Hire A Reputable WordPress development company in USA For Dynamic Websites

It is a fact that WordPress has broken its own record in terms of publishing websites since last year. In 2011, 25% of the total websites were published in WordPress. The records till March 2012 hold that around 72.4 million sites function on WordPress. With WordPress 3.3 been downloaded for 12,179,538 times, it becomes a matter of great interest as to why WordPress is the most preferred of all. WordPress essentially began as a platform for the bloggers who were least concerned about the technical aspects of the site. Looking at the growing number of tech-savvy people, the blogging platform evolved thereby accommodating more and more tools and technologies for an improved content management. So one must be wondering why WordPress is so much preferred. Very clearly, there are some pertinent benefits that clearly stand out in the milieu of emerging content management systems. Any WordPress development company in USA with relevant experience would know about these features.

They are as follows:

  • WordPress enables easy addition of a new content. One has to just log in, write content and then submit.
  • WordPress empowers people and enterprises to represent their ideas more powerfully with wide variety of templates available.
  • WordPress offers the flexibility to change the look and feel of the site with a few simple clicks.
  • WordPress offers an array of plugins that improve the functionality of the site.
    To add to the above-mentioned benefits, a dedicated community of enthusiastic WordPress developers who constantly are enhancing, improving and adding new features to the platform supports the WordPress. Since there is a huge community of developers around and available, it is very important for the enterprises to either hire a WordPress developer from the community or outsource WordPress development to countries like the USA where the quality of technical expertise is par excellence.

There are five essential things that one needs to create a WordPress website. They are as follows:

  • Domain name
  • Web space
  • Latest version of the platform
  • A better quality code editor
  • FTP software

All the necessary paraphernalia listed above would incur cost, so for enterprises whose core function does not revolve around WordPress development can choose to outsource WordPress Development Company in USA not only for cost-effectiveness but also for the space to focus on innovation and relevant business functions. Outsourcing also connects the enterprises to domain specialists and helps in deriving better quality work.

The developer community has come up with 11 most important ways of optimizing the WordPress platform, thereby making it all the more necessary for enterprises to hire WordPress developers who are aware of all these.

These are as follows:

  • Implementing caching using W3 Total Cache
  • Replacing the PHP function against the proper value for site and server
  • Minifying HTML and CSS output
  • Reducing the number of images
  • Optimizing images and the database
  • Reducing the number of irrelevant plugins
  • Limiting API calls
  • Sharing the plugins
  • Choosing the right host
  • Assessing the Web Inspector or the Firebug


Hire TheUnpluggedWeb


At theUnpluggedWeb, the WordPress experts possess decades of extensive know-how and experience in delivering best-in-class outsourcing services that facilitate you to upgrade your web content based on your business needs. The company’s well-built infrastructure is the thing in beefing up the development of easy to use WordPress themes, plug-ins and extensions that enable you to reap a variety of benefits, for example, friendliness to user and search engine optimisation.  We are certain that you will want to hire us for the WordPress development.  Please write to us on info@theunpluggedweb.com to get exact price quotes.

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Why business owners must have their mobile app?

Today, the scenario is different in the world of business promotion. People are changing their interest from visiting websites to the mobile apps. You can say that with the help mobile app almost every business can grow its number of customers rapidly. This diversion came from the involution of the smartphones which has given the entire world in their Smartphone so why people will open a website on the desktop? This article will inform you about the importance of mobile application for a business and how it can achieve their goals.

Visibility to all customers

Mobile apps are simple to install and can be used by even a small kid. This facility of the mobile app makes it more user-friendly and almost everyone has it. Ask the Android Application Development Companies USA to build a mobile app which informs about your product or service in a simpler way. People need the services but they don’t have much time to turn on the desktop and find, just need to launch the app and contact the business owners.

Offer direct marketing channel

Businesses which are completely dependent on the promotional strategies for their sales can get help through the mobile apps. As the mobile apps are easily downloaded and used it means customers can easily get your service through the mobile apps. Apps provide facilities like booking forms, search features, general information, news feeds and many more. Also, these mobile apps offer notification facility which helps business owners to distribute discount coupon whenever they want.


Value to the customers

Unlike other marketing techniques, app marketing is the best way to stay connected with the customers and easily respond them for their queries. The more number of downloads of your business app, the more customers you have.

Become a brand

Once you come into the eyes of the customers and serve them best, your business can become a brand soon. The more frequently people install your business app, the more chances of becoming your potential customer. Experts suggest having a professional app for the business with an attractive and meaningful Logo. Those who don’t know how to create professional logo and mobile must hire IOS Application Development in USA. The company can provide your best app for the business and if possible they can give you an idea of the logo.

