Android vs. iOS-Which is better and more popular?

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Popular mobile OS

In this day and age, communication through mobile devices have become very common and extensive and with the trend continue to go up without any sign of halt. By the way, there are varied mobile operating systems that have been in the trend for a decade. Out of the most popular mobile OS, Android and iOS are at the helm of popularity. The competition of Android and iOS is extremes in the market and is driving people around the bend with the extreme expectations on point.

Android vs. iOS

Android is a Linux-based operating system and is developed by Google. On the other hand, iOS is another extremely popular operating system developed by Apple Inc. Maybe a key difference that lies in the two mobile operating systems pertains to the hardware options. While iOS is compatible with Apple devices, for example, the iPhone and iPad, Android OS is compatible exclusively with a variety of mobile devices manufactured by different companies. With this in mind, Android’s accessibility is far better than iOS because the former one offers an improved level of flexibility. Another salient difference between the two is that the Apple devices are made to share photos and a range of multimedia files with a fellow iOS device only. This directs to the fact that an Apple device could exclusively use its Bluetooth function with another Apple device. However, you still have the convenience to use the Bluetooth function to wirelessly connect your iPhone to other compatible mobile devices; for example, your computer and laptop. On the other hand, again, Android is free from any limitation as iOS has. In one aspect, iOS is better than Android OS, as it enables its users to update to a fresher version. Every time that the operating system releases new versions, users will be notified and are rendered with the updated version.

Summing up

To sum it up, while the major differences are clearly said above, it is easy to understand that the two operating systems are taking the market by storm for years now. Every person on the planet is crazy for both Android and Apple tablets and phones that are reigned by these two giant operating systems. If you look at the mobile stores, a host of customers is teeming there continuously who are in a frantic need for these gadgets. Without a doubt, these two mobile operating systems are both helpful and user-friendly based on the sales. In reality, they have turned around the mechanism of the society, from straightforward to sophisticated, simple to exciting and the like. However, the most salient things to underline here is that, in every way, people are satisfied and happy with the two Operating Systems and it seems they will continue to use them for a long time to come.

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