What are the advantages of Kotlin based mobile application?

Kotlin is not a new invention but it is invent from Java language only, expand its benefits, and reduce the restrictions of Java language. Every new programming language’s invention take place to overcome the drawbacks of old language. Kotlin was announced at Google I/O 2017 that supports Android OS, with present languages Java and C++. Android developers who are using Java facing issues like verbosity of source code, runtime exceptions and many others. Kotlin language is easy to start learning and use it in your existing android application project. Now developers are learning Kotlin as its demand has growing day by day and clients want their application that support Kotlin.
Kotlin has introduce many features and make Android application development process faster than earlier language. Kotlin has make Android development more efficient and quicker. It has ability to compile JavaScript source code as well.
The most interesting part of Kotlin is coding has become easier and less number of lines. We will introduce you with many uncover features of Kotlin that helps you to make your app development process faster.
1. It’s an open source:
The foremost important thing is that Kotlin is an open source programming language. Apart from being open source, it is also offer single-click tool that has ability to convert developers’ existing java code. There are numerous courses available on Google that can help developer to this innovative language.
2. Supports Java Interoperability
Kotlin language is full support interoperable with Java, so Android developers can continue their current java based mobile application without any hurdle. Another advantage of Kotlin is developers can write code using any framework.
3. Well-known Syntax:
Kotlin has made development easier as its syntax is easier to understand and develop any application is much quicker. Anyone who has knowledge of OOPS concept, they can develop Kotlin based application easily.
4. Promises efficient, faster application:
Kotlin language’s main advantage is its compiler identify errors at compile time instead of run time like another languages. So developers can avoid errors like NullpointerExceptions using Kotlin programming language. Therefore, it can produce final product more stable and consistent.
5. Less number of coding line:
Another advantage is Kotlin provide less coding and more output. It is said that Kotlin requires approximately 20% less number of coding line than JAVA. With Kotlin, android developers can complete their tasks easily, proficiently and quickly.

We have started Kotlin development in 2017 itself and developed many applications since then. In this post, we have tried to introduce all the facility provided by Kotlin. Though you have any doubt then you can reach us. Theunpluggedweb, a pioneering android application development companies USA believes that Kotlin will take android development to new height.

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A 5-Year Outlook for Android App Developers

Given the speed of innovation in the current technological landscape, 2018 is becoming a pivotal year for developers. A number of substantial changes are gaining momentum, including machine learning and augmented reality. Mobile devices are everywhere. The IoT is making headway as never before.

Embracing these changes, designers, engineers, and iOS and Android app developers are creating more convenient and user-friendly devices, but also building mobile apps that look different from what we’ve seen in the last few years.

The near future should see even more exciting progress in these areas. Considering the noteworthy market share of the Android platform, Android app developers will have their hands full, working to bring about significant changes to the user interface.

What are the most important trends for the future of Android app development? If you want to learn how to create an Android app that will capture users’ attention in the next five years, look into exploring the following areas of Android app development:

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Instant Apps

The final objective of any innovation is to make users happy. Instant Apps allow users to get their hands on an application without installing it. Users can just click the “Try it Now” button and start using the app. In a way, instant apps are the missing link between mobile and native apps, enabling a flawless user experience across platforms. Instant apps are still apps created with Android Studio using the Android API, but provide the feel of a native app.

(Storyblocks: Looking up lower angle exterior commercial building and wireless communication network, abstract image visual, internet of things.)

Android and IoT

Android app developers will start implementing the IoT concept via one or more of the Android Things toolkits, such as the NXP i.MX7D Starter and the Raspberry Pi kits. If you are interested in building your first Android Things app, check out Google’s Supported Platforms page to discover the possibilities of supported development and productivity platforms. While you are there, don’t forget to browse through Google’s sample apps to get ideas about what’s coming next. It’s getting easier to connect to the internet on the go via WiFi or Bluetooth, so more Android app developers will be delving into these exciting new tools.

Android VR and AR

Virtual reality and augmented reality have both been major advancements for mobile platforms. The next-generation Daydream View was released recently and is already compatible with dozens of flagship smartphones like the Pixel 2 and the Samsung Galaxy series. Developers can use ARCore to push Android app development into more immersive reality experiences.  