Better customer engagement

Almost everyone carries their smartphones wherever they go and stay that means people are always in touch with you. Whenever they need your service they will launch your app and it’s very important to respond them frequently in order to leave a good impression. With the help app, management techniques business owners can easily track their customer’s response and queries.

Stand out from the competition

Even now, most of the small businesses don’t have their mobile apps. You have good chance to grab the public attention and serve them at the best. People want everything on their smartphone and with the help of the mobile app, you can provide your service.

Above mentioned advantages of mobile app signifies its importance for any business in today’s time. So, don’t waste much time get your professional mobile app and start growing your business.

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Essential Things You Must Know About Mobile App Development

A Smartphone is useful for those who opt for instant information anywhere they stand in the globe. However, the development companies have satisfied a vast range of customers- Casual and business class, with their services. If you are a small or medium-sized firm, by asking for an application, you can promote your brand effectively and come into the public appeal. If you have planned for it then be sure, it will be the profitable deal for your business by investing money in mobile app development. However, selection of company depends on you. You can only get an advice to opt only for a company that commits for quality work with on-time services, has a good reputation over the global market, and still has a scope to get the best in future. An increased number of leading mobile app organizations is investing their funds in mobile application and reaping the benefits.

Mobile application development is not the easiest job around. It takes a lot of skill to get the job. There are various reasons for this phenomenon. The first among them is the fact that the target audience accepts not everything that comes to the market readily. Given the deluge of applications which are being brought into the market, the audience is now becoming choosy and are ready to accept only those applications which come up to their expectations. Again, the expectations are different as well. This is because earlier they did not know much about applications and hence the work of mobile app development became simpler. All that was developed was considered novel and the people would take it up without much consideration. However, now they are keen on having only the best and accordingly the company into the business of application development has to keep this in mind.

On the other hand, the other difficulty that one faces with the job is the fact that it is not easy to find the right talent. There are many people around who boast to know enough about mobile app development. However, selecting from among them is a difficult job. The first problem is that of all the people who boast of having the knowledge, only a handful of them might actually possess that. In other words, not everyone who says that he/she has the knowledge actually has the knowledge. Therefore, the process of recruitment including the interviews and others becomes all the more crucial. Unless the development company has recruited the right talent, the mobile applications would not come out well.

However, the companies in the field have displayed immense professionalism and have bypassed all these barriers. They have not confined themselves to the problems and have, in fact, ventured out to find out the solutions for that. It is because of this approach of these mobile app development companies that they deliver the highest amount of value to the customers. The applications, which are available today, are the best and thus the consumers are very happy.

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What are the key factors that will prompt you to choose Android Application Development?

Why Android Application Development?

The increasing use of mobile devices enables companies to create such devices that not only can fulfill the customers’ need very well but can also increase their profitability. This competition becomes the source of innovation and creativity, which ultimately develop such unique products, which fundamentally become a part of human life for productivity. Android mobile app development is a good example of such creative innovations.

Android is an open-source mobile operating system that collectively builds upon parts of various different open source projects. So, what does this mean for the developers? Developers have access to the platform source code, which is running on the phone. This is helpful for them to better understand how the android interface controls the Apps System.

Many newly entered developers ask a common question regarding the advantages of developing applications on Android, so to answer their Question; here are some advantages of developing on Android:

Zero Startup cost: The startup cost to develop an Android application is nearly zero, as development tools which are required for this platform are freely available on the internet. Even for the distribution of the application, Google charges a minimal fee to promote the application in the Android market.

Freedom of innovation: Since Android OS is an open-source platform based on Linux and many open source libraries, it also allows developers to contribute or expand the platform freely in addition to build apps to run on devices.

Freedom of collaboration: Android developers are not bound to sign NDA; instead, they are encouraged to share and collaborate source code with each other.

Distribution model: There are very few restrictions placed on the functionality or content of the applications, which are allowed in the Google’s Android Market. Moreover, developers can freely utilize different distribution channels as well for the distribution of their apps.

Multi-platform support: Application development with Android platform is also advantageous because Android OS is powered by a variety of hardware devices as well as Tablet PCs and various phones. Android Apps can also be developed Mac, Windows or Linux.

App Development process: The process of Android mobile app development is easy and simple, which ultimately speed up the whole development process. This simplicity also reduced the overall app development cost.

Java programming is used to develop Android apps. For sending and receiving the data on different platforms, Android uses CDMA, Wi-Fi, GSM, EV-DO, EDGE, UMTS and Bluetooth. Other features like GPS, video camera and accelerometer are also included on the Android platform. In short, Android framework facilitates professional developers in all ways to create innovative Apps effectively.

