What are the key factors of web application development that can increase your ecommerce sales?

Ecommerce has done massive impact on the people’s lifestyle since its introduction. People are happy to get desire products without going to shop and receive their products at their doorstep. So online store demand has increase as well as web application Development Company to make online web store. There are mainly two categories of ecommerce business-to-business and business to consumer.

Customer is an important part of any business and there is famous proverb that “customer is a king”. Every business, industries are in competition of attract customer towards their business and they are the focus of any business sales & marketing strategies. Same idea is applies to ecommerce website also. Nowadays, every business owners are trying to provide best user experience through their business website. Numerous factors affect user experience from customer support to product return policy.

At the present time, ecommerce industry has become quite competitive and merchants needs to be constant touch of their consumers. Merchants are require to think twice before proceed to new web development tasks or existing website tasks. We are trying to show some of the web development aspects that need to take care, so you can successfully cross the hurdle of the low sales.

Reasonable Product Pricing

This is the main reason of any consumer to attract to purchase specific product. Competitive price will help you to grow your sales. If you have products that offers best quality with reasonable price, consumers will not think twice before purchasing items from your ecommerce store. Products price should be competitive in compare to their competitors so you can easily put them behind by providing better services to your consumers. If your products prices are high comparatively then you might lose your sales.

Website Design

Website design is another important factor of web application development that keep your users engaged with your ecommerce store. Website layout should be attractive and easy to navigate, so consumers get hassle-free online shopping experience. Attractive design will help you to increase conversion rate of your website. Apart from design, your website should have high performance and less loading time. Moreover, all web pages should properly categorized, so users can navigate them easily.

Product Quality

This is another major factor that effects on website as well as your business sales. Your better quality products will not only earn fame for you but also win trust of your consumers to purchase products from your web store. Consumers trust is very important to be a brand in the market. 80% people are focusing on product quality instead of cheap price as most of the time low price products are not usable for long time.

Easy Checkout

Above parameters will attract consumers and excite them to purchase the products. Now easy checkout is also important for them, as users are not want to waste their time by filling long form to do payments. Easy checkout is also contributes in 20% of conversion in sales, so this is one of the useful web application development tip. Nowadays, one page checkout is in high demand of every technologies of web application development.

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Best strategies to develop iPhone app development

It is understandable that iPhone app development is quite difficult to compare to android app development due to its security and strict rules of iPhone app development. You have experienced that many of your or your customers’ application has successfully uploaded on Google Play Store but Apple has rejected that application due to its strict guideline. Due to application rejection, developers and customers are being frustrated but you should understand that iPhone app development guidelines are based on Apple’s targeted user’s requirement fulfill.

As a leading iPhone app Development Company USA, we are trying to provide you best strategies for iPhone App Development that can align with Apple Store rules and guidelines that will increase your application successfully uploading chances on Apple store.

Requirement gathering

This is one of the vital steps to do the planning of your application. This is the best way to figure out what are the problems your application getting sort out for Apple users and these rules are an application to the entire iPhone app except game application. If you failed to plan properly then your application will surely fail. There is numerous reference application might available that already solving problems like your application. Try to go through each of those applications and try to figure out their advantages & disadvantages, so you can provide a better solution for your users comparing to them.


[av_image src=’https://theunpluggedweb.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/08/Wireframe.png’ attachment=’3971′ attachment_size=’full’ align=’center’ styling=” hover=” link=” target=” caption=” font_size=” appearance=” overlay_opacity=’0.4′ overlay_color=’#000000′ overlay_text_color=’#ffffff’ animation=’no-animation’ admin_preview_bg=” av_uid=’av-398z81′][/av_image]

Once you finalized the requirement of your mobile application, you need to do wireframing of the application so you can get an idea of the user interface and match their expectation from the application. Through wireframing, you are able to make user experience roadmap that shows how your user will use this application. You can view reference over the internet or discuss with the experienced wireframing person.

Design should be aligned with wireframe

Once you get approval from your client for wireframe design, you can start the design of the application based on wireframe design. At a certain level, you find that few parts are difficult to implement into the application but try to push hard to in line with wireframe because compromising in wireframe will also compromise the quality of your final application. While designing a mobile application, you should make sure application should have few clicks and visually appealing. Your application should have easy navigation so they can use the application without any help or tutoring guideline.