Machine Learning

We are getting used to hearing that machine learning, artificial intelligence and natural language processing (NLP) can improve software solutions. The changes they bring are equally important for individual users and for enterprise software architecture, as they offer enhanced automation and analytics capabilities nonexistent in previous applications. With the introduction of Tensor Flow, developers can start integrating machine learning models into apps and create fresh new smartphone experiences. We expect to see more computer vision, data analytics and object tracking in the next five years.

Voice Commands

While we’re on the topic of machine learning, let’s not forget about voice commands. With the voice commands for Google Assistant, we can search the web, start navigation, change settings, send texts and create shortcuts to existing commands. Although these basic features of Google Assistant come free, more complex functionalities are available with paid apps, for instance, Tasker and Autovoice, which enable using advanced functionalities with a single voice command. As things stand at the moment, developing apps that can augment simple voice commands will undoubtedly be an exciting area for Android app developers. The innovation may even reach the level of the touchscreen so that we will be able to manage our mobile phones completely by voice commands.

As Android devices become tools with more “senses,” the best uses of the newest technologies will be dreamed up by Android app developers with a multidisciplinary approach who will be able to produce sustainable cross-platform software solutions. Collaboration will be the key to success. Developers will need to learn and grasp changes quickly in order to keep up with the technology’s constant evolution.


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How Do Mobile Apps Help Bolster Your Business?

Mobile apps are currently in a period of rapidly growing popularity in our world today. Businesses all over the world recognize the need to build a mobile app to boost growth and increase customer engagement. While building an app is good for business, achieving success with your app is not based on the nature of an app alone but also its ability to run on smart devices – in this case, smartphones.

When you take into account the fact that a large number of people own and use smartphones nowadays, you recognize the importance of taking your business to these users to increase its reach.

Smartphones have dedicated online stores where you can download apps – for free or for a fee. The online stores vary according to the operating system of the smartphone. For instance, Android phones use the Google Play Store while iOS devices have the Apple Store. The question here is, how exactly will building a mobile app help to bolster your business?

Mobile Apps and Business

It does not matter if your business/company is an upcoming one or an established one. Mobile Apps are proven to contribute to boosting the image of businesses that have them and improving overall efficiency.

These apps serve as a sort of gateway for new customers to discover your business, even when they may not be specifically looking for it. For instance, if a smartphone user makes a search on their app store for a product/service that is related to your business, there is a good chance that your mobile app will pop up and they will take notice.

Even if the user already patronizes your competition, a search for the competitor’s app will still bring up other alternatives – including your app – and if you have something to offer that the competition doesn’t, you may just get a new customer that easily. Basically, there are many realms of possibility that a mobile app can open your business to regarding reach.

All that you need to do to get started is to reach out to any mobile application development companies around you and have a word with them about what your needs are. You may need to hire developers specific to the platform that you’re targeting. If you want an android app, reach out to an android app development company and if you want an app on a different platform, reach out to the developers in that niche. Specialist developers tend to be very effective.

On the flip side, there are huge benefits to making your app run cross-platform too. There are a lot of android application development companies usa that can build apps for multiple operating systems, and these cross-platform mobile apps give your business an even wider reach.

Whatever decision you make, the sky is not even the limit for the benefits that a mobile app can provide for your business. The important thing is to get the right developer, and you’re well on your way to significant growth.

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what things need to take care of GDPR as mobile app owner?

In this blog, you will find useful GDPR guidelines for app Owners or anyone mobile application. The blog will also tell you about what GDPR is, where it directs you and the penalty for violation.

You must be wondering what is GDPR?

GDPR is a regulation EU (European Union) law on data protection and privacy system. The term GDPR itself stands for “General Data Protection Regulation”. The main objective of this law is to provide a clear control over the personal data. The regulation was embraced on April 27th, 2016 but been in effect from May 25th, 2018. This law is being considered as a major change regarding data privacy.

GDPR is directed towards!

As above the title, GDPR is directed towards the citizens of EO (European Union) in Norway, Iceland, and Liechtenstein. This regulation will create a global impact on many organizations.

