it through the hard times –

Safeguarding the facility from becoming a transmission vector location:

Consider the safety of your customers and staffs first and take strong action related safeguarding the office environment. It is understandable that the closure is temporary and even if the stores are open, they are operating in low worker strength.
If you have an open store or working plant, you can start by sanitization work.
Screen employees and customers at entrance.
Provide them with sanitizers to clean their hands.
Avoid handshakes
Mandate the use of masks for the workers.
Try maintaining a minimum distance of 2 meters between 2 employees working side by side.
Reduce the working strength and let some employees work from home.

Spread customer awareness:

Its time to spread awareness and not panic by properly educating your clients. Update them with the changes you have brought upon with the store guidelines, shopping hours etc. It’s very important to educate them with the information that these are temporary decisions taken in their favor only.
Keep in touch with your customers on a regular basis to avoid spreading any fear.

Staff Communication:

Considering all the news spreading over social media and other media channels it becomes difficult for everyone to be sure of the actual facts and figures. As an employer, take the ownership to make your employees aware of the practices that are best for their health.
Stay updated with the current scenario and protection plans by the Government and spread the news accordingly.
As a leader, its your responsibility to avoid FUD, or simply Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt. Don’t be confused. Its time to discuss the matters with your management team and come up with ideas and solutions.
Talking to your managers alone might not get you the correct resolution. Its time to communicate with every employee and consider all their ideas on development of business. Taking opinion is a good way to keep them motivated. Also, an amalgamation of ideas might help you get the resolution you are looking for.

Plan changes and be prepared:

There are so many “if” s in the current scenario. No one has a clue when the entire storm of pandemic will be over. In days of such uncertainty it is best to be prepared. Assume the changes possible and the ones that can affect you the worst.
Knowing your possible changes and discussing about them helps people understand the situation better. In case there is possibility of freezing salaries because of loss in revenue, the employees will be prepared to handle the situation instead of reacting.

Seek assistance from suppliers and vendors:

In hard times like this, you might consider enlisting your suppliers and vendors for their minor contribution in assistance. You can renegotiate certain terms for payments or try for a better price. You might not seek any assistance with delayed payment approvals. You might seek additional service at predetermined cost.

Manage the cash flow:

Managing your funds well is very essential to ensure you don’t loose money unnecessarily. Try arranging for credit options wherever possible. Increasing the credit payment limit is definitely some to ask for from your loaning companies.
You can also try to liquidate some reserves to have them as cash floating in hand for times of necessity.

Seize opportunity:

You can’t get disheartened and stop looking for business opportunities. Check if there are opportunities where you might be able to crack a deal with promotional activities. Develop your products more. Brainstorm for new ideas of promotion such that clients get attracted. Seize every opportunity you come across.

The main deal with the COVID-19 handling is to be calm and staying focused. Stay strong, plan with your employees and get solutions to improved business situations.

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In the modern tech-savvy world, from shopping to booking your hotel to booking a transportation, everything happens online. Courtesy to the wonder machine, mobile, all these facilities have actually brought the world in our pockets. We can now access any service we want right at your palm with one click. Why should the food industry be lurking behind? Even food industry is now going online with mobile application for delivery of food.

The transformation observed in food industry with mobile food deliver application:

Food delivery applications gained their popularity in our society since last 10 years. Statistically reports show that the growth of business in food industry has positivity with the development of finer applications. In fact, the business is expected to have a around 9.3% growth by 2023. The majority of the delivery segment is based on a restaurant to customer sales.

How mobile applications helped the growth of food delivery business?

It’s a known fact that online presence and mobile applications are responsible for positive growth of every business. Food industry like other business sector has faced similar effects of the mobile applications.
When you use a mobile application for food delivery purpose it is all about the experience and ease of having food at doorstep in few clicks.
The features that played part in this growth can be described as –

Easy home delivery of food:

The fact that you can have your demanded food delivered at your doorstep without even getting out of your chair itself is very fascinating. With the mobile apps, ordering from restaurant has become so easy. The convenience is enhanced with the fast delivery terms.
Every detail of what you order is already here in your screen. All you need to do is just click.

