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Theunpluggedweb is a leading Android App Development Company that creates numerous android applications for our customers that help them to grow their business cost-effectiveness.

Our team has skilled Android App developers who can work on native application languages like Java & Kotlin or hybrid application languages like ionic, reactjs, or flutter.

We are providing android application development services to numerous industries like education, healthcare, travel, social media, entertainment, and much more.

Our developers have the expertise of various rapidly changing android versions starting from Android Ice-Cream Sandwich to Android Kotlin.

We have high-quality UI/UX designers, proficient developers, mobile application tacticians that provide bespoke android application development services.

You may have brainstorm ideas for your new Android application & our team will portrait attractive and high-quality android applications. Our veterans have developed numerous applications that have achieved top positions on the Google Play store and downloaded by millions of users.

Our company strongly believes that mobile use is growing faster than all of Google’s internal predictions and that is why it is important to give your mobile a frequent dose of inspiration with the help of Android app development.

Our company is a top Android app development institution that will provide you with the finest app development services according to the niche and requirements of the customers. Our company is so well experienced in Android app development that it is has made a masterpiece out of it.

Being a leading Android application development company with proper certifications, we are also considered the top-notch app development service provider.

We have a proficient workforce that will provide you with custom Android app development services and help you get ahead of your competitors.

Our marketing strategies have become the talk of the town because we encourage innovations and we have many such out-of-the-box services for app development which will enhance your profile in the market.

Our Android developers possess all the required skills and knowledge about app development. We will use the latest Android platforms to make your business highly reliable and efficient.

Android App Development Company

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An Insight of our services

Our company tries to ideate, aim and achieve. We help you audit your apps so that you can fight back against your competitors. Come, have a look at some of our services:-

  1. Android App strategy – Being stated as a top Android app development company, we will design the best strategies for you. We will make sure that our strategies enhance the growth of your online mobile business.
  2. Android App Design – Our Android App designer and developers will ensure excellent UI/UX designs to encourage user experience. We will use some of the latest technologies which are currently booming which will inturn intensify your app development.
  3. Android App Development – We are here to offer the finest app development features along with the guidance provided by our experts. After knowing your business plans and motto our experts will also suggest the best web design apps. These specialists will thereby enhance the outlook of your online business and Android apps.
  4. App porting and consultation – Our Android app Development Company is also capable of converting your app portal from one to another and give access to whichever platforms you want. You will also be given the benefit of consulting and discussing your project niche. We have a team of experts who are ever ready to help you and direct you towards the right path.
  5. Android App Testing – It is often said that a code that cannot be tested is flawed, but our company works on a professional level and has developed a high tech team of Android app testers. We will make sure that the Android apps that we deliver will be flawless, dependable, high performing, and quality based.
  6. Enterprise and Game development – Our highly skilled team of experts have also worked on enterprise Android applications. Being one of the top Android app development companies, we have a team of proficient game developers to supply high-performance gaming services.
  7. Other Benefits – Our Company offers an open-source platform for Android app development which offers faster and relatively low-cost development for businesses. A large user base and a strong framework help us increase our outreach to a higher section of Android users and give them the benefit of having full control over UI for different device types. Our data management and multimedia tools can optimize your online business outlook and customize the user interface.

Our Deliverables

We deliver the highest level of customer service by initiating innovative and collaborative projects. We aim at delivering a vigorous and highly scalable web and superior quality mobile functions. That’s how we stand apart from the rest and interest you with our services. Here are some of them:-

  • Our experts will analyze your project in detail and post relevant requirements that will suit your vocation.
  • Our team will also discuss the project details with you so that you get clarity about your business venture. Also, the discussion will be held after proper analysis.
  • Based on the consultation provided by our experts, you can choose the time for your project execution and implementation.
  • Lastly securely pay online and join us to dig in deep. Our experts are waiting to help you.
  • Honesty and transparency make one vulnerable and we strongly believe in that. We ensure complete transparency throughout our work process.
  • We also ensure that our clients receive an on-time delivery as per our pursuit of agile development methodology.
  • Our company also provides a free 30 days trial so that we get comfortable with our clients and know them as much as possible.
  • We are all time available for help and guidance. We don’t keep our clients in dark and instead provide them with the latest upgradations and necessary tools as needed.
  • We also provide our clients with backup support and listen to their queries and attain their questions, thereby providing an appropriate solution to their dilemmas.

Why Prefer Us?

