What is the key difference between iOS and Android App Development?

In today’s time, mobile apps interest has been increasing. Peoples are downloading millions of mobile application and use those applications for their day by day to task for various activities like organize their life, socially connect with their friends, productive activity and much more. Due to the increase of mobile users, people are looking mobile App developers for hire India. People are looking for various developers for their new and business application for their mobile. There are millions of Android app Development Company in India & iOS App Development Company in India all over the world and this number will surely increase in near future.
Now, there is majorly two kinds of mobile users in the world. One is Android and another is an iOS application but their application development process is significantly different from each other. In this article, we will give you a glimpse of development differences and make you capable to understand which OS should choose for your business application.

Start-ups, SMEs and beginner want to create an application to earn money as well as brand their business. However, they have to pay for the application development for whichever OS they select. The price of each application idea has been different from one another but OS is also playing a major role in costing. The actual development price of iOS is slightly higher than Android, as there are 70% people who are using Android devices. Apart from this, Apple’s yearly app publishing fee is high compared to Android as its taking one-time small fee for publishing the android application.

Programming Languages

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Both the Operating system uses different programming language for their application development segment. Meanwhile android is using Java or Kotlin for developing an android application, while for iOS development, developer use Objective-C or Swift.

Target Audience

While taking the decision of business application, you should also consider the target audience of each Operating system as both the OS has a different kind of users. Apple customers are generally reliable for their brand and have high expectation than Android users. More young people own Apple devices compare to an elder person, so if your application is targeting younger users then iOS app development will be advisable. In general, Android base is more compared to iOS so choose any of the development application OS smartly.

Income Opportunity

If you are planning to earn some money from your application then you have to create a strategy for monetizing of your application as your strategy might differ from one to another device. The iOS users are generally not like Ads into the application while Android users not much bother about it. The Apple users do not mind to pay for an application download while Android people want application free for download but if they find application usable, they do not mind to for in-app or ads.

In general, both the platform are incredible for developing applications. It just depends on your preferences and need of the application you want to build.

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What are the Features of the Mobile Application That Put You Ahead From Your Competitors?

Mobile applications have change point of view of business owners today. Now a day both kinds of business small and large businesses are eager to develop their business application.

The rise of mobile devices has also attracted business owners to jump into a mobile application and built their business application. For building an innovative application, business owners are interested to Hire Indian App Developers that provide the best application for their business.

If you are also reflection of creating a  Android Application for your business and going to select Mobile App Development Company in India then a few things need to keep in mind. Here we are providing a list of highlights that should be there in your application.

Eye-Catching & Attractive Design

This feature is the obvious choice of any business owner as any application users have concerns with the design of the application. Design should be attractive and looks good. Web Application Development Company owner can understand that first impression will decide how long any user will use that application and design has to be out-of-the-box as the design will be helping to create brand identity and allow you to grow your customer base. Other factors, which you should keep in mind, are color combination of the application, buttons’ placements, menu positions etc.

Customer Beneficial

Your mobile application should be beneficial for the customers and should fulfill the purpose of customer usage. Your application benefit will attract users to decide whether they would like to download the application or not. Before you make a plan for the launching of the application, you should understand why customers should install your application over your competitors. As a business owner, you should make a plan for unique features and include in your application as the business strategy of the application. You can also add a few additional features that your website does not display and users have to download your application to use those features, in that way you can have more users for your mobile application.

Security and Data Protection

Every user has security concerns about their data. They want their data confidential and not shared with others. You should take necessary steps for security concerns, as it will directly affect your company’s credibility and sincerity.

Upgrade Regularly

Even though you have tested and QA properly for your application, your customers might find errors in your application. There might be a chance that your customers will suggest new features that will be helpful to them. Therefore, you have to regularly update your application to make application error-free as well as engage with more and more customers. Do not take customers to comment personally, as they are your loyal customers who want to stay with you with the upgraded version. Once you launch an upgraded version with based on customer feedback, they will be happy as they will find your company listening to them and treating customers like a king.

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