In this application stage, you need to focus on backend and frontend both. You require creating architecture that syncs properly with front & back end. Your application should response real time and display desire result in few seconds. This is the stage where front end and back end developer need to team up and make sure your application is scalable and flexible for targeted users.

Application Development

After planning of frontend and backend, actual application development will start. As mentioned earlier, your application success will depend on the collaborating efforts of frontend and backend developer. In this stage, frontend developers need to take care of proper UI design, synchronization with database and testing while backend developers need to take care push notification services, server-side functionality, user authentication, data integration and best backend structure.

Application Testing

This is a most vital phase of your application as if your application failed to pass this phase it’s hard for you to expect your application will be live on Apple store. You should properly test your application before going live. You must check your application performance on different mobile devices, so it works perfectly on all the devices. Security is another main concern of the application and you should make sure that users’ data is safe into your application. You should ask some of your friends, relatives, to test your application and find their feedback that can help you to improve your final product. We advised you don’t be hurry to go your application live and make sure your application work flawless and you get 5-star rating once your application goes live.

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What are the features Android is going to launch in new Android pie?

There is a race continuing between Android and iOS to provide better user experience to their customers. As Apple has already announced to launch iOS 12 before end of this year, Google has announced to launch their latest version Android 9 which named as Android Pie. Google is currently launching this latest operating system on selected Android smartphones. Android Pie is mainly focus on artificial intelligence that makes even better user experience for Android smartphone consumers.

There are many new features has been introduced in Android Pie 9 with improvement in delicate design, useful shortcuts and major inclusion of AI (Artificial Intelligence) in settings. Google is coming with the aim to provide you better efficiency, personally and easiest way for use your smartphones. To take advantage of these new features of Android pie 9, it is vital to have Android Development Company USA as a partner that can help you to upgrade your application to the latest Android Pie 9 version.


Currently Android Pie will be provide free updates on following device.

  1. Google Pixel 2
  2. Google Pixel 2 XL
  3. Google Pixel
  4. Google Pixel XL
  5. Essential Phone

Google has also announced that Android Pie will be release on 21 December on following devices.

  1. Sony
  2. Xiaomi
  3. HMD Global
  4. Oppo
  5. Vivo
  6. OnePlus
  7. Android One Phones (Select)

Let us see key features Android Pie is going to introduce

Digital Wellbeing

It has same feature of iOS 12 screentime. Digital wellbeing will provide details about mobile usage and let them know whether their mobile usage is more or not and allow them to adjust their mobile usage accordingly. They are providing dashboard that will help users the usage of each application. An App timer will also there to setup time spending limit for specific application. If the limit is exceed then users will locked out. A Wind Down mode will diminishes the screen into greyscale at night time so people can sleep peacefully. There will be also Do Not Disturb mode also that will mute all the notifications before people going to bed.

Adaptive Battery & Adaptive Brightness

Adaptive Battery is interesting features that deciphers application’s functioning. This feature will make sure that necessary applications are only use battery. It will also help your smartphone to charging for longer period. Artificial intelligence will adjusts the brightness of the screen according to application’s consumption.

App Actions

This is another example of integration of AI that is not only predict the application you want at the specific time but also understand what action you want within the application too.

Navigation Improvement

As mentioned earlier, Android pie 9 has focus on better user experience and that is why a single home button in the screen. This change has been introduced keeping in mind of bigger displays and higher aspect ratio. Android Pie 9 wants to provide similar swipe and gestures like Apple iPhone X.

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What are the new features Apple has included in iOS 12 public beta 4?

As reported, Apple is going to release their much-awaited update of iOS 12 will be released soon this year. In their updated release, Apple has now shifted their focus on quality improvement and performance improvement, as well as iPad, will have iPhone X type gestures and UI changes for new Face ID equipped iPads. They are also introducing features like Screen time, Emoji, Group Facetime and many more other that keep the excitement alive for Apple users. There are additional developments in the iOS 12 version like Grouped notifications, Screen time to determining the device usage. They are also improving core Apple application in iPhone and iPads like Apple Boks, News, Stocks and voice memos. Mobile App Development Company in USA are looking eager as iOS 12 release date is coming closer. Apple has quite serious about their new version iOS 12 as the fourth beta version was released just after few days released of second version and two weeks after released of third beta version. Every iPhone app development company has found that the fourth version of iOS 12 beta version comes with minor bug fixes and patches for security. There are also a few major changes that can easily notice by Apple users. The changes are as follow:

  1. Apple Watch contacts no longer fall out of sync.
  2. Importance of toggles is now increased.
  3. The fotnite game is running smoothly now on Apple
  4. Accessibility has increased through a bolder outline.