Reservations made easy:

Not all meals can be enjoyed with home delivery. But you can definitely skip the line! With the mobile applications help you secure a table for you and your family. Even if you have forgotten about the reservation, it’s no big deal.
The app will help you identify the nearby restaurants who are willing to take a last moment table reservation and even select the menu prior.

The reviews:

With the applications getting more developed, you now have access to all the restaurant and delivery person’s reviews. You can check which item comes with what kind of review and place an order accordingly.
So now the taste related confusions are now over. Also, rate your delivery executive to let others no of someone’s good work. Your review on the food and the delivery experience works as a way of improvement for future orders.

Online discounts:

Who doesn’t like to get discounts on every purchase? But discount on food! This is a concept that started with the mobile applications. This is meant to satisfy every appetite even when they are on low budget.
When you have special discounts and cashback offers on every order, why would budget be a problem. With the discount offers, a surge in food delivery demand has been observed. The more discount you get on different items, the more food you end up purchasing. Well, the good part is that different items are sold in this manner, that would otherwise haven’t sold by themselves.

Map support:

The feature of having a map support to track the location of your order with GPS support is something appreciated the most. Right from the moment after placing an order, we tend to check the order status. With proper map, it becomes easier to note how far the delivery executive went.
From the delivery aspect also, it turned out to be beneficial. If you feel the delivery executive is taking a longer route or have got a wrong direction, you can guide the person.
This will ensure faster delivery and eventually increase the number of foods being delivered per day. It’s all about increasing the proficiency of the work.

Online payment:

With the online payment gateways like net banking, credit card, wallets etc., cash problem is no problem! If you don’t have cash, you can simply pay with online payment options and place your order.
In fact, this makes the delivery smoother. You don’t now have to hackle with the food delivery personnel regarding the any money changes. You no more have to tender the exact bill amount.

A recession in the food industry is something rare to experience. With mobile application technology this has brought an end to the chance of ever having a recession. With the growing demands of home delivered food, the business has seen considerable growth. True the mobile apps worked as boon for the food delivery business.

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Node JS VS PHP- Comparison of two web development framework


Both NodeJS and PHP are popular among web app developers as good tools for development of website application. But which is the best option for you?

To get choose the best, you first need to have clear idea on what each of them do. You need to identify your genre of application work. Each of the two tools have different utility. Depending on which utility satisfies your work, you can decide on the best suite for you.

PHP suite in brief:

PHP is a suite that is mainly scripting language and open source that is used by website developers to build customized and static website applications. The features of this suite are robust, making it web developers’ preference.

NodeJS suite in brief:

NodeJS is a much modern suite that doesn’t run on languages but used JavaScript. It is used to build the server-side of website applications. This is preferred by the modern web developers as this suite is ideal for preparing a secured, fast and scalable application network.

Which is the best suite for web development among PHP and NodeJS?

If we compare the performance and speed of NodeJS VS PHP, we can see that both have equally gained a good position in these aspects.

Performance related to speed in NodeJS is higher as compared to PHP. Whereas, PHP provides a stable and reliable performance. The competition is tough here.

To decide on the best here, let do a comparative study and discuss on the pros and cons as well-

  1. Comparison where NodeJS is preferred over PHP based on Speed:
  2. NodeJS has V8 engine which is faster
  3. The server connectivity of NodeJS is continued
  4. NodeJS comes with callback functionality. This assists in multi-functioning.
  5. It provides better website development
  • Comparative reasons that make PHP better:
  • PHP uses the traditional SQL database, making it easier to work with. Whereas, NodeJS uses a different database library.
  • PHP support more hosting in single click.
  • Modules used by PHP are relatively modern and the technology is more powerful
  • PHP provides user-friendly website development package

Choosing amongst two over Pros and Cons-

The Pros in favor of PHP suite:

  • The Code Base is enriched
  • Solutions here are portable in nature
  • PHP is ideally designed for development of websites
  • It uses known database

The Cons related to PHP suite:

  • PHP is inefficient in handling the SoC or Separation of Concerns
  • The model used here is backdated Client-Server type

Pros in favor of NodeJS Suite:

  • Provides faster solution for server-side
  • Uses only one programming language throughout the Stack
  • Highly flexible
  • Fast solution for the back-end job
  • Provides application in one page
  • Uses single programming language

Cons related to NodeJS suite:

  • Its comparatively a newer suite and is not matured enough yet
  • Doesn’t always handle applications that are CPU-Intensive in an efficient manner

Final discussion on the best suite for website development: Now that we know the benefits and integral character of both NodeJS and PHP suites, its easier for us to decide which on is best for web development. Identify your development needs and select one that meets the requirement. Remember both are fast and they perform well.

