Best strategies to develop iPhone app development

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It is understandable that iPhone app development is quite difficult to compare to android app development due to its security and strict rules of iPhone app development. You have experienced that many of your or your customers’ application has successfully uploaded on Google Play Store but Apple has rejected that application due to its strict guideline. Due to application rejection, developers and customers are being frustrated but you should understand that iPhone app development guidelines are based on Apple’s targeted user’s requirement fulfill.

As a leading iPhone app Development Company USA, we are trying to provide you best strategies for iPhone App Development that can align with Apple Store rules and guidelines that will increase your application successfully uploading chances on Apple store.

Requirement gathering

This is one of the vital steps to do the planning of your application. This is the best way to figure out what are the problems your application getting sort out for Apple users and these rules are an application to the entire iPhone app except game application. If you failed to plan properly then your application will surely fail. There is numerous reference application might available that already solving problems like your application. Try to go through each of those applications and try to figure out their advantages & disadvantages, so you can provide a better solution for your users comparing to them.


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Once you finalized the requirement of your mobile application, you need to do wireframing of the application so you can get an idea of the user interface and match their expectation from the application. Through wireframing, you are able to make user experience roadmap that shows how your user will use this application. You can view reference over the internet or discuss with the experienced wireframing person.

Design should be aligned with wireframe

Once you get approval from your client for wireframe design, you can start the design of the application based on wireframe design. At a certain level, you find that few parts are difficult to implement into the application but try to push hard to in line with wireframe because compromising in wireframe will also compromise the quality of your final application. While designing a mobile application, you should make sure application should have few clicks and visually appealing. Your application should have easy navigation so they can use the application without any help or tutoring guideline.


In this application stage, you need to focus on backend and frontend both. You require creating architecture that syncs properly with front & back end. Your application should response real time and display desire result in few seconds. This is the stage where front end and back end developer need to team up and make sure your application is scalable and flexible for targeted users.

Application Development

After planning of frontend and backend, actual application development will start. As mentioned earlier, your application success will depend on the collaborating efforts of frontend and backend developer. In this stage, frontend developers need to take care of proper UI design, synchronization with database and testing while backend developers need to take care push notification services, server-side functionality, user authentication, data integration and best backend structure.

Application Testing

This is a most vital phase of your application as if your application failed to pass this phase it’s hard for you to expect your application will be live on Apple store. You should properly test your application before going live. You must check your application performance on different mobile devices, so it works perfectly on all the devices. Security is another main concern of the application and you should make sure that users’ data is safe into your application. You should ask some of your friends, relatives, to test your application and find their feedback that can help you to improve your final product. We advised you don’t be hurry to go your application live and make sure your application work flawless and you get 5-star rating once your application goes live.

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