Let us see the issues that have been resolved by this new version of iOS 12.

As per the iOS 12 developer beta 4’s release notes, Apple has provided solutions for following problems:


Workout route map was fixed in the new version.

Third Party Applications

Netflix was crash all of a sudden at the time of downloading the video.


Fixed compatibility issues data generated for ARWorldMap and ARReferenceObject for iOS 12 beta 3 or later version.


Fixed wrong event date appearance in day view.

Apart from the above changes, the most remarkable changes have been introducing by Apple is about USB Restricted mode. Apple has made this feature more robust to safe the devices from unauthorized persons’ access. Apple has discarded 1 hour limit in USB Restricted mode and ask passcode to unlock the device. Meanwhile, charging will still work through Lightning port but the device will not function until it is unlocked.

Other minor prominent changes are spotted as follow:

  1. Messages have new activity stickers.
  2. To save your battery life, iCloud photos pause automatically at the time of uploading.
  3. Mobile data can be sort by usage.
  4. Introduced new memoji with metallic earring colors and lip styles.
  5. Share icons are updated in the Photos
  6. iPhone applications those are running on iPad display new large/shrink icons.

Through all the above-mentioned updates, you got a better idea about iOS beta 4 version. if you are looking for developing your own application and looking to

Hire Best iOS Developer in New Jersey

then you can contact us as we are leading iPhone app development company in USA that has developed a wide range of iOS application for their customers.

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What are the effective and inexpensive ways of the marketing your mobile application?

The android application development companies USA are better to understand the importance of marketing of mobile application and that is the reason promotion of mobile application is another best factor to grow your business. Many business owners are not aware of inexpensive marketing and they spend millions of money on application promotion. There are numerous ways to promote your mobile application for your business and you should try them to save your expense from marketing.

1. Create a blog of your business

According to the mobile phone application development companies, creating a blog related to your application is one of the most effective promotion ideas. You just need to keep updating your blog with unique and informative content, so your consumers find you as a leader of your niche. They will not hesitate to download your application as you are the on that providing niche related best information on your blog.

2. Social Media

Putting your mobile application link on social media pages are an old idea as consumers are becoming smarter nowadays. Before downloading any application from social media pages, they will determine the followers of your mobile application’s social media pages as well as how you engage with your consumers. Your mobile application’s download chances are high if your pages frequently engage with your consumers and have decent followers.

3. Third party review

As an application owner, you should submit your mobile application to third-party platforms on which consumers trust the most. This kind of platforms is trusted and provide exact reviews of your application. You should use this method only if your mobile features are exactly the same that you are marketing else it will harm your application also.

4. App store optimization (ASO)

App store optimization is the same method as search engine optimization (SEO) for the website. You need to optimize the description, icon, and title of your application so your targeted users can find your application easily on App stores. App Store Optimization and Search Engine Optimization are worked together and you should get the advantage of both.

5. Host contest

Create a contest for your targeted consumers involving them with your application. Through the contest, users will download your application and interest to win the contest. You should also include features like getting more content playing chances by sharing the application with your friends so they will share your application and promotion happen without spending an extra money.

6. Promote your application on your website

On your website, add one full page that is providing the whole introduction of your application. This page will display how your application is working and what are the benefits to consumers. That will create excitement in consumers’ mind and put download application URL just below to your application description, so they will direct download from there only.

7. Introduction video

This is another way to promote your application. As suggested earlier, before downloading any application, consumers want to understand what the features available in the application are and how those features can change my day-to-day life. You can make a short introduction video that explains all the details about the application in an easy way and appeals to users to download the application. While creating an introduction video, please keep in mind the length of the video and content of the video. You have to explain your application features in a very short span and appealing way.

8. Feedback

Feedback is one of the best ways to understand consumers’ thought about your application. As a business owner, you need to understand that active users of your application are more important than downloads applications. Customer retention is most important in any business and feedback will allow you to improve your application. Negative feedback will give you space to improve your application and increase more active users of your application.

We have summarized the effective promoting application tricks that are inexpensive and allow you to reach more targeted consumers without spending thousands of penny. We are one of the leading mobile app development company in USA and help our customers to promote their mobile applications.