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What are the ways to restrict the decline in digital marketing due to coronavirus


COVID-19 or as commonly called, the Corona Virus, not only has negative impact on our regular lives, but also has affected the online market.

It is known fact that all industries are facing a recession, leading to reduction in demand of the consumers. These effects are also becoming visible in the online market. In fact, according to the publishers, this pandemic terror has already showed revenue decline for the online ads. Statistical report has shown a 10% decline in the digital marketing graph already.

What can we do in such a situation to ensure a change in the declining graph? Of course, we need easy and attractive digital marketing solution.

ways to restrict the decline in digital marketing due to coronavirus:

Owing to the poor financial condition and lockdowns, it’s obvious that people will have no option but to go online. So apparently, the demand for non-essential online items might have lessen, but it will definitely give rise to new demands. E-commerce has indeed seen a surge in demands, like online groceries, e-sopping, etc. websites.

Its time to break the stereo-type of digital marketing and make new plans to change this declining graph.

Below are 4 ideas to restrict the decline in digital marketing due to coronavirus

  1. Innovative SEO strategies and contents:

When we talk about a declining graph, we are basically concerned about the decline in the organic online traffic in each of the websites apart from e-commerce and certain social media platform. The best idea currently would be come up with new and unique SEO strategies, to get the customer attention back

Prepare contents that your target clients are willing to see now. You can use social media platforms to promote these contents. Reach out to maximum people and try to generate leads with new advertisement campaigns.

Optimize your website with the new plans such that the SERP is maintained properly.

  • E-mailing over silent online presence:

Its high time for you to be vocal about your company and the service you provide. What can be a better tool than E-mail for communicating with clients during the critical days of pandemic?

Yes, e-mail is the tool that you can use to reach maximum people in no time. Prepare your client list and shoot bulk e-mails. This campaign definitely boosts digital marketing and in turn the SEO rank.

Make your clients aware of your online presence with regular communication.

  • Regular data analysis:

In order to enhance your presence in the online market optimally, a proper digital marketing analysis is important.

With all remotely working employees, this analysis is also going down. But these metrics are important to monitor online performance and improve accordingly.

Hence, it’s very important for everyone to access the data analytics regularly through VPN and work on marketing strategies as required.

  • Control paid searches:

Its essential to end unnecessary expenses on paid search results that don’t benefit, when the reduction in search demands in the market is already known. Its time to spend wisely for service and product campaign with digital marketing. Paid searches that fetch business should be focused only for the time being.The above 4 tips are likely to boost your revenue as the digital marketing graph gets reversed back to normalcy.

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Owing to the severity and fast spreading nature of the current Pandemic, COVID-19 or as better known, the Corona Virus, people are completely stuck at home. The rise in Pandemic has forced people to stay home and go online.

Astoundingly, people are showing increased interest in e-commerce and online working opportunity. This clearly indicates, it is time for online business. What can be a faster mode of reaching out to your target audience than a digital marketing idea? Time has come for new digital marketing strategies to secure SERP ranks.

Marketing Strategies for Pandemic days:

Statistical analysis has shown that companies who worked tirelessly during the times of recession have secured a strong position in the market. Pandemic is yet another such time, so plan well.

7 digital marketing ideas to make your business grow during Corona Virus-

  1. Connect using social media platforms:

Social Media platforms like Facebook, Twitter etc. are the place that is currently attracting majority online traffic, owing to critical time and its updates.

In such situations, what can be a better way to promote about your company than social media?

Connect with you target audiences daily through a business account in these platforms. Remember, don’t be extreme pushy about products but be sensitive to draw attention. Connect more, show your concern, give a mild nudge to your offers and see the traffic increase.

  • SEO support:

Search Engine Optimization is more important than ever before. Since the online competition has now increased, it is important that you now have a good rank in the SERP. You need to be visible on top when people go online and search.

