Are you looking for messenger or chat app for your business? Do not forget to miss these top features to integrate

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Today SMS & MMS become past for sending a message to one person to another. Now in the digital world, instant messaging apps have turned the table of communication. Instant messaging apps are now advance and not just use for sending a message but also become medium to share your emotions with your loved ones by sharing images, videos, audios and by updating status.

WhatsApp, Telegram and Facebook Messenger has brought the revolution into instant messaging apps. People are looking to reproduce a similar application with unique features that can help them to boost their business. In this post, we will try to acknowledge you what are the features that should include in your application. Hire app developer in USA

  1. Simple Login

Users are not interested in filling long details. As much as small application registration steps will able to reach more target audition. According to us, the best process is used following the simple registration process. In the first step, users are required to provide their mobile number and verify their number through OTP (One Time Password) and that is it. They will enjoy your chat application to fast. Another way is Facebook & Gmail login. Today 80% of people are using Facebook & Gmail, so you can verify their identity through verified email id.

Above are the simple registration process. There is also a traditional signup process where you can request users to fill out the form. As a start-up or SMEs, you need to check which one is the easiest and convenient for your business.

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  1. Chatbots

Chatbots have taken the instant messaging app to a new height. Therefore, it is essential to understand what is Chatbot. Chatbots are small software that connects with application users through text messages and makes things easier for the users. Telegram is the best example of chatbots and they are the first one to introduce chatbots in instant messaging world. Telegram’s Chatbot is providing many features like recent news, manage finances and many more.

  1. Group messaging

Instead of messaging, the same message to different people, creating a group and deliver your message in all the members of the group. You can send frequent messages to those contacts. Group messaging is also helpful for a sales & marketing perspective also.

  1. Broadcast message

Another unique feature should be in your application that enables your users to select specifically targeted contacts and send their promotional messages. It will display the as normal message without any group creation.

The major benefit of the broadcast message is the recipients have no clue about other recipients who received the same message. This feature is helpful to start-ups and SMEs. You can send promotional messages that can use same as another personal message.

  1. Encryption

Before explaining how encryption can be a good feature for your mobile, let us first explain to you what encryption is. In a communication system, encryption is used to send or read the message for specific users. Sometimes in a communication system, the third party tries to break your communication channel. To prevent that encryption is used so unknown person cannot break the message and your sensitive information can be safe. Nowadays, the security feature is essential in instant messaging apps. In addition, the encryption feature has become an important part of security.

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  1. Geolocation

Currently, most of the people have an idea about geolocation, as there is numerous instant messaging application that allows users to share their current location with the updated status. There are other ways also to get the advantage of geolocation feature.

Geolocation feature has been an integral part of applications like taxi booking, social networking apps, transportation apps, navigation apps etc. In such type of business, geolocation is the mainstay of the mobile application. At last, we suggest that it will be worth investment to have this kind of features in your instant messaging apps.

  1. Push notification

Push notification is an important part of any mobile application development and messaging & chat applications are incomplete without this feature. Push notification is allowed the user to view new messages in the application. Therefore, the push notification feature is must have into your next instant messaging application. Push notification is a communication medium between application user and application provider.


We can say that future communication medium will be these instant messaging applications and you can see that the chatting application market is rapidly growing with new features evolution. If you have some unique ideas for the instant messaging application then it will surely be a game changer and provide you success. Do not think that there is aggressive competition in the messaging market; you can still come out as a good player in chatting world by providing a quality mobile application.

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