Let’s lamp-light upon few definitions been used in GDPR law.

  1. Administrator (Controller): The controller is referred to a person who is legal and authorized to use the data achieving business aims. Usually it is the application owner.
  2. Data Processor: A Legalized person who processes the data on behalf of a controller or administrator. Ex; Google as third-party services, HockeyApp, Amazon, to name a few.
  • Data Subject: A person, who is getting done his data processing which is usually an app user.
  1. Data Protection Officer (DPO): A person designated by the controller to assist the users with GDPR compliance. This process is only required when the amount of Processed Personal Data (PPD) is very significant or sensitive

GDPR fines

The processor and controller are subjected to fines under the administrative law in case they violate laid out in GDPR. There are usually two fine tiers.

  1. Up to 10,000,000 Euro or 2% of the annual turnover.
  2. Up to 20,000,000 Euro or 4% of the annual turnover in case of the controller who violates the principles of personal data processing.

GDPR for app Owners

Before it’s never been the needs of application users strongly in this area focusing on protection. However, due to the process a fresh look it’s been decided to plan and developing an app that can fulfill the GDPR requirements.

Please note that the regulation itself doesn’t contain any specific guidelines. It gives only a list of basic rules to keep in mind while an iOS or android application development.

With this mindset, one can expect a legal approach based on an example that will occur in the future. We can only presume the final direction of interpretation according to the judges of EU regulations.

Awareness is also the key which must be taken care of in terms of security of personal data because that might result in the outflow of users from your applications.

So, therefore it means that taking a correct initiative to meet the correct GDPR standards becomes a value-add to any business that can be reflected futuristically in terms of revenues. We hope these guidelines may help you to analyses your protection correctly.

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Why Hire Android Application Development Companies USA?

In this modern period, mobile has changed people’s lifestyle and thoughts. Mobile technology and applications can help a business to grow smarter, better and faster. Smartphones like iPhone and Blackberry have changed the definition of mobile phones. There are numerous iOS, Windows and Android application development companies USA that are providing best-in-class mobile application development services and people have a vast array of options to select from. Hiring one of the best companies is not an easy task. It requires a thorough research. Today, people mostly prefer to use mobile phones, in place of computers or laptops, for business and personal use. This device has totally changed the lives of individuals. It is essential for online businesspersons to hire app developers in USA, which is experienced as well as must possess perfect knowledge of mobile programming.

The utility of mobile apps is that it can be deployed for the business marketing and branding. Mobile applications are increasing its quality, and hence enterprises utilize mobile application solutions to grow their marketing channels speedily. Mobile application developers in USA play a pivotal role in the successful management of a company. This technology has created a positive effect in running a business efficiently and smoothly. The benefit of employing mobile app is that it results in a drastic improvement in marketing strategies along with increasing sales volume. Mobile app developers have all the technical knowledge for developing applications. They can create a specific mobile application, which can be advantageous for your business.

People are often more excited and curious about mobile application development. They can enjoy several categories of entertainment such as radio stations, online movie, and music on their mobile. Gaming on mobile has its own personality. Users can simply go and play mobile games such as quizzes, war, puzzles etc on their mobile. Mobile gaming is an absolute pleasure. This is one of the reasons behind the recognition of mobile apps development.

Whether they are iOS, Windows or Android application development companies USA, they give people a lot of flexibility and an individual is not required to hook up with a desktop computer at his/her home or office. Social websites like Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook are all accessible in most of the mobile phones like Symbian, Blackberry, iPhone and many more. Developers at iOS, Windows, and Android application development companies USA have excellent technical knowledge of developing customized mobile apps development for categories such as education, entertainment, games, business, sports, lifestyle, weather, books, travel, social networking, healthcare, navigator, and multimedia.

Theunpluggedweb, mobile app Development Company in New Jersey has the main objective to develop mobile applications that can assist an individual in the long-term success of his business. Now, people can enjoy their mobility and enjoy working on their iPhone or iPad even if they are sitting in a park or a coffee shop. Our team always strive to work hard to provide best ROI to our customers.

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