What is a SEO company? What do SEO companies offer?

Your hero for generating traffic and saving time is your SEO company. Companies that specialise in search engine optimisation, also referred to as SEO company, assist businesses in gaining more web traffic by increasing their visibility in natural search results on search engines like Google, Bing, and others.

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What is an SEO company?

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is a service provided by an SEO firm. On-page, off-page, and technological optimisations are frequently used by SEO firms to increase a site’s visibility, traffic, and income from organic search result

What does an SEO company do?

Businesses may improve their organic search ranks, traffic, and revenue with the aid of an SEO company. To accomplish these objectives, SEO companies take on a variety of tasks, such as technical optimisations, on-page optimisations, content creation, link building, and SEO audits.

How much does an SEO company cost?

The cost of an SEO company varies depending on your company and the firm. SEO companies often charge between $1500 and $5,000 per month. While there are SEO companies that charge less, you should be on the lookout for SEO scams, which frequently entice businesses with the promise of affordable SEO.

Some firm-related pricing factors include:

  • Location
  • Experience
  • Deliverables
  • Payment structure

Some business-related pricing factors include:

  • Timeline
  • Project scope
  • Goals

For the most accurate cost estimate, request a quote from an SEO company. The firm will offer personalised pricing and a list of deliverables after examining your request and consulting with your team, so you may choose.

Is it worth hiring an SEO company?

Whether it’s worth hiring an SEO company depends on your answers to the following questions:

  • Can you handle SEO on your own? (And are you competent at SEO on your own?)
  • Do you have the funds to hire an SEO agency?
  • Does your SEO strategy function well or poorly?
  • Do you have below-average, average, or above-average SEO skills?

Typically, it’s beneficial hiring an SEO agency when:

  • You don’t have the time, resources, or expertise to perform SEO yourself,
  • You have the budget to outsource the SEO facility,  
  • You aren’t providing management with the outcomes they expect from SEO.

In comparison, it’s beneficial keeping SEO in-house when:

  • You have the necessary time, tools, and expertise to handle your own SEO.
  • You don’t have enough money to hire a reputable SEO company.
  • You are meeting the management’s expectations for SEO outcomes.

Remember that not all of the aforementioned criteria must be met in order to hire an SEO firm. Several companies employ an SEO company as a proactive measure. For instance, you can go ahead by working with an SEO service if you see that your time for SEO is dwindling before your results start to suffer.

What services do SEO companies provide?

SEO companies provide several services, which includes:

  • Traditional SEO, which optimizes your site for non-localized searches.
  • Local SEO, which optimizes your site for local searches.
  • Ecommerce SEO, which optimizes your site’s online store for search.
  • Enterprise SEO, which optimizes your site for competitive keywords with high search volumes.
  • SEO audits, which analyze your site for issues affecting its rankings.

The SEO company may provide all, part, or just one of these services. Focus on full-service agencies since they have larger, more specialised teams for these many areas if you’re searching for an agency that can handle it all.

What should a SEO company do?

You are aware of what an SEO business is and what it does, but what should it do specifically? Excellent question, and one you should bring up when speaking with prospective SEO services. Generally, SEO company ought to do the following actions:

  • Audit your website
  • Improve your on-page, off-page, and technical SEO
  • Report your progress

Let us talk about each of them in detail.

Audit your website

Following a thorough SEO assessment of your website, your SEO agency can:

  • Determine the site’s structure, indexing, and optimization status
  • Find high-impact issues, like crawling or indexing issues
  • Prioritize which areas to focus on first, like indexing issues vs. on-page optimizations and more.

Normally, SEO companies will assess the search engine optimisation of your website using technologies like Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and Screaming Frog. Therefore anticipate a request for analytics access from your agency. Depending on the agency, other paid SEO tools, such as Ahrefs or Semrush, may be used.

Your company should give you the following after auditing your website:

  • Findings summary
  • Recommended action items

The top SEO company will also provide the rationale for their suggestions. Why? The same reason your preferred service provider, such as a plumber or mechanic, takes the time to explain a problem and its remedy is because they appreciate you and want you to be comfortable with a choice.

Improve your on-page, off-page, and technical SEO

What other services do SEO firms offer? They concentrate on enhancing your technical, on-page, and off-page SEO.