Update your website with SEO contents and make the page easy navigable for customer comfort. Try to hire some search engine optimization company to help you for SEO support.

  • Pivot business:

Online dependence of humans has increased considerably due to lockdown phase. Its high time to pivot other business into the online forum and show your concern.

Certain acts that help you gain trust among customers are delivery free of cost for food and groceries, online tuitions, online work-out guide etc. More such offers you give, the better attention you get.

  • Give time to Digital marketing list:

Due to lack of time in the busy office days, we tend to skip out on many factors. But now since you are on down time, start repairing the digital marketing to-do-list and plan accordingly. You can start with new web designs and user-friendly contents.

  • Get a review online:

Since people are not encouraging long distance searches, its time to focus on the strategies for local SEO. Start by optimizing your website for searches that indicate “near you”.

Add more relevance with online review management aid and get some positive feedback in the days of Chaos.

  • Go unique and use Pay-Per-Click:

Pandemic requires unique deals. Set out some awesome and unique offers for your clients and activate the Pay-Per-click more to generate more revenue when the clients’ check-out your offer.

  • Prepare for surge during bounce-back:

Digital Marketing doesn’t ever provide immediate increase in revenue. It’s a long process. You need to have consistent SEO campaigns in order to retain the customers even when the pandemic terrors recede after few months.

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How blockchain esteem your privacy more than social media?

Privacy is always concern for users while they are using any social media website. There are multiple occasions where users privacy has been breach and users data has been leaked.

The social media websites like Facebook, Twitter and other big companies are storing the information of their numerous users. The social media websites are providing their platform free to use for their users as social websites are earning through their users.

As per Facebook’s users’ policies, the users who have signed up has given all rights to share their photos, videos and other details according to website’s convenience. That is the main source of income of social website.


How blockchain provide more privacy then social media?

Luckily, the dynamic loss of protection of clients of interpersonal organizations specifically, and the Internet when all is said in done, could be finding a workable pace. Not at all like Facebook, which gathers and connections the information it gets from clients with their characters, the blockchain permits the transmission and capacity of information in an incredibly secure manner, without connecting them to the client’s genuine personality.

The dispersion or decentralization model under which blockchain works offers clients full sway over their information without essentially moving their data to outsiders. It likewise permits clients to profit by the data that has a place with them because of an arrangement of fiscal motivations dependent on cryptographic forms of money or tokens.

The most attractive thing for the client is have the chance to share their private data and get money related remuneration for it. Purchasers claim their information; they should exploit that.

Basically, the blockchain stores information in a dispersed way, that is, on hundreds or thousands of PCs that are situated all through the world. These groups have an indistinguishable duplicate of the data that is ensured by fracture systems and progressed cryptographic calculations, organizing the security and protection of the client most importantly.

The blockchain ensures that an episode of robbery of private data like that of Facebook and Cambridge Analytica can’t happen inside this system since clients appreciate the outright responsibility for information they produce and have the ability to choose with whom they share it and to what degree.

For instance, a client could offer their information to an advertising organization or some other stage that gathers customer data in return for sensible and reasonable remuneration. Under a brought together model, customer server, for example, that worked by Facebook, Google, Twitter, and different stages, this is basically difficult to accomplish.

As we said previously, the large business of innovation organizations that work online is to gather and store the data of their a huge number of clients and offer it to various partners. This incredible marvel of information assortment on a worldwide scale is known as ‘large information’.

This incredible wellspring of data has become the “wet dream” of the individuals who take part in showcasing in light of the fact that it permits them to know a great deal of significant data identified with customers firsthand. The ‘large information’ makes it workable for organizations to know the purchaser as at no other time so as to sell their items all the more viably.

The use of blockchain innovation to data the executives would make conceivable the development of a remarkable marvel. In contrast to its forerunner, the ‘huge information’, which depends on an enormous and concentrated structure for the assortment and preparing of data, the supposed ‘little information’, would make it feasible for data the executives to be in the hands of the clients rather than the large partnerships.

The ‘little information’ could turn into the equivalent or a lot bigger than the ‘enormous information’, with the huge distinction that clients would get remuneration for the data they share with the world. Blockchain permits the disposal of mediators in the exercises did by individuals. In this manner, the investment of Facebook or Google and other information handling middle people would never again be essential for clients to interface with one another and share their data.