We are a top Android app development company; we opt to work closely with our clients so that we can understand their needs and requirements. We help them draw an outline of their objectives and design relevant strategies for them so that they can without any hesitation start implementing them.
While going through the assessment stage we often deliver tailored solutions to our clients and build an efficient performance with technical stability. Our company also consists of dedicated android app developers and programmers. Be it a start-up or a large enterprise we make sure that our Android app development services are open for all.
We also have a list jotted down filling in the requirement of the professions based on app development technology. We will help you harness the kit of technology so that you can reap the best out of it. We are there to provide you with various mobility solutions. Being a leading Android app development company in the USA, we also offer the best apps to our clients to fulfill their stipulations.

Other essentials

  1. Acts as a guardian – Our mobile app Development Company is a customer-friendly and cautious app Development Company, it also acts like a child guardian, thereby installing a child protection app that helps parents in keeping a watch on the activities performed by their children. We provide features like geofencing, keep them alert by sending notifications, track the activities of children, and provide a perpetual help to our clients.
  2. Acts as a delivery app – Our android app developers will tailor your apps in such a way that you will easily be able to search products of any category without any hassle. It will also help you to order your products online and track your order. I will also provide secured payment features directly from the app itself.
  3. Acts as a transportation app – Our team is concerned with your day to day chores and that is why to ease your lifestyle we also provide transportation apps that will help you get a vehicle easily anytime anywhere. We will install such apps that ensure a safe ride, trip history, track your location, and simplify the payment problems. Our work speaks it all and that is why we will also give you a chance to give us ratings and feedbacks.
  4. Help you enjoy the nightlife – We know people nowadays crave for an exciting nightlife. To support them our app developers install apps that help people enjoy the taste of nightlife. As our apps give access to Google maps anytime you want, suggest your favorite places and amazing night offers which are safe and sound.

We have the remarkable experience of working with various brands; enterprisers and startups which have thereby helped us understand people’s interests and needs. Our fundamentals and competency in optimizing Android apps have made us a real tech-savvy company.

Our course of action

The work of style we use handles the entire development lifecycle of your apps.  It therefore includes:-

  • We firstly deal in analyzing the requirements of our clients, comprehend their needs, and propose solutions.
  • In the next step, we modify their wireframing and designs.
  • The next comes with proper development of apps which includes coding, changing layouts, and allows client feedback.
  • As said earlier test is important, so we test the apps and check its competency and see to it that they are scam free.
  • Lastly, we make sure that we take a final approval from our client and ensure deployment.

We are irreplaceable, unique and the best.

Our zeal and passion towards android app development have made us the top-notch service providers in various commercial ventures like education, trading, travel, real estate, finance, sports, entertainment, and a lot more. We engage in long term business relations with our clients and help them optimize their apps as per the trend. We provide a plethora of options to our clients and they can choose any of them as per their requirements.
There are many apps that can connect with our android app management service providers and make things uncomplicated thereby allowing easy maintenance and control of the organization in a compact and in cost-efficient manner to take over the task.
Another reason why we are considered the best is that we have a team of professionals who have mastered savvy mobile app development tactics and an extensive variety of ability and knowledge about distinctive mobile platforms we make sure that we provide the best solutions as per client’s needs and demand in a timely manner.


What are the benefits of outsourcing Android app development?
There are some of the benefits of outsourcing Android app development.

  • Cost-Effective and Budget Friendly
  • Less Development time
  • Multiple Development team members
  • Multiple Platform knowledge

How much does Android app development cost?
Android App development cost depends on many factors like design complexity, functionality requirements, number of team members. You can contact us to get an exact idea about how much the android app will cost you.

How much money does it take to make an Android app in India?
Creating an android app in India will cost you less compared to the USA and European countries. Android app development costs will start from $10 to $30 per hour but it may increase depending on the requirement.

How Do I Choose the Top Android App Development Company?
Selecting the top company relies on many factors like your requirement, experience of development and expectation. Once you get the answer, you will select the best one.

How long does it take to customize an Android app?
Customizing an Android App is not easy and customization of the application depends on the features and functionality of the app.

Will you help us to make the app live on Google Play Store?
Yes, As a top Android App Development Company, we have already uploaded over 200 Android apps on the Google Play Store. Our development team is having proper knowledge of the deployment procedure and Google’s guidelines.

Will you provide our maintenance and support after making the app live?
Yes, We are providing 1 month of technical support without charging any extra amount. If you have any trouble accessing your app, our team is always there to support you.

Will you sign NDA to keep my Android App idea confidential?
Yes, your privacy is the topmost priority for us. You can send us NDA before we discuss your requirement on the first call.

How you will assign resources for my project?
Once we will get your requirement, our business analyst team will make a proposal and estimation sheet for you. After getting approval from your end, we will assign an Android developer for your project.

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