The future of App development on Android platform looks bright on the basis of market research. It is also an opportunity for Android app developers to create innovative apps having access to everything. Every day, more and more Android apps development teams are showing up, and people are also switching towards Android because of its capacity for game-changing applications and intuitive designs.

If you are also looking for an experienced team to develop your Android Applications, then make sure you hire one that has earned a reliable name in the field for providing qualitative development at rock bottom costs.

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Give Your Android Application Development an Open Source License For Good Cost-cutting Option

Because of the fast increasing use of Smartphones all over the world, mobile apps and mobile app development continue to become a part of contemporary cutting-edge technology. The need for mobile app developers is thus enhancing at a very fast rate with each passing day. The leadings in the Smartphone market are certainly Apple and Google, which are making their best to grab the attention of app developers to their App Stores by giving some relaxation in their regulations. Many popular firms are highly interested in acquiring mobile apps from talented app developers who are very good at developing apps for all-inclusive industries.

Android app development cost

One of the most popular mobile application development Operating System is Android, which is at the height of popularity and demand. However, Android application development
undergoes many challenges. However, the cost is what that comes first at the forefront. According to a recently conducted survey, the cost of creating a mobile application nowadays starts from $3000 to $8,000 for simplified apps, whilst brand-recognizable or bigger apps may go up to $150,000. Mind it; there is no inclusion of an Android app developer’s fee that starts from $100 to $150 for each hour of work and since the developing process of an app only takes not less than 50hrs of developing time, the costs grow considerably.

Ensure you are financially powerful

So, if you wish to develop an app, it is essential for you to be financially geared up. However, if you are having a low budget or have a tight pocket, then it is easier to say than doing and many of such cases are already available where people, with excellent applications ideas, give up them just because they are not able to afford it. However, it is not so crucial that you are already having the cash on hand. In fact, in the majority of cases, half of the budget is required for now. Your dearth of source and resources could even benefit you a lot.

Strategy for a tight budget development project

So, what is your strategy for the management of a tight budget development project? For a range of Android application developers, this is get done by splitting the project into its varied needs & singling out them, according to their significance in the completion of the project. The most important ones are given the first priority, whereas the ones that have less importance are left pending until a bigger budget comes. A host of developers uses this strategy albeit they are having enough money to accomplish the Android application development, as this helps manage finances effectively and reduce the otiose costs.

GNU Public License

Developing your application open-source also comes as one more way developers make an effort to cut down the cost of Android application development. For those, who are even now unknown to it means providing the application with a GNU Public License that offers you the copyrights of your app, but at the cost of all being capable of coping and using your application for free. Apart from it, you can also hire an Android app developer as a volunteer free of cost, and tinker with it as soon as the basic structure is finished.

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Great Tips to Help You Evaluate a Mobile App Development Company

As more and more enthusiasts get equipped with mobile devices, establishments have started providing services to customers through this robust medium. This has also forced many businesses to look for ideal mobile app development companies to build applications that would help businesses serve the customers in a better way. Well-thought-of companies that help build applications through Android app development platform and other platforms enable businesses to go all out and provide unparalleled customer satisfaction. Before handpicking the services of a development company, one should look into some important aspects of establishments to pick the best one in the process.

Here are the salient aspects:

Before handpicking the best company that is known to build good applications, the process utilized by a company to build applications has to be evaluated. The best mobile app development company is a company that provides a ballpark estimate in the beginning, as it also provides details regarding the scope of work, deliverables, and takes the client through other processes before the project is initiated.

The portfolio of any mobile app development company is sure to unveil applications developed by a company. By weighing the portfolio, one can know the sort of accomplishments registered by an establishment, and one can also know about the strength of a specific company. An establishment might have participated in various Android App Development projects, or gathered experience in other development areas. The portfolio related to a company is sure to throw light on the experience and expertise of the company.

A company that is involved in Android application development projects or other development projects should possess the needed expertise to create applications that meet the demands of customers. A customer looking for Android applications will have to make the use of the best company that has the expertise to build Android apps. The company that builds applications should take pride in experienced technicians who can create best applications, as that suits the needs of clients.

Price is another feature that has to be considered when making efforts to evaluate a mobile app development company. Whether an enthusiast is looking for a company that is good in Android app development area or Blackberry application development area, he/she should make sure that the renowned company has the means to offer cost-effective services to develop applications that meet the demands of clients.

Topping off
Before taking steps to identify the best mobile app development company, an establishment should consider the aforesaid aspects at least to make an informed decision. Following this way, the company can ensure to get quality and useful mobile apps that will work wonders for them in enhancing the business effectively and rapidly. After all, hiring a mobile app development should not be done in haste since a simple mistake may lead to a big loss in the long run.

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