On the off chance that clients get a sufficient motivating force, the nature of trust and security offered by the blockchain can help reestablish the intensity of the person. Rather than a future where we keep on relying upon huge worldwide enterprises and governments even to move a finger. Blockchain proposes another option wherein the individual appreciates total power in numerous parts of his life. Sounds great, isn’t that so?

Sooner rather than later, clients are probably going to begin fleeing from unified informal organizations, for example, Facebook or Twitter looking for progressively fair and secure stages. Hire Blockchain developers from top blockchain development company that focused on guaranteeing this is feasible as quickly as time permits.

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Why Podcast is important in digital marketing 2020

The podcast is a really fascinating instrument to your technique. It’s a format that, along with being totally different, can give you many benefits. 
At the moment, there are such a lot of kinds of formats that it’s tough to manage everybody and know the way we will get essentially the most out of our digital marketing technique. So we’ll see considered one of them – the podcast. 

What’s a podcast?
podcast is mainly a periodic digital audio publication, though we are able to additionally discover a video, which may be downloaded from the Web. A key function of this format is that it’s episodic and normally has the idea of a particular matter. 

The phrase comes from the iPod, the gadget with which they grew to become well-liked, and Broadcast, which implies “broadcast content material.” 

The benefits of podcast are as follow: 
You can hear it anytime and anywhere.
You can download the podcast.
Option to receive updates by subscribing the podcast.
It’s quick and simple to create. 

However the greatest benefit we discover is that audio is the most secure format that may be consumed, without involving a harmful distraction. 

How can you create a podcast?

The very first thing you must do is to communicate your viewers. Understand how the listeners are going to have your podcast. On this method, you’ll know what sort of language you have to and the tone. 

You should be clear in regards to the matter to be handled. And with that, the construction and length of the podcast. 

The third step, and really near the second, can be to combine it into your digital marketing strategy. Which means that it should be constant, speak about matters you might be coping with on the platforms and different sorts of content material. 

As soon as all that is clear, it solely stays to file it with a microphone. The higher the sound tools, the higher the podcast. If you happen to get a superb staff, you may get knowledgeable end. 

As soon as recorded, the final step can be to edit it with some audio enhancing program, resembling Audacity, to offer it the final contact earlier than sharing it with the followers. 

How podcast can be useful in organization’s digital marketing strategy?
To start with, it’s fascinating to know that some great benefits of creating podcasts for a corporation are:

A textual content should be bold, however podcasts give voice to phrases and convey listeners nearer to the organization.
It positions you as an professional on the topic being handled within the podcast, a lot quicker than different content material format. 

You have interaction higher with them. As they entertain, you’ll enhance your relationship with clients and get new ones. It’s an efficient method to generate group and construct loyalty. You additionally get the listeners to subscribe and take heed to the podcasts that the organization is uploading. 

It’s economical since, as we noticed earlier than, it solely takes a sound system and a few instruments to edit it. 

There may be much less competitors. There aren’t many digital marketing company that podcast for his or her customers, not like blogs and YouTube channels, that there are numerous. 

It’s changing into an increasing number of modern; it’s a pattern. It isn’t but widespread, however it’s a format with plenty of potentials. 
Focus on creating a identity of your brand. The sort of content material helps branding of the company, and your followers remind you for this. As well as, for those who make high quality content material, you’ll change into a reference for them. You’ll get your listeners to belief you. 

As we’ve got already seen, podcasts have many differential benefits. So the easiest way to incorporate them in a digital marketing strategy is to benefit from these options. 

Some concepts on how one can do it could be:

The podcast is an fascinating addition to different content material, that’s, to offer new data, not repeating what’s already written. 
For particular content material. Thus we can have the very best content material in numerous format and can, due to this fact, attain one other sort of viewers. 

Use the podcast as a method to reply the questions that followers wish to ask. 

A podcast with the collaboration of consultants, or influencers will give extra power and multiply the standard of the subject being handled and, due to this fact, followers can be extra fascinated about listening to it. 

How podcast can be promoted? 
You possibly can create teams by which you be part of folks with the identical tastes and pursuits. This may advantage you since you’ll know that those that are there have an curiosity within the matter you develop within the podcast. 