These SEO strategies involve a variety of duties and undertakings, which are outlined below:

Examples of on-page optimisation include:

  • enhancing the meta descriptions and title tags
  • investigating keywords
  • putting forth (or creating) new material

Examples of off-page optimisation include:

  • adding listings to directories
  • carrying out link outreach
  • coming up with content ideas

Examples of technical optimisation include:

  • enhancing the robots.txt file
  • improving page load time
  • improving internal links

If you let your SEO business site access, they can perform the aforementioned adjustments on your behalf, saving you a tonne of time. You might not be able to grant site access, though, depending on your line of work.

In that instance, your SEO company will act more as a consultant, offering suggestions that you (or another team member) can put into practise. If you can’t put the advice into practise, this arrangement will take more work from your team and affect how quickly you notice SEO results.

Report your progress

Finally, SEO firms provide a monthly status report. These SEO reports will often concentrate on:

  • Rankings
  • Traffic
  • Conversions

Your point-of-contact will go over this report with you, depending on the agency.

The top SEO agencies will modify these analyses to your company’s needs, concentrating on the KPIs that matter most to management. For instance, WebFX can provide reports on the quantity of qualifying leads produced by SEO and the quantity of leads that resulted in sales, assisting our clients in understanding the financial impact of SEO.

Rankings and traffic are significant, but it’s crucial to remember that they can turn into vanity metrics. Even if your company ranks first for a keyword with substantial traffic, if that traffic is unrelated to your industry, you won’t notice a difference in your bottom line.

Before selecting an SEO agency, it is crucial to enquire about their methods for determining success.

What should the best SEO agencies do?

The top SEO firms stand out from the competition because they excel at:

  • enhancing for SEO
  • Fantastic service being provided
  • Changing with the market

They also carry out tasks that other SEO firms avoid, such as:

  • Research your market
  • Develop your strategy
  • Fill your skill gaps
  • Improve your analytics
  • A/B test your SEO
  • Re-purpose your SEO data

Below is more information about these tasks:

Research your market

When it comes to what SEO companies do, the best ones will research your:

  • Industry
  • Target market
  • Competitors

With this information, your agency can better understand the market, which can help them:

  • Determine the best keywords to target
  • Find opportunities for link building, content creation, and more
  • Provide recommendations for navigating economic or market changes

Remember that most agencies — even the best SEO firms — won’t offer this. This is due to the fact that it calls for a sizable workforce (we have more than 500 internal specialists), a varied clientele, and enduring SEO connections (some of our clients have partnered with us for more than 10 years).

Develop your strategy

While smaller SEO businesses can create strategies, you want the top SEO agencies to create yours.

This is due to the fact that these organisations take your company’s overall goals into account while developing your strategy. Will your company, for instance, grow into a new region in the upcoming five years? Inform your SEO firm so they can include that objective in your overall plan.

The top SEO firms will also do the following in terms of strategy:

  • Adapt your strategy to your sector, target market, and objectives.
  • Adjust your plan to changes in the economy or the market.
  • Improve your strategy with the newest SEO techniques.
  • even more

A top SEO company is what you need if you want to take a hands-off approach to SEO because they will create, carry out, and oversee your SEO strategy. Even if you like to do things yourself, you might like working with SEO professionals.

Fill your skill gaps

More than just creating title tags and obtaining backlinks are involved in SEO. To sustain an SEO programme that produces ranks, traffic, and money in 2023, you’ll need a variety of skill sets, from site development to copywriting.

The majority of SEO programmes have talent gaps, which top SEO businesses are aware of. Due to this, their team consists of:

  • SEOs
  • Content marketing specialists
  • Web developers
  • Website designers
  • And more

Your company will benefit from SEO results more quickly if you can put SEO action items into place more quickly. Although SEO still takes three to six months, you will notice benefits sooner if you start now rather than later.

A/B test your SEO

The top SEO firms do more than just improve the SEO of your website. A/B testing is often done for SEO.

A/B testing in search engine optimisation can involve:

  • Evaluating various title tags
  • Comparing several meta descriptions

A full-service SEO agency can assist with conversion rate optimisation if you work with them (CRO). CRO testing concentrates on increasing the conversion rate of your current traffic, as opposed to SEO A/B testing, which focuses on driving more people to your site.