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What are the new features Apple has introduced in iOS 12 public beta 3?

Apple has announced to launch their official iOS 12 version in September this year and released iOS 12 beta version for Apple users. Apple is trying to provide features that competitive with Android new OS version P. After apple will release the new iOS 12 version, Apple users will have all those amazing features in their Apple device. Apple has tried to make iOS 12 version compatible with all Apple devices that run on the iOS 11 version. We are expecting that new iOS 12 beta 3 will improve 40 percent performance from current performance. Before we dive into new features of iOS 12 public Beta 3, let us see the list of device compatible with this new iOS version.
iPhones Version:
[wpfa icon=”hand-o-right” color=”#4500B7″] iPhone X

[wpfa icon=”hand-o-right” color=”#4500B7″] iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus

[wpfa icon=”hand-o-right” color=”#4500B7″] iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus

[wpfa icon=”hand-o-right” color=”#4500B7″] iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus

[wpfa icon=”hand-o-right” color=”#4500B7″] iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus

[wpfa icon=”hand-o-right” color=”#4500B7″] iPhone SE

[wpfa icon=”hand-o-right” color=”#4500B7″] iPhone 5s.
iPad Version:
[wpfa icon=”hand-o-right” color=”#4500B7″] 9-inch iPad Pro 2nd and 1st generation

[wpfa icon=”hand-o-right” color=”#4500B7″] 5-inch iPad Pro

[wpfa icon=”hand-o-right” color=”#4500B7″] 7-inch iPad Pro

[wpfa icon=”hand-o-right” color=”#4500B7″] 6-inch iPad

[wpfa icon=”hand-o-right” color=”#4500B7″] iPad Air 2 and iPad Air

[wpfa icon=”hand-o-right” color=”#4500B7″] iPad 5th generation

[wpfa icon=”hand-o-right” color=”#4500B7″] iPad mini 4, iPad mini 3, and iPad mini 2.

For the iPod, it will be compatible with iPod touch 6th generation.

Now let us jump into the new features of iOS 12 public Beta 3 are providing.

1. Performance improvement

As per apple’s view, Apple users will get almost double the performance of their apple devices from current performance. Apple has said that the new iOS version will launch application percent faster than the previous OS version.

2. New measurement application introduced

Apple has launched a new measurement application for Apple users. This is kind of an AR measurement tool that helps AR developers to measure and discover the real world objects. The application has two option- measure and level. The application also has the option of camera view that allows users to tap, drag a line and measure the real world object.

3. Photos Application feature

Apple is introducing new features through which photos will be recognized by events and it will sort in application accordingly. Therefore, Apple users can search their photos by event. Apple has also provided some intelligent suggestions like filter photos by people, places, and relevant dates. This feature is also integrated with Siri and performing much better with Siri. Apple users also have the facility to use multiple search terms at the same time. There is also an extra option provided by Apple that named “For you”. It has one section “On This Day” that allows you to view photos of previous years of the same date and recall your existing memories.

4. Innovative voice memos

The voice memos now introduced in iPad and Mac devices. Apple has reportedly said that voice memos have the iCloud support so Apple users can easily synchronize their recordings.

5. Screentime

This is one of the most innovative features has introduced by Apple for their Apple users to track their mobile usage. Apple users are able to view a summary of weekly activities with a graph. The graph will display a specific user’s mobile usage, the usage time of each application, count of unlocking phones in a day etc. iOS 12 will also display which application provides most notifications. Apple said there is a functionality “App Allowance” through which users can limit their mobile usage time for specific application per day.

6. A better version of Siri

Each iOS application developer in Apple office is striving hard to provide best user experience and that is the reason in upgraded OS version Siri has become smarter than the previous version. Siri is coming with the facility to translate over 40 language pairs. Improved Siri version have better facts about food and celebrities, so Apple users can get better search results of foods and celebrity.

Users’ are demanding new features that make their life easier and that is the reason Apple releases new updates frequently. Due to frequent updates, as an iOS application owner, you need to make your mobile application compatible with the latest iOS version. To upgrade your application or create a new application you need to hire best iOS developer in New Jersey that can help you to create the best application for your business that helps you to increase your business sales. We are the leading iOS application Development Company in USA that has created numerous application for their clients and help them to stay ahead of their competitors.

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