You need to use social networks to share podcasts. Profiting from social networks, you may disseminate the content material. So ensure that they know that in the event that they hear the podcast, they are going to obtain one thing. For instance, a really modern format is Instagram Tales. 

If you happen to create an expectation to your listeners, curiosity will improve. Notify your subscribed listeners and those that do not, in order that they know that on such a day they are going to have the ability to benefit from the content material that will curiosity them lots to hearken to. 

Utilizing this format is ok, however it’s a must to add them to a platform the place subscribers can entry any of them anytime. A few of them are Spotify, Apple, and so forth. Every of them has its benefits and drawbacks, so you need to select the one which most accurately fits your content material, audience, wants, and goals.

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How blockchain can be used in digital marketing for the beneficial of client?

Digital marketing is a huge field. In the U.S alone, companies are on pace to spend about $120 billion in digital marketing by 2021, making it one of the biggest playing fields for businesses looking to promote their brands.

Still, it remains an industry fraught with issues.

From extreme bot-controlled automation to the increasing difficulty for publishers to guarantee data privacy and transparency, digital marketing continues to cause problems for all players involved, more so for businesses that pay huge sums of cash to get their brands in front of potential customers.

These and other issues are further compounded by the numerous challenges facing businesses trying to get mileage on search engines without spending significantly on ads.

In one study conducted by a Canadian-based digital marketing company,, researchers found that only about 6 percent of new website pages will rank in the top 10 search results on Google within a year, making it difficult for new businesses to find customers on the internet – at least without the services of ad-tech middlemen who often sacrifice quality and relevance for clicks.

There’s hope, however.  

Blockchain, the encrypted, decentralized database of distributed and interlinked nodes, is particularly suited for integration with digital marketing. Blockchain promises to solve many of the issues that come with digital marketing, including data privacy, security and content monetization.   

Here are a few ways blockchain technologies are helping fan the next wave of innovation for the digital marketing world.

Improved transparency and privacy

Data is the centerpiece that holds the digital marketing industry together. Businesses and ad agencies use data to fine-tune targeting strategies, measure engagement and improve other facets of marketing, making data a central piece within this space.

However, data privacy and transparency have always been critical issues for consumers. The recent Facebook data scandal, for instance, reminded us of the huge potential for data misuse that currently exists, a trend that could potentially see users limit the amount of information they share online out of fear.

This is one of the areas that blockchain-based technologies could help improve. Because blockchain is a secure and decentralized platform, advertisers can use the platform to maintain an open and complete ledger of data transactions involving the consumer.

Some companies like blockchain startup and cable giant Comcast are already developing blockchain platforms to help businesses and consumers handle consumer data. The solution, for instance, lets users browse the internet in an ad-free browser while rewarding publishers with tokens for the time users spend on their websites, thus creating a win-win situation for everyone in the digital ad space.

Improved targeting

For years, businesses and ad platforms have made heavy investments to help find the best methods to deliver the right ads to the right consumers for increased conversations. Still, the internet continues to be heavily populated with irrelevant, slow-loading and often intrusive ads, a trend that has seen many consumers take to ad-blocking software for protection.

But at the same time, one report found that close to 80 percent of users with ad-blockers would like to see some types of ads, especially if they were personalized, which means while consumers don’t necessarily like ads, they’d be OK with ads that make sense to them.

Again, this is another area that could potentially benefit from the blockchain, with a number of players exploring different ways the blockchain could be used to improve targeting.

One good example is Brave, the ad-blocking browser invented by Mozilla co-founder Brendan Eich. Brave provides a unique platform that literally compensates users (with Basic Attention Tokens, BATs) for their time with ads on the platform and for sharing information that would allow businesses to target them intentionally. 

Another example is BitClave, a blockchain platform that lets users add their personal data on the platform in exchange for tokens. This platform envisions a situation where people use their free search engine for everyday activities, and businesses that want to target these users with ads have to compensate them, creating another win-win for everyone in the industry.  

There are a ton of examples that show just how ripe the digital marketing industry is for disruption by the blockchain. There’s still a long way to go, however, and industry players will have to embrace blockchain technologies en masse for any of these solutions to work. 

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