Improve your analytics

Better SEO analytics is one of the main advantages of working with a top SEO agency. The majority of prosperous SEO agencies will spend money on white-label website analytics software, which aids clients in tracking ranks, traffic, and SEO-related conversions.

For the sake of transparency, agencies will charge you for the cost of buying this software. Because your SEO service expenses will increase along with the cost of software, this setup could become more of a problem. Moreover, neither the timing nor magnitude of these increases can be influenced by your agency. Your data is at risk if your organisation switches platforms as a result of escalating costs.

There are still plenty of benefits to having advanced analytics software, though, like:

  • View SEO-generated results in a dedicated dashboard
  • Monitor rankings for top URLs
  • Track SEO conversions over time

If you decide to engage with an SEO business, take some time to consider what you and your leadership will need to monitor the performance and financial impact of search engine optimisation. This will affect the kind of SEO agency you choose.

Re-purpose your SEO data

The finest SEO companies work to keep you ahead of the competition, from developing your plan to monitoring your performance. The top SEO agencies will therefore assist you in 2023 in maximising the value of your organic traffic data.

Ask prospective SEO businesses how they handle first-party data when doing your study on them. The best SEO firms will understand what you’re referring to and probably have a response for how they assist you in creating and utilising your first-party data.

How do I choose an SEO company?

Now that you are aware of what an SEO company is and what it performs, you want to hire one.

It may take several months to hire an SEO company, especially if you require support from other departments. Yet learning how to pick an SEO firm will help you identify the ideal SEO service provider for your organisation.

Here are some suggestions for choosing an SEO company:

  • Describe your objectives: Decide what you need from an SEO agency by gathering your stakeholders. Do you need a business that can plan and carry out projects? Are you looking for a company to assist you with a certain project? How will you evaluate their effectiveness?
  • Establish a budget: Make sure to know your budget before speaking with an SEO provider. How much money will the management spend on SEO services? What must be included in these services for that budget to be justified?
  • Request recommendations from your contacts: For initial agency recommendations, use your network connections. They can help you create a list of businesses to research (or avoid), which can help you save a tonne of time.
  • Examine the case studies of your candidate: Examine case studies from the SEO contenders on your shortlist. How are results determined? What tactics do they employ to produce results? Why are customers satisfied with this company?
  • Request a meeting with your top agencies: Reach out to your top candidates and arrange a meeting! How are SEO tasks managed there? What SEO strategy do they use? How do they stay one step ahead of the competition? Inquire about costs, delivery schedules, and deliverables as well.
  • Get your unique proposal: Request a proposal from your shortlist of preferred SEO firms. Pricing, deliverables, and any specifics you and the agency negotiated, such a specified task or start date, should all be included in this proposal.

Don’t settle if you go through the hiring procedure and don’t end up liking the agency. You need an SEO provider that you can entrust with both your business and website. To find the ideal agency for your company, keep looking and speaking with various ones.

What is an example of working with an SEO company?

Consider the case where you run a house painting business in Ames, Iowa (Go Cyclones!).

In all things paint, you are an authority. You chat endlessly about ferrules, finishes, glosses, and other topics throughout the day. You want to increase the number of leads coming into your company and hear from clients who discovered local painters using search engines like Google.

You don’t have the time to understand, implement, and modify an SEO campaign. Hence, to maintain your online presence in search engines, you find a reliable and respectable SEO business. A few months later, when people search for “painters in Ames, Iowa” and “exterior painters in Ames,” your website begins to appear at the top of the Google results page.

The beginning of a lovely partnership! Because of the leads that come from search engines, you are busy than ever. Working with a reputable SEO company gives you the know-how required to increase your business through organic searches.

The appeal of SEO is that it makes it possible for potential clients to locate you online. The majority of marketing strategies demand that companies send their message to thousands of clients, with the expectation that a tiny number of them will be qualified prospects.

With SEO, you facilitate customers’ ability to look for and locate your company when conducting online searches. By definition, leads you obtain from organic search are qualified by themselves.This indicates that customers who are already interested in your goods or services are looking for you.


Different businesses display a variety of demands; therefore, it becomes necessary to evaluate your business and then start the search of the perfect SEO company for your enterprise. 

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